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How Black Players Made It onto Southern NCAA Teams

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2014

Open entry is a powerful force. We see it in the free market. But we see it even more clearly in sports.

Numbers trump color in sports: points on the scoreboard. In the free market, only two colors matter: black ink and red ink. Here, everyone wants black.


This is from the 1965-66 NCAA Division 1 finals.



Score: Texas Western 72, Kentucky 65.

This is from the 2013-2014 NCAA Division 1 finals.


A picture is worth 1,000 words. Three pictures are worth 3,000 words. But I still have a few words to add.

They made a movie about the 1966 finals: Glory Road. The coach in the final game started an all-black team in the final game. This had never been done before in the NCAA finals. He was making a point. The point was well made. The movie’s scriptwriter understood the symbolic nature of that game.

It could not have happened over the next decade. That was because of UCLA. Coach John Wooden never fielded an all-black team. Neither did North Carolina State, the only team to keep UCLA from winning a title one year in Wooden’s phenomenal run. By 1976, the year after Wooden retired, there were no all-white teams that made it to the NCAA finals.

The NCAA’s rules in 1966 made this incident possible.

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23 thoughts on “How Black Players Made It onto Southern NCAA Teams

  1. Something that strikes me. Sports demands talent and race is no barrier and an all black team is accepted by all. In accademics or job placement where where intelligence and work ethic are a requirement an all white group would be frowned upon by some and there would be pressure brought to diversify. Am I the only one to notice this. Civil service examinations for police and firemen whites seem to do best but Political correctnes demands diversity or even a second list for blacks. Does someone have a reasonable answer?

  2. Alfred Roensch says:

    When the University of San Francisco team won the Championship in the 50s, there was an unwritten rule that you could only have 2 black starters. That was the year Bill Russell and K.C. Jones started out as being the two blacks. Before the end of the season, USF. added a third black, Hal Perry. Having done that and having won the Championship that year, and the next, there was no grumbling, except possibly by the opposition.

  3. David B. says:

    "The coach in the final game started an all-black team in the final game. This had never been done before in the NCAA finals. He was making a point.:

    That of course, is completely wrong. In interview after interview Haskins has always said that he started the best five players he had. Any reference to color was completely coincidental. There was no "point" he was trying to make. The only thing he was trying to was win the freaking game.

  4. I was a middle manager hiring authority for several years. I always hired the best qualified, race, age, sex, did not matter, all I wanted was for my department to reduce costs while increasing wages. To take any other action would have been a show of ingnorance.

  5. bdcorvette says:

    Sports will always level the field. Every coach (I was one for 37 years) only cares about one thing – putting the best on the field. Every real fan only cares about one thing – seeing his team do the best that they can. Of course, when the game is over, the black and white racist bigots resurface. I think that will never change.

  6. I noticed in those pictures, short people, fat people, and native Americans are under represented. I ask that Attorney General Eric Holder open an investigation. Competition could be kept fair by requiring equal numbers of these tragically under represented groups on each team. Isn't that the new American way? See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  7. You could never get away with that today.

  8. If that is the case, why did he NOT start a all-black team every game? Calipari just ,missed, while watching hours of tape, that there are some White guys that can jump.. What surprises me is that the blacks never foul out even though they are always over the top when rebounding. The announcers kept talking about Kentucky having so many freshmen. It will always be that way when the season ends before final report cards come out..

  9. Jack Fultz says:

    I agree. Don't forget about affirmative action. Since this came up, why a black Miss America but no white Miss America? Why classes like Black history, but no White-only history? Why
    Black History month? Why Black cultural centers at many colleges? Why a football bowl game near New Years in Indianapolis between 2 Blacks-only colleges? Why, why, why and on and on? Why special games for blacks, like knock-out, but none for whites?

  10. David B. says:

    What do you mean "if?" That IS the case… period. He started what he thought were the five best players on his team. The decision was color blind. http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-me-haskins8-2008

  11. Chuck Hakes says:

    You are right on target, Sully. Nowhere are the effects of preferential treatment of blacks more apparent than in Detroit's city services.

    There is more to the argument also. When your hiring and promotion practices favor the less competent, you screw the taxpayer out of getting full value for their money.

    You caught me on my way to the Detroit Pistons' front office. They are decidedly understaffed of old white guys who can't jump and won't run. For this reason I want to talk to them about why I deserve a shot at being a Piston.


  12. People I wish that everything your stating can be true. But in reality, it's not. I know we are talking about sports, but I can give you an example of being African American has its challenges. For example, recently a have a friend send in his resume and was invited to a job recruitment fair for a major oil and gas company. Now he graduated from a major( white) college with a double degree in electrical and mechanical engineering and have already 8 years of experience in that industry. When he arrived at the facility, he was the only African American out of approximately 50 plus applicants. He remember the supervisor who was in charge of that particular job coming out of the office, talking loud saying that he has to meet "this guy". When he announced his name, my friend stood up and said " Here I am". and the supervisor stood back and said " Oh". Then the supervisor stated " Well I think that you can probably do my job. You're more qualified than I am. " Well he didn't get the job. So the conclusion the best man did not get the job.

  13. Rattlerjake says:

    The military is another example of this. Standards are lowered and waivers given to offset the inability of most blacks. Our military has been seriously degraded over the years because of this and now the feminist factor!

  14. Rattlerjake says:

    I can't believe that there are no women on these teams, they can do anything a man can. What is wrong with sports? (SARC)

  15. The Gator says:

    I am from a small town in Northeastern Oklahoma. I remember the first blacks that attended. There was this black , a very good football player that sat next to me in a class entitled History of the South. I remember the teacher talking about dogs they used to track down run away slave. He said they called them"nigger dogs". I felt so sorry , so uncomfortable for De Loyd . I thought the teacher could have left that bvit of history out, but I think he did it with a purpose in mind.: If you go to college here, you will get no special consideration. The fact is De Lolyd was a very nice person and did not let his athletic skills go to his head. I hope wherever he went that he had a very successful and happy life. But affirmative Action is as unfair as anything wwe have in this country.

  16. georgeallen2007 says:

    True to both of you. But beyond that, basketball sucks. What's with that stupid idea of bouncing a ball? Just kick it, throw it, bat it, paddle it, poke it, or pee on it. And what's up with golf?

  17. Maybe black people are getting too smart to join the military, leaving the dumber ones to compete with the (dumb) whites.

  18. >> So the conclusion the best man did not get the job.

    That's not a reasonable conclusion to make from the data you provided. How qualified were the other applicants? How do you know those qualifications? Was your friend's spelling/grammar as bad as yours?

  19. know the jew says:

    jews imported slaves into amerca, and still today the jews control their black slaves, and have inserted them into every aspect of white lives. Jews never fight directly.

  20. No one seems to remember the fact that they changed the game to suit the black players style of play. Larry Bird played the game successfully by being smart and always being in the right position he was known to spend many hours practicing, being the last one in the gym. The public is more excited by a bunch of seven footers who are able to jump high enough to jam the ball into the hoop from above.

  21. If HIS english and grammar was as POOR as yours, No wonder he didn't get the job.

  22. GO away you Neo-nazi left winger democrap troll.

  23. Woww? That's why America is still America. No one wants special treatment. But to be treated fair. Still got a long way to go. Especially the troll part. Good luck. Now I see why people change the rules to their benefit.