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Border Patrol Officers May Risk Charges After Filing Falified Police Report

Posted on April 14, 2014

A border patrol officer who crashed his van into a civilian car blamed the accident on the other driver–but little did he know, the civilian had a secret camera installed in his vehicle. The video evidence makes it quite clear that the border cop caused the crash and lied about the details in subsequent reports.

The other driver was “Ted,” of Lawrence, New York, a technology blogger for dealspin.com. He had recently installed a Timetec Roadhawk Dashboard Camera in his vehicle, capturing the windshield’s view of the road. Ted was driving down Rockaway Boulevard last week when he cruised through a green light at an intersection and crashed into an oncoming border patrol van that had made a left turn from the other side of the highway, according to ABC News.

It was an illegal left turn, according to a sign prohibiting left turns at that intersection. What’s more, the border cop had run a red light, according to video evidence.

The video footage shows that the crash was quite bad. Luckily, no one was badly hurt. Ted, however, was shaken, and immediately called the police.

The border patrol officer immediately began insisting that Ted had caused the accident, according to Ted’s account:

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18 thoughts on “Border Patrol Officers May Risk Charges After Filing Falified Police Report

  1. Plain and simple…..he should be fired and face the full extent of the law….lying under the cover of color is the worst! It is sad that cops and others of authority lie so much….these stories of late of prosecutors withholding evidence and such are sickening. We have lost all moral authority as a country and it is depressing.

  2. Live Free says:

    Not only did that other driver accuse "Ted" of wrongdoing, but several people at Ted's web page told him he was at fault, for not slowing down when he saw other drivers slowing down, etc. or maybe he was going "too fast". The facts show they are full of crap. I keep this in mind when I see comments by these same kinds of "know it alls" when they are second guessing someone like Zimmerman or other high-profile cases, where there is NOT a camera to keep people honest.

  3. mort friedman says:

    Give some people the 'Badge of Authority' and they think that no longer do rules apply to them. All too common today, and it is emphasized at the very top.

  4. Doug Rodrigues says:

    The Border Patrol driver was an idiot. However, the sedan driver wasn’t much smarter by not slowing for the Van illegally turning left Technically, the Border Patrol driver is at fault for creating the situation.

  5. Whaddya mean, "may" "risk" charges??? That's two levels of "if".

  6. Badluckbill says:

    Everyone should have one of these cameras!

  7. Officer Vic says:

    How could he slow for the van? There was no warning the van was going to suddenly turn. If you anticipated EVERY possible accident scenario, you'd be driving 5MPH.

  8. LiberalsRCommies says:

    And why isnt this Border Patrol Agent's name given? Who What When Where How and Why. This is how you report a story.

  9. Some points worth considering:
    1.There are no “Border Patrol” stations anywhere near Lawrence, New York. All USBP stations are in New York are along the US/Canadian Border.
    2.This van belongs to the “Office of Field Operations” (note the BLUE stripe, and lettering behind it saying “Field Operations”). Field Operations are the folks who wear the BLUE uniforms and work at the Ports of Entry (i.e., airports & border crossings). They are NOT Border Patrol Agents. USBP vans have GREEN stripes and say “Border Patrol” on them.
    3.Even the driver notes (at 2:23) that he doesnt know what agency the driver is from.
    4.It's ironic how the Border Patrol gets blamed for EVERYTHING (sound familiar conservatives?) when with just a LITTE effort, you can know the truth.
    5.Get your facts right. It just makes us (conservatives) look exceptionally DUMB when we dont.
    6.Finally, it is almost certain the Customs (NOT Border Patrol) Officer driving the van got a ticket. He WILL face internal discipline, including potential days off and termination in addition to whatever penalty the Court dishes out.

  10. hanginjudge says:

    Nice going with the camera. Time to put this border patrol agent on a bicycle. Have him learn his colors, fine him for making an illegal turn (I'm sure the driver of the car would have been) and have him arrested for false testimony to a police officer. Nice when a plan is foiled by facts. Oh and one more thing the border patrol owes this guy a new car!

