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This Man’s Artifact Collection Suddenly Investigated by FBI

Posted on April 4, 2014

When Andi Essex got an eyeful of Don Miller’s gigantic basement collection of artifacts he’s acquired from his travels around the world, she was enthralled.

“It’s unreal,” Essex told WISH-TV in Indianapolis, adding that the “full skeleton is what blew my mind” and that her “favorite” was Miller’s piece of Hitler’s bunker.

The 91-year-old is a veteran, former teacher, and was part of the Manhattan Project which created the atomic bomb — and over eight decades has traveled to more than 200 countries, collecting and bartering for artifacts along the way.

“He’s just a very interesting, interesting guy,” Essex told WISH.

Apparently the FBI agrees.

Federal agents took over Miller’s home in Waldron, Ind., about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis, on Wednesday because they believe some of his artifacts may violate several treaties and could have been “acquired improperly.”

“Over the last several months, an FBI investigation has determined that Mr. Miller may have knowingly and unknowingly collected artifacts, relics and objects of cultural patrimony in violation of several treaties federal and state statutes,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert Jones told WISH.

Jones said some statutes and laws from the last several decades may not have been in effect when Miller collected some of the items, adding that it’s “our duty to ensure they are properly identified, safeguarded, collected and stored in a manner that allow us to eventually to return them to those Native American and other nations and cultural groups who have legitimate rights to ownership.”

While Miller invited the agents inside his home and told WISH that everything is rightfully his, officials are making sure in a big way. A command station, trucks, and huge tents surround Miller’s house, along with crime scene tape, as they comb through his artifacts.

“He is being cooperative and so far everything is going well,” Paul Bresson, FBI spokesperson, told WISH.

The FBI added all artifacts Miller possesses legitimately will be returned to him; the agency wouldn’t confirm or deny if criminal charges are being filed.

Jones said the FBI will turn over its findings to the U.S. Attorney’s office once the investigation is complete.

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30 thoughts on “This Man’s Artifact Collection Suddenly Investigated by FBI

  1. Oh ya…we don't live in a police state…are you kidding me!!!

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    That's what happens when you "cooperate" with the gunverment. He should have told them to take a hike and come back with a VALID warrant, one based on probable cause.

  3. Must not be enough real crime to interestthis administration; other than their own, of course, so they're creating some.

  4. Oh ya….we don't live in a police state…..are you kidding me!!!

  5. Thieves doing what thieves do best; thieving.

  6. Who created the FBI, and for what purpose? This?

    YGTB(K, or insert letter of your choice)M!

  7. You r-tards do realize that the FBI is verifying his legal right to own each piece, don't you? If it violates a treaty, it violates a treaty. He's cooperating, which is more than can be said for any of you "anti-gubmint" yokels.

  8. Thomas Proctor says:

    With all the serious crime in this country, especially in Washington with all the crooked politicians and lobbyists, this is all the FBI has to waste money on!!! The country is truly coming to pieces as we stand by and watch.

  9. Rattlerjake says:

    "and over eight decades has traveled to more than 200 countries", funny, considering that there are only 196 countries in the world.

  10. Rattlerjake says:

    But I guess when Ovomit can create 57 states, then the FBI can create over 200 countries.

  11. Anonymous Coward says:

    Countries come and go. There isn't an East Germany any more. And there is a South Sudan which is fairly new.

  12. Sounds like the feds are sticking their nose where it does not belong. Give it back my asse.

  13. Shane, where have you been? We were all wondering where your potty mouth was.

    Let us know when you call the FBI to invite them over to verify that you have the legal right to everything you own.

  14. Maybe the FBI should come to your house Shane and inspect every item that you have in your possession to see if you have anything that you can be prosecuted for. ( You better hide your bongs and dope stash).

  15. I have the feeling we're going to be treated to the unseemly spectacle of a 91-year-old being prosecuted for illegal possession of certain items and making some sort of plea to fed gov prosecutors and bureaucrats in order to be able to keep his freedom in his last years. These (insert your own descriptive nouns and adjectives) will make sure he's sufficiently humiliated and groveling at their feet before maganimously allowing the "defendant" to walk free upon being relieved of all his treasures and promising never, never to do it again.

