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Global Warming Guru Reverses Himself, Slams U.N. Report

Posted on April 7, 2014

(Special Report)

Green guru and geophysicist James Lovelock, considered one of the pioneering scientists of the 20th century, has officially turned his back on man-made global warming claims and the green movement’s focus on renewable energy. Lovelock conceived the Gaia theory back in the 1970s, describing the Earth’s biosphere as “an active, adaptive control system able to maintain the earth in homeostasis.”

In an April 3, 2014 BBC TV interview, Lovelock has come out swinging at his fellow environmentalists, accusing the new UN IPCC global warming report of plagiarizing his now retracted climate claims from his 2006 book ‘The Revenge of Gaia.’

“The last IPCC report is very similar to the (now retracted) statements I made in my book about 8 years ago, called The Revenge of Gaia. It’s almost as if they’ve copied it,” Lovelock told BBC Newsnight television program on April 3.

BBC interviewer Jeremy Paxman noted to Lovelock during the April 3 program:  ”Sure. But you then, after publishing these apocalyptic predictions, you then retracted them.”

The newly skeptical Lovelock responded: ”Well, that’s my privilege. You see, I’m an independent scientist. I’m not funded by some government department or commercial body or anything like that. If I make a mistake, then I can go public with it. And you have to, because it is only by making mistakes that you can move ahead.”

Lovelock dismissed the entire basis for global warming concerns in his BBC television interview. “Take this climate matter everybody is thinking about. They all talk, they pass laws, they do things, as if they knew what was happening. I don’t think anybody really knows what’s happening. They just guess. And a whole group of them meet together and encourage each other’s guesses,” Lovelock explained.

A UN Lead Author, Dr. Richard Tol, joined Lovelock this week in slamming the UN and had his name removed from the IPCC report.

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36 thoughts on “Global Warming Guru Reverses Himself, Slams U.N. Report

  1. As per the Koran & America's Liar-In-Chief, it is permissible to lie about Global Warming if it benefits the Liberal Left , Radical Environmentalists, and larger Government control over America's & the Worlds' massive population!!! Truth is not the goal anymore, Larger Government and Population Control is….. Welcome to Obama-World!!!

  2. Simon Jester says:

    So doesn't Lovelock's statement in the original theory debunk man-made global warming right off the bat??? –

    Lovelock conceived the Gaia theory back in the 1970s, describing the Earth’s biosphere as “an active, adaptive control system able to maintain the earth in homeostasis.”

  3. The Man made global warming /climate change crowd are benefiting monetarily from this lie in the form of grants that they would not get otherwise along with people like Al Gore who wish to sell us "Carbon Credits" to pay for something that is not happening

  4. I believe Al Gore is just a theory,

  5. As Rupert Darwall makes clear in his book The Age of Global Warming, the global warming movement isn't about science. It's origins came from anti-industrial nature worship, post-colonial guilt, a belief in scientists as a new priesthood of truth, a hatred of population growth, a revulsion against the widespread increase in wealth of the modern era, and a belief in world government.

  6. A fig newton of the Democrat party.

  7. Nobody retracts everything they ever stood for unless they've been coerced.

  8. ozombeehunta says:

    Lovelock better hire a body guard. The left will not tolerate a turncoat.

  9. The original statements about global warming were suspect due to the hockey stick jog in the graph produced by software that was produced to prove the theory. Once Al Gore came on board and started milking it, you just new it was phoney. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  10. bulldurham48 says:

    Now that their main leader and chief Prophet has figured out he was wrong and actually admits it, all these clowns who screamed his name in praise and triumph have now disowned him and claim he is crazy. Strange how that always happens, when they find out there was a mistake they trash that person and find someone that agrees with them and takes up using him as their de-facto god. I always remember those famous and true words, there is no cure for stupidity. And here we have it again.

  11. "Nobody retracts everything they ever stood for unless they've been coerced."

    Or unless they realize that they were completely wrong, and have the integrity to admit that.

  12. WhiteFalcon says:

    Global warming has been a scam from near the beginning because they took something that was just a theory and tried their best to make it fact. It was just an unproven theory. There are lots of them floating around. Most of them don't pan out and global warming is one of them. As time goes on, it becomes more and more clear that is not fact, but there are those, like Al Gore, that were trying to make huge bucks off it, and Al Gore did make big bucks of it by doing his moronic speeches all over the world world ignoring the facts because they would get in the way of his gravy train money source. Since the whole global warming crowd knows full well that it isn't working out but they continue to push it, it becomes a scam, and that is exactly what it is today, a fraud. True scientists will admit when they have found out they were wrong. It is not a sin to be wrong. It is a sin to know you are wrong but you try to convince everyone that you aren't, and that is what is going on in the global warming crowd right now.

  13. kibitzer3 says:

    There WAS evidence of solar-system-wide warming. Where that is now, I don't know. But it was certainly not due to Man (AGW). It was the Sun wot did it.

    Actually, there's a good case to be made for periodic global cooling, as in ice ages. But that's another matter.

  14. "Human caused" global warming was a hoax from the start…and all about the money. The founder of Greenpeace admitted his organization exaggerated the effects of global warming because it's a great fundraiser.

    The late Ken Lay (yes, that Enron fraudster) helped Gore create the business model for the brokerage houses that were going to make billion$ off the trading of carbon credits between nations.

