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Bus Bully Learns The Hard Way Not To Push People Too Far

Posted on April 12, 2014

An alleged bully was in for a major surprise after she decided to violently attack a boy on her school bus. While the victim initially sat helplessly as she punched him in the face, pulled his hair and slapped him, his eventual reaction stunned the young woman.

In video of the attack that was captured on a cell phone and subsequently uploaded to YouTube, the vicious assault unfolds as another boy begs off-camera for the girl to stop.

But she doesn’t listen.

As the berating and beating continues, the victim desperately tries to shield and protect himself, but to no avail.

But then something changes. When the alleged bully starts kicking the boy in the head, he springs to his feet and starts fighting back.

The tables instantaneously turn, as he grabs at her hair and puts her in a headlock, at one point seemingly dragging her over one of the seats; choking sounds can be heard.

The scene isn’t easy to watch.

“Get his hand off my eye please,” the girl says in the midst of the brawl, a hint of desperation replacing her once-aggressive tone.

Another boy — presumably the girl’s brother — becomes dismayed by what’s unfolding and he steps in to try and stop the bullying victim from getting his revenge.

Eventually, the brawl ends and the girl who seemingly started it all looks completely stunned by her victim’s response. The boy who countered her attack then asks if she is “ok.”

Watch it all unfold below (caution: strong language and violence):

The clip is likely to create debate and a plethora of emotion. In the end, it certainly raises numerous questions about civility, youth violence and bullying.

And a natural question one might ask is: Where the bus driver was during the attack?

While it’s unclear, a female’s voice can be heard in the background saying, “I can’t stop a thing.”

“There’s nothing I can do. That’s why I tell ya’ll don’t fight,” the woman added. “Nothing to do but call the police…callin’ 911 now.”

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20 thoughts on “Bus Bully Learns The Hard Way Not To Push People Too Far

  1. I might have known it was a black.

  2. mort friedman says:

    2 blacks, one 'pudgy' white. They picked on the wrong 'pudgy'.

  3. I would not send my kids to these hell hole schools they are the cause of all this they let the bullies go free and punish the good kids these schools are nothing but filth smutt andthey are teaching are kids to hate take your kids out and close them all down till the unions and the goverment is out

  4. RivahMitch says:

    Just two more of Obama's kids…. the female thug and it's brother.

  5. Serves that little bitch right! She's lucky she didn't get far worse, because I wouldn't have been so nice.

  6. marcjeric32 says:

    Mullah B. Hussein Obama, our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya, has found two more of his potential children.

  7. Two lessons:

    1) It is more often than not the "compassionate" liberals and members of their favorite protected sub-groupings of humanity who turn out to be the real bullies, and

    2) The pap we have been inculcated with for generations now that we should not stand up and act in our own (or others) defense is cr@p – bullies and criminals prey on those who cannot or will not stand up and push back.

    Cases in point – gun free zones exacerbate the problem of gun violence. Post 9/11 it was less about sky marshals and TSA body searches that stopped jihadist hijackings, and more about armed pilots and passengers who demonstrated in case after case that they were not going to be sheep any more.

  8. First thing the white boy needs to learn, in a situation like that, you Do NOT stop until you have had enough or get to tired to hit anymore

  9. she got what she deserved

  10. Typical bully mentality (hers): as soon as the victim fights back and draws blood, the bully turns into the most pathetic snivelling coward.

    What's worse is all the eyewitnesses are so busy "documenting" the event no one comes to the kid's rescue or defense.

  11. After watching the video, it sounds like the boy said something first to "Shakweeka" (not her real name) to make her mad because she says "who you fkg with?". That said, the boy should never have let it get past the first punch. These chimps have an ingrained savagery that's never satisfied. And after choking her he asked "Are you ok?" Are you kidding me? Don't show civility and compassion to these fkg animals! You could see her chimp brother's pants down past his ass as is the fashion with these savages. I don't care what anybody says, n I g g e r s are savages.

  12. The girl reminded me of Shane. Stirring up trouble and picking fights that he can't win is his calling card on this site.

    And the guy reminded me of myself. When I come on this site and slap Shane's bitch ass down.

  13. cbanalyst says:

    Many of you have yet to learn that each time you paint everyone with a broad brush, you are wrong.There are good & bad in every race. God places us in a family and we have no choice as to the color of our skin. The Black people in my family are decent, honorable, god-fearing people and we love & respect them. We would not feel the same about evil white people.

  14. Hillary Clinton had more in common with the fictional Mammy Yoakum when she was in K-12 than she did with Jane Addams.

  15. The event has to documented. Otherwise, the minority will claim to be the victim of a racist hate crime. Just having it on one phone won't do, because the bus driver or police can confiscate a single and erase it. With multiple recordings, they can't get them all.

  16. While you are viewing the world in a more realistic fashion than most, I still object to the idea of calling someone by the N word. It is sick and sad enough that they call each other that.

  17. mutantone says:

    and watch how the one making the video with out permission of all involved will be charged just like the special needs student that took videos of his abusers was told as they went Scot free

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