  16. AD Roberts says:

    Here is what I can assure you:
    1. They TAKE everything they can and then promise that IF it really belongs to him, they will return it.
    (This is assuming that he is GUILTY and will have to prove that he is innocent)
    2. The FBI is much more concerned about enforcing foreign laws about relics than pursuing REAL MUSLIMS terrorists who ARE being brought into the country by Obama's immigration policy. (First priority will be for MB and jihadists)
    3. Do you think that IF they can do this to a plain man, they WON'T do it to you and everyone else in the USA. So where did they get the warrant. Who complained that illegal relics were there? NO PROOF. NO WITNESS. They just assumed that he had to be guilty.
    Reminds me of the response of Hillary Clinton when she was given a "dream catcher" by an Indian lady and it happened to contain an eagle feather. SHE HAD HER ARRESTED.

  17. AD Roberts says:

    By whose definition?

  18. AD Roberts says:

    That would be from one of the Executive Orders that the media did not report.
    1. Waste as much money as you can.
    2. Ignore my fellow muslims, even if they are about to blow up the Boston Marathon.
    3. Focus on patriots who also oppose Obama's FUNDAMENTAL change of America.
    4. When given a chance, put on your SWAT gear and threaten to kill anyone in sight.
    5. Always make up good excuses when you confiscate personal property. Don't bother with the Constitution

  19. AD Roberts says:

    The day WILL come, if we don't take the government back. And when it does, everything that Shane defends will be on his doorstep.
    Shane, was there a COMPLAINT or WITNESS who said that this man possessed illegal objects? NO
    Was there a warrant, issued on the basis of that nonexistent witness allowing them to enter his house and TAKE objects? NO
    Did the warrant that was NOT ISSUED contain the CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED words that stated the SPECIFIC ITEMS that they were seeking? NO
    The worst part is that this 91 year old man did not know that he SHOULD have refused them access.
    He WILL have things taken, without inventory, and NOT returned. And those items will NOT be reimbursed.
    These bureaucrats don't even have any way to know if a treaty was in effect when the relics were procured. But that WON'T stop them.

  20. allosaur says:

    Let's see, with violet criminals and terrorists all over the place, the FBI has nothing better to do than worry with a 91-year-old's peaceful citizen's artifact collection. The next time there is a mass murder the FBI could have prevented for paying attention, think about this BS.

  21. This is a comment to the website, not to any particular posting.

    I was sitting here listening to some of the greatest music in the world at high volume when I stupidly clicked on a …I cannot remember the name (link?), but it was a website associated with yours.

    I nearly blew my ears out when it started to play. Yes, I should know better, but in this case, you caught me unawares.

    I am deleting you from my mailing list because of this. Just so "ya know," as my ex-wife used to say. No offense.


  22. Unbelievable! The Government is investigating/ harassing a 90 year old man and his legally acquired collection of artifacts and they are letting terrorists, illegal immigrants, drug dealers and human trafficker walk away without. The Obama administrations really mixed up. Today wrong is right and right is wrong and it is getting to a point that we may not be able to return from.

  23. Al Wigand says:

    what the hell are you talking about do you read that loud

  24. mutantone says:

    I want to know what criteria they will use to make their decision on what to return how much it is worth, or some law that was in effect when he collected them that they choose?

  25. Live Free says:

    What a douchebag you are. What do you know about rights? What do you know about what the feds are doing in this man's house? You are just an armchair mud-slinger who hates everyone and prides himself on insulting strangers.

    Yeah, "r-tards". You wordsmith you!

  26. Oh, just get on with it and Execute Him!

  27. stevieman271 says:

    I agree! Welcome to the UCSA….United Communistic States of America. This is no longer the home of the free!

  28. Stuart Shepherd says:

    Proudly antigubment, here.

  29. He is White, So that means Guilty until Proven Innocent. To this Administration.

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