  11. It wasnt the Border Patrol.

  12. hanginjudge says:

    I guess the guy fooled the policeman that wrote up the ticket as well seems he wrote down that it was a border patrol van also must not know what he's talking about either. Just being on the scene is apparently not good enough. Thanks for your insight there Art!

    Not only did he write the offender up as a border patrol the driver also claimed that he had his lights flashing, which is also a lie.

    My wife's uncle spent years on the Canadian border as a guard, and those vans are equipped with kill switches that prevent them from driving any further than 10 miles from the border. Kind of like a dog fence for the border patrol vans! So your absolutely right about the comment that this couldn't have been a border patrol van. Because how could it possibly be in the city. Note Sarcasm here!

    Unfortunately for your argument , the two agencies are identified as "border patrol" http://www.cbp.gov/border-security/ports-entry.

    I suppose I could pull a Hillary Clinton here and say "What difference does it make" and in this case it's true I'm not going to do that. The guy was a moron and a liar breaking the law nuff said!

  13. The Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations are under the same parent agency, but are not the same thing. (It would be like saying the US Marshals Office was responsible for “Fast & Furious” instead of ATF simply because they are both a component of DOJ.) http://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/documents/

    And, unless you can prove your claim that the Police Officer wrote the accident up as you say, I'm saying you're making it up as you go & that your comments are little more than speculation or wishful thinking.

    The fact is the van belonged to the Office of Field Operations (which does work in NYC, but NOT the Border Patrol which doesn’t). No amount of BS on your part will change that fact.

    By the way, there is no DHS van anywhere in America with a “cutoff switch” that would prevent them from driving more than 10 miles from the border. What utter nonsense. Saying stuff like that just makes you sound dumb.

    We agree on one point however, the Officer appears to be at fault and if so it was a dumb mistake. (Must be hard to comprehend though, as you obviously have never made a mistake in your life I guess.)

  14. hanginjudge says:

    Unfortunately for you I do have proof that the officer wrote it up that way, just click on the link below, find the police report, click on it to enlarge it. Inconvenient as this is to your argument. It should prove my claim!

    Next I'll address the kill switch issue, and the tongue in cheek sarcasm which obviously went right over your head.

    The point is that Border patrol vans can go anywhere they want to. No really they can! There are no kill switches.

    As far as the question of who was at fault! There is no question! The jerk lied, and tried to cover up his responsibility.

    One other thing just so we are clear. According to the courts an employer is responsible for the acts of an employee while on the job. This is called Vicarious Liability. The link below will take you to the law site explaining this. This not only pertains to private business but also government agencies. So attempting to divorce one from the other as you are trying to do is fruitless.

    Funny that you pointed out the relationship between agencies and included the Federal Marshals. My brother spent most of his working career with the Federal Marshals service and has three commendations for his service. If you'd like first hand information on the agency and its agency connections I'd be happy to provide those as well.

    No BS but if you wish to continue on with your argument by all means do so.

    I understand that you started out initially to show everyone just how knowledgeable you were by interjecting irrelevant information into the conversation. You see no one gives a crap what agency the van belonged to in the first place! Unfortunately ———————— well nuff said I guess!

    I do hope my response is not too hard for you to comprehend!

  15. I'm sorry but I think Lawrence was an idiot. Even if he didn't see the lights flashing on the van (look closely- they WERE flashing), why did he think all the other cars were stopping at a GREEN light? That should have been a clue to him to SLOW THE HELL DOWN instead of flying by all those stopped vehicles, precisely because his view was obstructed by those vehicles. What if it had been a stupid kid on bike instead of a van he careened into? I never heard any brakes screeching or saw any signs of him decelerating. These are all signs of a distracted driver. Probably too busy texting on his phone. They are BOTH at fault.

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