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Was This Teacher’s Altercation With A Student Out Of Line, Or A Good Move?

Posted on April 8, 2014

As shown in a viral video that flew through social media, California teacher and wrestling coach Mark Black took advantage of his takedown prowess during a classroom brawl to subdue a student he suspected was selling drugs.

Black was put on temporary leave by Santa Monica High School pending the completion of an investigation. The video of the classroom fight surfaced on World Star Hip Hop and gaining over a million views.

As KTLA TV reported, “It was not known what triggered the confrontation. But some students told KTLA, the student may have been caught selling drugs in class.”

ABC News reported that some believe it was student who was in the wrong, and not the teacher.

“He was trying to be a teacher and help, and I don’t think it was his fault,” student Kylan Townsend said.

What do you think of the teacher’s actions: was he in the right to physically go after the student for appearing to sell drugs or was his actions out-of-line?

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10 thoughts on “Was This Teacher’s Altercation With A Student Out Of Line, Or A Good Move?

  1. When will we realize this is what is needed in our schools to take them back under control of the adults!!! Oh and imagine that it was another black man selling drugs!!! One can only dream of how our country would be today if we had listened to the voices calling for all slaves to be returned to Africa….the cancer in our country is all over in the inner cities…whites moved out because they were sick of being robbed and seeing this creeping slime ruining everything. I was shocked this happened in Santa Monica….I used to live near there and it was a safe white environment!!! Now look at it!!! I'm so sick of all the complaining….look at their neighborhoods…pick up the trash and stop spay painting everything in sight…grab a paint brush instead and make a difference!!!! No they'd rather sit around and smoke dope, drink Mad Dog 20/20 and car jack!

  2. AD Roberts says:

    Once again, a WOMAN administrator does what so many liberals do these days and sides against the GOOD teacher and in favor of the drug dealer.
    Fire the superintendent. She suspended the teacher WITHOUT doing anything except view the video.
    Find an administrator who will take control of the schools and back up her teachers.

  3. I agree with the first part. This teacher did his duty and resorted to wrestling the student only after the student struck him.
    It isn't only black people that do drugs though—- I went to a high school and graduated in 1970 and there were drugs even back then and we only had 1 black student who was our football star and it wasn't him doing the drugs. You can't ever generalize about race. I blame the high incidence of no effective parenting or single parents not coping with raising their kids with morals….and there are plenty of those and they aren't all blacks.

  4. I too graduated in 1970 and agree with how things used to be….but I'm referring to today's environment….I did go a bit off base but I'm so frustrated with how the black community seem to be in a circular argument as to why they are where they are today….first order of business is the irresponsible multiple fathering of children and yes it's the women's fault also. There is no defending how cities deteriorate as they become more black…..where is their pride in their homes, neighborhoods & etc….like I said a paint brush, brooms and trash cans!!! I just don't get it. My Grandparents lived in the city of Detroit in a beautiful middle class area….to see it today is heart breaking!!!

  5. Given how some students are today I agree with the Teacher we need more like him!!! Bravo!!

  6. Hipockets says:

    THe Teacher must be from the old school'You respected them,did'nt talk back and would NEVER act up
    or do something illegal in class or you got your ass whopped or sent to the Principals office (worse then
    being smacked by the teacher') Kids nowdays don't respect their elders or authority' Parents fault I'd say'
    We need more teachers like him. (I went to Santa Monica High School in the late 50s'. No kids then would
    have made it necessary for a teacher to do this'). Different time,different kids'

  7. Doug Rodrigues says:

    What does your comment have anything to do with this teacher who was punched by the student?

  8. gavinwca says:

    Good job Coach , the teachers job is to control the class room. He can not allow drug pushers doing business in his class and needed to stop the activity., he used the minimal force necessary after the thug student punched him in the face . The one who needs to be replaced is the school superintendent who thought he used excessive force. Obviously the super has never tried to control an unruly violent person before. Her attitude is the reason the Teachers have lost control of the school population. when Managers does not support behavior management in the class room there soon is no control anywhere in the system. Kids will get away with everything you allow them to.

  9. Gabiltroy says:

    Children, up to and including twelfth grade, the last year for high school, (except for the inner cities where the last year for student's is usually around ten or eleven (depending on how available drugs and parties are) need to go back to the attitude of the sixties before progressive, liberal, pond scum sucking, mealy mouthed pansy's took over our schools and learn that the only right a student under nineteen has is the right to do exactly as they're told, exactly when they're told to do it! When I went to high school if you acted up on the bus the driver took you off and left you to walk the rest of the way home, all the drivers who drove our high school buss's were big mean looking tough guy's who didn't take any crap from high school bullies! In junior high everyone in wood shop got their first assignment. That was to make a wooden paddle, with holes in it. If you got into trouble in any of your class's you got to visit the gym couch and got a couple of swats from your own paddle! Children have NO need for freedom, they haven't earned it yet, haven't learned that freedom comes with responsibility! What they do need is discipline!!!!