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Times Change Of Course, But How Is It Possible These Kids Don’t Recognize A Walkman?

Posted on April 16, 2014

Oh, is that a phone? That’s one 9-year-old’s response when asked to identify a Sony Walkman in a viral video capturing baffled kids’ reactions to a 1980s portable cassette player.

In a YouTube clip that’s topped 3 million views in two days, L.A. filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine show kids and teens aged 6 to 13 as they struggle to identify the mysterious artifact and explain how it might work.

Some of the first guesses include “walkie-talkie” and “boombox.”

“I feel like I’m Indiana Jones or something,” one of the girls says after prying the player open and inserting a cassette. Though, after placing the cassette, most kids can’t figure out why they’re not hearing any music. They’re also put off by the idea of “rewind” and “fast forward” and dismayed by the device’s size — the Walkman weighed 14 ounces in 1979, compared with the iPhone’s 4 ounces.

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6 thoughts on “Times Change Of Course, But How Is It Possible These Kids Don’t Recognize A Walkman?

  1. Casette players were the reason we have what we have today. I can remember Fidelity then came High Fidelity, then came Stereo. Those poor children of our modern age have no idea of what they missed. What I say growing up in the late 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's then to actually see a new century bloom to what they relate to as common technology of today. They missed a whole lot. Back in the day there were Pocket Transistor Radios that would fit in your shirt pocket and ran on a 9V battery. That was really keen and neat-o, like wow-man!

  2. Great fun! See if they know what to do with a milk cow; a hammer and nail; a fireplace; an ice tray; a yankee driver. The last comments by the kids were funny – "yukky stuff we have to react to next"

  3. Rattlerjake says:

    Hey Bob, By "Yankee driver" do you mean the tool or the idiot from New England invading the south.

  4. It's because there's no history found in school or in daily life nowadays. I used to see pictures or articles on gramophones or gadgets used in the 1890's, early 1900's etc but I was born 50 years later.

  5. thomasdosborneii says:

    I'm sorry, this was just too stupid. Were all these kids raised in a cave? Surely this is fake, especially their "surprise" and "shock" (and ignorance) about "having to use earphones to hear the music". How do they hear music on their iPod or iPhone–with EARPHONES, of course! That older kid, "Oh, I use to have one of these" when handed a pair of earphones–they STILL sell those, for heaven's sake, it's not some outmoded ancient technology. It isn't ONLY those horrible "earbuds" that can't even stay in the ears. If this video were genuine instead of some liberal "Common Core" propaganda, genuine children would have immediately been asking where the earphones were.

    Also, are we to honestly think that they have no involvement with ADULTS at all? If not in a cave, are they being raised in a Romanian orphanage? Or do they have parents who are so stupid and "trendy"("ba ba black sheep") that they utterly wiped away from the face of the earth every piece of technology that came before whenever some new experiment came out? I've lived through different eras and still have hundreds, if not thousands of cassettes, CDs, long playing records, reel-to-reel tapes, video tapes, DVDs, and top-quality devices to play them all, dual cassette players, reel-to-reel tape recorders, several video recorders, a turntable, several DVD changers, a Walkman, a Discman, a receiver with AM & FM bands (with surround sound), AND flash drives, several computers, Blu-Ray discs, a wide-screen HD monitor, a couple of iPods and an iPhone.

    Not quite sure what a fake video like this is meant to portray; perhaps how really dense they think their audiences are? Sorry, even the people of today aren't THAT bad (yet). And I suppose these actor boys and girl are in a sort of "Disney Channel" pre-school? Which means that ultimately they will be flash-in-the-pan teen stars, and then will slide down the path of alcoholism and drug addiction. So I guess no need for them to actually EVER really learn anything.

  6. Inspect this Real Good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P23fH2jYd30 Yankees Video One of the best I have ever watched!