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Video: Kathleen Sebelius Speechless After Being Told Obamacare Isn’t Popular in OK

Posted on April 1, 2014

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius responded with deafening silence when a KWTV-TV reporter explained to her how unpopular Obamacare is in Oklahoma.

“At last check, 64 percent of Oklahomans aren’t buying into the health care plan, they don’t like Obamacare, and they’ve been pretty vocal about it,” the reporter said. “Now that’s going to be — still continue to be — a tough sell, but we’ll see how that plays out over the coming months.”

There was then a painfully awkward moment of silence as Sebelius apparently decided to ignore the statement completely.

Finally, the reporter spoke up and thanked Sebelius for the interview.

“I think we’ve probably lost sound here or something,” he added.

“I can hear you,” Sebelius replied. “But thanks for having me.”

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9 thoughts on “Video: Kathleen Sebelius Speechless After Being Told Obamacare Isn’t Popular in OK

  1. No lies readily available, so at least she is smart enough to just not saying anything when the truth stairs you in the face.

  2. kenny9876 says:

    The woman is a dumb as a post. She would have worked out just fine as one of Stalin's Commissars, dutifully carrying out the orders of the Chief.

  3. Obama's minions do not do well when confronted with honest facts. Obfuscation of any stripe is the preferred method of communication. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  4. gene1357 says:

    I'd have very much enjoyed reading this piece, but a Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese advertisement obscured much of the text and would not go away.

  5. Wait, I thought that is her job. Oh right, Obama isn't technically Stalin, he hasn't killed enough people yet.

  6. Virgil Hilts says:

    She has look either of a deer in the headlights, or, is impersonating someone who has been battle for so long that they have the 'Thousand Yard Stare' !

  7. That’s how the Pope would respond to heresy.

  8. Government work has become the dumping ground for the stupid, corrupt, incompetent and criminal in America.

  9. FActs?What facts?