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After Aggressive Approach In Riot Gear, Cop Receives Some Serious Threats

Posted on April 5, 2014

The Tucson police officer who was caught on video brutally pummeling a female student as she walked innocuously near the campus of the University of Arizona has been identified as Joel Mann, according to local ABC affiliate KGUN.

The thuggish incident occurred on Saturday as packed bars near campus slowly cleared out after the Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball team lost a thrilling overtime game.

Mann, a sergeant with 18 years of experience, was one of a legion of officers deployed in full, pseudo-military riot gear. He wore a helmet and face shield.

In the video, Mann comes out of absolutely nowhere and violently pushes woman over a metal frame. She is smashed head over heels to the ground. (RELATED: TYRANNY IN TUCSON: Cop in riot gear brutally attacks innocent girl [VIDEO])

The woman had neither a helmet nor a face shield. She was wearing shorts.

Tucson’s police department has reassigned Mann after a large number of anonymous threats were made against him, reports the Daily Mail.

Photographer Andrew Brown tweeted the photograph of the SWAT-looking police officer in the photograph here, with a message explaining that he had snapped a photo of the cop who had pushed the woman.

All told, about 50 police officers showed up in riot gear Saturday night. Numerous bystanders say the officers began to act with great hostility toward people in the vast crowd—essentially starting the riot they were sent to prevent.

The department has indicated that it is investigating the threats against Mann and, if warranted, will seek prosecution.

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18 thoughts on “After Aggressive Approach In Riot Gear, Cop Receives Some Serious Threats

  1. Our neighborhood police are becoming KGB thugs…..this guy should be fired and prosecuted. It just seems everything is out of control!!

  2. RetiredArmy says:

    Cops should be held to a Higher Standard not a Lower one I see that the Tucson PD is going to defend the un-defendable! This Thug should be Fired and made an example of!

  3. Always "reassigned", never disciplined, prosecuted or fired.

  4. AD Roberts says:

    If there comes a time when police are attacked by citizens, it will not be because of the people. Apparently LEOs have declared war on us, just like the muslims have. It is only a matter of time before the masses will realize this and fight back.
    When that happens, then even the good cops, (yes there are a lot of them) will find themselves in an impossible situation.
    Message to OATHKEEPERS who happen to be LEOs: Choose carefully about defending abusive fellow officers.
    Good citizens ARE AND WILL come to protect your back, IF you still have ours.

  5. America, welcome to your new Police State.

  6. Gee, the cop was re-assigned to another area – What about the students he so brazenly attacked? What about their trauma's? What about the injuries caused by the jerk in the blue-stiupid suit w/a tin badge and a brain to match? What about all those hospital bills that were caused by one jerk cop? Where are the so-called good cops?

  7. It’s time to react at the least officer should be fired. The police chief also, if elected voted out, if he was appointed the mayor then he should be voted out for not publicly reprimanding the chief this incident should not be forgoten.

  8. This. Cop did a bad crime and when it’s. Him others want to dish. Out the same. To.he ran hide as the coward. He is. And his boss is after. Any. Who dare to speak badly about his killer cops. The boss is the problem. Some. Pro will get him if it takes. 10 years. .this is too bad to. Excaspe. Justice. And no justice don’t belong. To no. Systems. He. Needs. The hell beat out of him but. Likely will.get ten fold as all do in the end. He needs. Mental help. So. Does. His bosses.

  9. If you really understand police work " always defend the men you work with or you will be punished.

  10. So they're investigating the threats against that thug…as they should. Are they investigating the assault he committed? Will he be fired? Will he be prosecuted? Doubtful. Cops are held to a different standard. If a private citizen had done exactly the same thing, he'd be sitting in a cell right now. Mann was just "reassigned". Where is equality under the law?

  11. allosaur says:

    Mr. Cop really showed that little girl what a big bad-ass he is! He belongs in a zoo so more little girls can come see what a big bad-ass he is without being served and protected by other big bad-ass thugs.

  12. Our storm troopers are hired by the ruling class to protect THEM–not the public. They want mindless thugs that "just follow orders".

  13. The cop will not be punished because the people of the community will not storm city hall insisting upon it. Why do you all think that cops get by with assaulting people, kidnapping them (an illegal arrest – and most of them are since they lack an indictment per the 5th Amendment) – murdering them, and, no matter how you cut it, acting as judge, jury, and executioner, as they run rampant over we people, the Constitution, and the Law of the Declaration. Thousands of examples prove this beyond all doubt.

    Most people assume that someone must have done something to warrant the attacks by the thugs now acting not as constitutional entities, but enforcers of the de facto government corporations now in control.

    So. until the people began in peaceful ways to stand up against the complete Gestapo thugs by demanding that such thugs as this cop are treated as the criminals and traitors they are, along with those in government that condone and protect their actions, their illegal acts will continue to escalate. History has shown this as factual.

    When people began accepting such actions, and the illegal actions of the corporations (chartered governments are all corporations under corporation laws that are ignored) we call "governments" increased, we people stood by in ignorance not blaming ourselves when it is beyond all doubt our fault. I have in my 68 years watched Americans allow their land of the free to slip from their hands. We allowed the corruption – it is our fault.

    I lost two homes along with everything else simply because I stood up for our rights to private ownership, etc. It will continue to escalate until we take responsibility for their actions and for our own, acting in fear and ignorance, denying our duty to our country, ourselves, our families, and, indeed, the world as we allow the worldwide expansion of governments out of control.

  14. The question is, would they have made anywhere NEAR this big of a deal out of that thug if he had assaulted a man? I doubt it. But yes, he's a coward and a piece of excrement nonetheless. Most badge-wearing thugs are.

  15. stevieman271 says:

    This thug should be fired and sent to jail, just to show us peons that the police are NOT immune from the law!

  16. Tom Cook says:

    Were that young lady my daughter, Mann would never walk again.

  17. Steven Higgins says:

    Well, Looks like the police are in the spot light still as they ought to be. Anyone that works for the government ought to be held to a high standard. If this was a group of white males citizens doing this there would be hell to pay. This officer needs to be held accountable himself not the department for all medical bills, be charged with assault, go to jail. Just because you wear a uniform you still accountable what next a mass killing like Mieloo, Vietnam (spelling is wrong sorry)