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Air Force Museum Security Uses Excessive Force Against A Grandmother

Posted on April 10, 2014

A family says they continue to be haunted after they were pulled over and held at gunpoint by military police following a Friday visit to an Ohio Air Force museum.

According to Alice Hill, her grandson was studying the Wright brothers at school and wanted to see the plane on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

Hill told WKRC-TV that she and her grandson were playing a game in the museum parking lot, where they would identify all of the out-of-state license plates.

“He’s very excited, ‘Look at where all of these people have come from. They’re from Alaska, from New Mexico, they’re from Georgia,’” Alice recalled her grandson Aaron saying while they were playing the game in the parking lot.

What happened, however, when the family left the museum has left them tormented.

“I’m looking in my side view mirror and I see (an officer) step out of his vehicle,” Hill told WKRC-TV. “(He’s) behind his door with his gun drawn pointing it at me.”

Hill had been pulled over after someone dialed 911 and told authorities they had seen the family burglarizing cars in the parking lot.

At gunpoint, she was taken out of her car and cuffed, according to WKRC-TV.

“My grandchildren are screaming,” Hill recalled. “I mean they are hysterical, they saw the gun.”

“My 5-year-old daughter is asking, ‘Is grandma going to get shot?’” Hill’s daughter in law Wendy said.

The Hill family now wants answers after they say they were subjected to excessive force.

A military police spokeswoman has conceded officers acted on “limited” information.

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14 thoughts on “Air Force Museum Security Uses Excessive Force Against A Grandmother

  1. they forgot to give her a cavity search
    them JERKS

  2. Viet Nam says:

    In my military service this is the way they were referred too, Navy SP (some prick) Army MP (more prick) and Air Force AP (all prick)

  3. retired usaf says:

    1. How do I contact the Wing Commander?

    If you have questions or concerns that you would like to bring to the Wing Commander's attention you may call (937) 522-3252.

  4. The entire Air Force has been rendered godless by their godless leadership . They are now the air force of SATAN .

  5. The AF cops pulled guns on citizens with nothing more than a suspected car burglary? Good God what is going on in America?

  6. Take Action Now says:

    The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

  7. I'll bet you can't name any branch of or locality this type of horrasment hasn't taken place. The authorities have all gone crazy with their power. It seems to be a test by them of how much the public will allow.

  8. AD Roberts says:

    We seem to be having a LOT of overreaction from LEOs these days. Wonder why?

  9. It still amazes me that we will allow a group fly into our country from the black muslim brotherhood without even as much as a pat down but our security forces will harass a grandmother and her grandchildren and leave them with these horrific images the rest of their lives……….GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

  10. First we have half the story. What is the other half. If true as reported then an apology followed by further training is required. Frightening but not bloody thank God. Sully

  11. FearIsTheNameOfTheGame says:

    These poor folks were done wrongly by trained aggressive puppets who were also done wrongly and trained to believe that people are the enemy and are not to be trusted. This wickedness is only possible in a society that has abandoned the Truth, and consequently the freedom and right living, that came from it. Everyone who seeks Truth knows Who the Truth is. He said it about Himself and lived it out and died for all of us. He died even for the lie believing puppets who terrorized this poor family. Embracing the Truth is every person’s only Hope.

  12. RivahMitch says:

    B.S. A normal police stop begins with a simple request for "license and registration" which should have resolved the matter. What "high risk" was involved. As to the apology…. it would be more appropriate for the base Gestapo chief to visit their home to "apologize" rather than summoning them to it's lair. (Did anyone detect any semblance of regret or words such as "sorry" or "we were wrong" in anything that was said in either this or the Blaze article?) "Limited information" does that constitute "probable cause"?

  13. Seems that giving a wannabe fascist a badge and a gun, whether civilian or military, turn it into an a-hole with a badge pinned to it. Many of these storm trooper types pursue such jobs because they are lunatic control freaks. When the shooting war starts, these are the slime that will need to be taken out.

  14. You just perfectly described the TSA.