    Government-funded temperature sensing stations are installed near the outflow of building air conditioners and next to trash incinerators in order to skew the stats and "prove" the earth is in the grip of "global warming". It's because they want to put another tax on you, people.

    For the true believers, it's religious hysteria. One of the fanatics of the movement even said, when confronted with real-world data that contradicted his findings: "We're relying on computer models to come up with the conclusions we're going to give you."

  15. "I’m an independent scientist. I’m not funded by some government department or commercial body"

    That statement right there tells everybody that the whole climate change hoax is about money, control and power and nothing more.

  16. His is a rich fig newton.

  17. An unproven theory, conceived while under the influence. Shame Gore Sr.

  18. The notion of a pause since 1997 has been thoroughly debunked and only cranks repeat it:

    After all, it's noteworthy that deniers start from that 1997 spike and ignore the obvious lower temperatures prior to 1997 that show an obvious trend before and since 1997. Since a lot of here are goldbugs they would not appreciate others who use the 1980 spike in gold price to measure all other gold prices against it.

  19. AD Roberts says:

    "The expert changes his mind and decides that GLOBAL WARMING just isn't true. And here comes Ann Currie and the NBC propagandaists claiming tat 97% of experts agree that GLOBAL WARMING is an established fact.
    So where does she get her information and facts from? Al Gore?
    No, a PRIMARY part of the climate change agenda is to STUFF America and send us back to CAVES.
    This is part of the elitists' efforts to destroy America.

  20. AD Roberts says:

    Ambiguous at best. What are you trying to say without being able to say it? LOL

  21. AD Roberts says:

    If they are able to FORCE it on us, they will be doing what the ONE WORLD ORDER people need to force their control on us. They have to bring DOWN our economy in order to consolidate ALL economies.
    Folks, this is still just what was prophesied by the Bible. This is a move to ONE antichrist who will take control of everything. And if the prophesy is correct, there will have to be a situation SO BAD that the world will put this one SUPREME EVIL in charge. They are creating that situation so they can offer a solution.

  22. AD Roberts says:

    Apparently you have NO ideal of the concept of INTEGRITY.
    That is the ability to ADMIT you are wrong and be a MAN.
    You probably are not.

  23. AD Roberts says:


  24. Global warming is not an issue its the damn politicans that want to use the word.. Warming indeed fine another way to dupe the people!!!!!

  25. profitup10 says:

    We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

    Benjamin Franklin

  26. When politicians say "the science is settled, human-caused global warming is a fact", it means they're looking for another tax to impose on humanity. Especially since Obamacare hasn't delivered the $billion$ in new revenue to the government and profits to the insurance industry they were panting for.

  27. Ambiguous about what? There's a clear warming trend before and since 1997. Get over it.

  28. The United Nations is the mother of all governments and climate control is the mother of all governance schemes. Only the terminally gullible can not be suspicious a UN IPCC report.

  29. Funny. How does climate change benefit the left? We are trying to curb the effects. Climate change will affect everyone. The only thing radical is turning a blind eye.

  30. Lorraine E says:

    Global warming/cooling/changes is a scam to tax and control people worldwide. What is a fact is weather control by all developed countries. See; geoengineeringwatch.org

  31. georgeallen2007 says:

    Yes, Al Gore is a BAD theory. But remember, he did invent the internet. Well then, I guess we should believe old Al on global warming. He must be right; he's made enough off of it.

  32. georgeallen2007 says:

    As a retired environmental scientist, I can assure you man-made global warming is a myth.

  33. Not when the science is pointing overwhelmingly towards global climate change, fool.

  34. "Not when the science is pointing overwhelmingly towards global climate change"

    Everyone, notice how Shane just admitted there is no man-made global warming. Instead he just hedges saying "global climate change". Since you are completely clueless Shane, let me educate you.

    We didn't need science to tell us that the global climate is constantly changing, because we have the historical record of periods of warmer climates and cooler climates. We know Greenland was warm enough for settlement in the Middle Ages, and abandoned later when it got too cold. China has recorded temperatures longer than anyone else, and we find from that record periods of warmer weather than now as well as cooler periods than now.

    So yes, this planet does have changes in climate. Try telling us something we don't know. We also know the planet has not gotten warmer since 1998, and thus that carbon dioxide production by mankind is not a cause for global warming. QED.


    Shane describes himself here.

  35. "The notion of a pause since 1997 has been thoroughly debunked"

    The only person who has been thoroughly debunked here is Gil. He tried to prove global warming last time at this website by citing MADE UP TEMPERATURE NUMBERS to show warming. After I thoroughly refuted him, he was laughed off the site. Good to see him back for more entertainment.

    "and only cranks repeat it:"

    Gill describes himself here. And all we get from Mother Jones is more whining and complaining that less and less people believe the myth that man-made carbon dioxide production creates global warming, not an actual refutation.

    "After all, it's noteworthy that deniers start from that 1997 spike and ignore the obvious lower temperatures prior to 1997"

    This isn't the first time Gil has bitched and whined about this. Of course back then global warming cranks were hollering at the top of their lungs in 1997 and 1998 that the hottest temperatures on record would be a yearly event from now on. So it is truly ironic that spike come back to bite them on the ass.

    "that show an obvious trend before [1997]"

    This is true, there was an obvious trend of warming before 1997.

    "and since 1997."

    This is not, after 1998, global temperatures flattened.

  36. "There's a clear warming trend before"

    This is true.

    " and since 1997."

    This is not.

    "Get over it."

    Gil should consider taking his own advice.