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Video: Did You Know Harry Reid Has A Koch Addiction?

Posted on April 11, 2014

For over a month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been obsessed with the Koch brothers. He condemns them on the senate floor on a daily basis. So, how many times has the strangely-obsessed Reid mentioned the evil conservative billionaire brothers?

Thanks to our good friends at Washington Free Beacon, we now have the answer: 134 times.

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31 thoughts on “Video: Did You Know Harry Reid Has A Koch Addiction?

  1. Harry Reid needs to be committed as soon ass possible.

  2. Yes he is an ass too.

  3. Dirty Harry needs his medication increased, or at least make sure he isn't missing any doses!

  4. He probably needs to be arrested. Here is a guy from modest means who never had a job outside of bureaucracy or politics who is now worth over $10 million.

  5. The Koch brothers must be doing something RIGHT.

  6. The people of Nevada must have the same disease as Reid. He is corrupt like most politicians in the District of Corruption. He should be in jail, or pass away and do us all a favor.

  7. giantgator says:

    Appears that the Obama administration has an epidemic caused by the lying virus –at this time no cure has been found for that contagious virus.

  8. giantgator says:

    I forgot to mention the good news the scientists are working on two different serums to cure the LYING VIRUS they are not named but have numbers one is 2014 and the second and more effective serum is numbered 2016.

  9. Sad to say, & this coming from myself a Dem, not only him but most of his party are so afflicted. They will need a ton of serum!

  10. Give poor Harry a break. He used to be a boxer. That is a pugilist, lest someone think that he may have been a dog in a previous life. Although that may be possible. But he has obviously taken too many shots to the head. At his age, some go a little soft anyway but he has been absolutely tenderized. Seee my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  11. ken1lutheran says:

    This is the new "talking points" politics. Focus groups have shown Democratic strategists that it can be an effective to point to some rather shadowy billionaire, tie the GOP to him, and then demonize him with very little regard for the truth. The news bites will appear on TV in all 50 states and don't count in the campaign budget.

  12. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Be careful how you spell that four letter word, Koch. Harryass Reid may have a C@&K problem also, that comes from speaking in sounds just above a whisper so long and having to read the words from notes – his memory is gone also.

  13. Is that right I thought it was his stupidity!!!!!

  14. Reid needs to be asked how he feels about George Soros!!!!!!!!!

  15. yes, Harry Read has Koch envy.

  16. Harry was supported by the Culinary Union who supplied the money for his re elections and the votes from the union members…In return Harry supplied the Union "favors"!!!! That is why we have the Las Vegas Culinary Union for that jackass in Washington!!!

  17. David in MA says:

    at fist I thought it said KROUCH ADDICTION.

  18. Adrian Heath says:

    Since Dr. North has been called away to focus on the RP Academy TeaPartyEconomist has declined to another me too junk article aggregater. Too bad.

  19. WhiteFalcon says:

    Harry the liar Reid is addicted to lying, and that is about it. It is his pathology, much like Ovomit and that loon Pelosi.

  20. elmcqueeen3 says:

    "Koch" addition…I believe was misspelled!

  21. ncbill12 says:

    Unions, protected behind their tax-exempt 501c(5) status, spend several times annually on lobbying for Democratic causes what the Koch brothers spend for Republicans.

  22. Old harry needs to go in 2014 and then kicked out in 2016 maybe if we are lucky we can put him in prison to die he is nothing but a old fart that lies just as much as Ovmit and Holder they all need to go

  23. I'm no Harry Reid fan, but the Kochs are NOT conservatives; they are NEO-conservatives. All the difference in the world.

  24. Isn't funny how these politians hate rich people and they are also rich. Usually they get rich the crooked way . Pot calling the kettle black, I would say. Too bad we have to deal with scum.

  25. Kdenney1 says:

    Take it easy on dingy harry he had a stroke several years ago and the effects are still affecting US All!!

  26. Kdenney1 says:

    Why dose he NOT lump Sorrors in with them?? HUMMMM

  27. David in MA says:

    OOOOOH! Yes there has.

  28. David in MA says:

    What is a NEO-conservative?

  29. David in MA says:

    Maybe some one can file a court complaint as a class action to see if he is mentally incompetent.

  30. Apparently the Congressional health plan covers plastic surgery, but not brain surgery. Pelosi and others are only having done what the insurance pays for, not what they need.

  31. saltporkdoc says:

    Falls right in line with the old Goebbles principle; repeat a lie often enough and it will eventually be accepted as truth.
    This has been the regressives' [sic] strategy for the past 70yrs! Their "facts" are dreams, their "data" is wishful thinking, their strategy has been propagandize. They are the most unAmerican, antiConstitutional faction ever and they desperately need to be declawed, fangs pulled and put on a very short leash!
    Harry, Nancy and Barry the Kenyan all need more.They need caged!