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Another Fatal Shooting At Fort Hood

Written by BradleyFishJr on April 3, 2014

Less than five years after an Army psychiatrist went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, the military base has been shaken by another shooting.

Nidal Hasan, convicted in the Nov. 5, 2009, tragedy that left 13 dead and 31 wounded, was sentenced to death by a military jury in August 2013.

Prosecutors had sought the death penalty, saying Hasan’s murderous rampage at the sprawling military base was a tragic and devastating loss for victims and loved ones.

Hasan was convicted on 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 charges of attempted premeditated murder. He appeared expressionless upon hearing the verdict, which came after less than two hours of deliberations.

While Hasan could be the first service member executed by the military since 1961, the appellate process could take years.

Family members of Hasan’s victims supported the sentence.

“Today a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders,” said Joleen Cahill, whose husband, Michael Cahill, had retired from the military and was working as a civilian employee at Fort Hood. He was killed when he tried to subdue Hasan. “The (jury) gave him justice, and I agree with that justice.”

In seeking capital punishment, lead prosecutor Col. Mike Mulligan earlier recounted each emotional and powerful story of victims whose lives were cut short.

“These murderous attacks left enormous carnage: 13 dead, eight widows. One widower. Twelve minor children without a father, 18 parents lost children. Thirty soldiers wounded. One civilian police officer. Their loss, each family — tragic, difficult and different. For some, death was almost instantaneous. So quick, so lethal they never moved from their chair,” Mulligan said.

Hasan, a Virginia-born Muslim who acted as his own attorney, admitted at the trial that he was responsible for the shootings. He had previously said he was a “soldier of Allah,” deserved martyrdom and that his attack was designed to protect Muslim insurgents abroad.

Mulligan said earlier that while Hasan’s acts were religiously motivated, jurors shouldn’t punish him for being a Muslim.

“History is replete with death in the name of religion. The acts of 5 November were religiously motivated. You should not punish him for his religion,” Mulligan told jurors. “You should punish him for his hate. You should punish him for the action he took in the name of his religion, not for his religion.”

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14 thoughts on “Another Fatal Shooting At Fort Hood

  1. He is one of millions of enemy insurgents infiltrating our Executive Branch by obama goal of overthrowing America using his fellow appointed mb goons in the DHS, FBI, Justice Dept, Dept of Homeland Insecurity, IRS, State Dept., Commerce, Education Dept, Environmental EPA, Airforce, Army, Navy, Marines, infiltrating Soros plan to break the dollar and overthrow America back into a third world terrorist state, the Change our liar in chief wants. The father of lies is satan and those that lie, bind, kill and destroy serve satan not God. Watch your back America, be ready to kick them all out!

  2. Yogi Bear says:

    While Bradley's report is good, it suffers one problem. He gave no details about the new shooting–and I came to this article hoping to learn more about this. Think about the title and the lead paragraph before you drop this into the newstream. That would save a lot of confusion–now and in perpetuity, for those who are looking for useful information.

  3. WHY are practicing Muslims in our military to begin with? Why are they here in America at all? Trace it back to its genesis and the answer is BECAUSE of Article 6's ban of Christian tests and the First-Commandment-violating First Amendment's free exercise clause.

    For primary source evidence, see "Swallowing Camels… Pt. 8: Article 9's Christian Test Ban and It's Polytheistic Implications" at http://www.constitutionmythbusters.org/swallowing… followed by "Swallowing Camels… Pt. 9: Amendment 1's Government-Sanctioned Polytheism."

  4. This is simply another example of Medication Madness. About 4% of patients using psychotropic anti-depressants are prone to violence. Sometimes it is just suicide, other times it is violence to others. People aren't anymore depressed than they were before, they are just being given dangerous drugs now that weren't available in the past. These drugs are even being prescribed for simple aches and pains. So with a simple prescription your doctor can transform you from someone with lower back pain into a drug crazed killer.

  5. At least they can't blame it on the Muslim patsy again!

  6. Phillip the Bruce says:

    To me the clear point is "Members of the military are trained killers, and sometimes they kill those other than who they have been ordered to kill." I thank God I lost the lottery and did not have to choose between military service and leaving the US.

  7. rick baldwin says:

    I think your 4% figure is too low,but your premise is correct-DOPE KILLS & most of it come right from the doctor's prescription pad.

  8. rick baldwin says:

    This guy drove a truck & played in the band.

  9. AD Roberts says:

    GUN FREE zones are places to be avoided. You are MORE likely to be killed there.

  10. AD Roberts says:

    Your thinking is twisted. But heh.
    You did say a lot about yourself and your selfishness.
    I did not lose the lottery. And in 1971, after the Democrats snatched defeat from the face of victory, I joined the NG. Now we were taught how to shoot. Buy my MOS was repairing helicopter electrical systems.
    Then there are the NG who go out and save people's lives in disasters. But you really don't care about saving lives, except your own.
    Let me guess. You are your OWN god. So sad. YOUR god is very soon to die.

  11. AD Roberts says:

    Since 9/11, HUNDERDS of thousands of people have been killed by "Muslims patsies" Yet you do not seem to care about the FACT that the most deadly organization in the world is ISLAM.
    They are only called victims and patsies by those people who refuse to see the truth because they are supporting these violent vicious political organization that PRETENDS to be a religion.

  12. AD Roberts says:

    Actually the SOURCE of all death is SATAN. He has a billion ways to deceive vain, arrogant little men and women who cannot believe there is anything in the world as smart as THEY ARE.

  13. AD Roberts says:

    Actually Muslims are in the military as a form of STEALTH JIHAD.
    To weaken your enemy, infiltrate it.