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What Appeal Could Nashville Possibly Have Over Chicago? Plenty For This Author.

Posted on April 15, 2014

Best-selling author Brad Thor and his family are fleeing the progressive city of Chicago for Nashville. The reasons behind the move are pretty self-explanatory.

Thor cited the high taxes and violent crime in Chicago as the main reasons for his departure, Twitchy first noted.

To make his point, Thor linked to an article that states 36 people were shot, four fatally, in weekend shootings.

“We set the bar very high and @NashvilleTenn exceeded our expectations,” he tweeted on Sunday. “No doubt they’ll treat this author very well.”

He also said he loves Chicago and the state of Illinois, but the “Democrat party left us no choice.”

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6 thoughts on “What Appeal Could Nashville Possibly Have Over Chicago? Plenty For This Author.

  1. DiverDown says:

    We welcome all with open arms…… but….. there's one rule. Leave the way you do things 'back home', back home. It didn't work where you came from (or you would stay where you are), what makes you think it will work here.

  2. When people like Brad Thor start abandoning a community, it is the beginning of the end. Successful people have choices that allow them complete freedom. Wise communities try to attract people like this. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  3. As Lewis Grizzard used to say: "Eat our food, marry our women, breath our air. We don't care. Ain't but one thing we ask: We don't want to know how you used to do it back in Cleveland!"

  4. buckwheat says:

    Da Chicago so bad evn Leroy Brown lef town.

  5. saltporkdoc says:

    My favorite author moved to my favorite town, and I'm stuck in Toledo,OH!
    I have "thumbs upped" all you who reminded "transplants" there's a reason you moved but I beg you all to allow Mr Thor to continue to write in the style he "used to"…just a bit more prolific please!

    Nashville, you're lucky to get him. Chicago…you REALLY lose!

  6. pinkSugar says:

    the whole Obama thing baffled me right from the start.. If he couldn't "fix" Illinois, what made anyone think he could fix the whole country?? But the people in Chicago seem to be stuck on stupid, cuz they elected Rahm – Obama's right hand man, to be their Mayor. How's that workin out for ya?!