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State of the Unions: Labor Statistics Across America

Posted on April 9, 2014

Union membership is declining across the board, across America.  Check out this graph to see which areas are most affected and how the labor market is doing away with unionization.



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6 thoughts on “State of the Unions: Labor Statistics Across America

  1. Robert What? says:

    I notice the article quickly glosses over the elephant in the room: public sector unions – a pox on the body politic. They appear to still be growing. Maybe faster than the private sector unions are shrinking?

  2. Government unions should never have been allowed. The only reason organizers went after government was because they had already driven every viable industry out of business already!

    With government unions, there's no one to represent the private sector voter/tax payers' interests. When unions collectively bargain, they're dealing with other bureaucrats who live off the private sector too. At least with private sector unions, there was management on one side to balance if giving in to the demands of unions would push costs and expenses so high that no one would buy their products anymore.

  3. Pennsyltuckian says:

    When my grandfather was a mine worker unions had great purpose and helped the common laborer.

    Now unions are solely fundraisers for the left wing democrat party and don't care about the worker or the country, just their executive pay and getting more and more from the government.

    Requiring people to pay union dues or a un-fair-share to keep their jobs would be criminal if done by the mob or by the employer but unions get a pass and are allowed their thuggery.

    No person should be compelled to pay tribute to an terrorist organization to keep their job. My current (and first union) job requires me to pay 1% of my income to the union. Where is my constitutional right of freedom of (and from) assembly protected.

  4. I'm a former public union member. The place I work has forced unionization, which I HATED! Then along came Scott Walker and act 10, and I'm so happy to not have to pay union dues and have my money used to elect crooked politicians! I just hope Walker stays in office, because another Dem Governor would absolutely WRECK all the good Walker has done here.

  5. The only place union membership is going up is in government where unions launder tax dollars back to democrats.

  6. Gungadin says:

    Like it or not, unions produced the middle class in this country…. Conversely, notice the decline of the middle class and the decline of the labor movment.
    My parents were both union members; I have been a member of different unions my whole working life. If it were not for the health benefits negotiated by their unions, my parents would have died in poverty.
    As a strong supporter of the Tea Party movment, you have lost my support on this one…. Stick to taxes and over-arching government….
    Finally, under the law that permits collective bargaining, whether the person pays dues or not, the union must spend the members dues money to represent the free-loader….or the union cou;d be sued!