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Minimum Wage of $10.10? Check Out Which State Has Instituted This!

Posted on March 29, 2014

Connecticut raised its minimum wage $10.10 an hour from the previous $ 8.70 an hour over the next three years, surpassing Washington as the highest in the country, reports Reuters.

President Obama and congressional Democrats want to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Connecticut Gov Dannel Malloy, a Democrat, signed the legislation in New Britain, Conn. Thursday evening. Malloy made the bill a law at the same diner Café Beauregard — where he had met with the president earlier this month to discuss hiking the minimum wage.

New Britain only has a household median income of $35,000, compared with the statewide median of $66,000.

Malloy believes this move will revitalize the economic health of the city.

“This is just a step in moving people in the right direction,” Malloy said while signing the bill. “We will be lifting people out of poverty in the state of Connecticut. Increasing the minimum wage is not just good for workers, it’s also good for business,” he added.

The owner of Café Beauregard, Rob Chiovoloni, agrees.

“Restaurants have to absorb costs all the time,” Chiovoloni told The Daily Caller News Foundation, adding, “the legislation is not going to impact us at all because we are already paying all of our employees above ten dollars an hour.”

He said just like employers must be prepared for variations in the price of ingredients, they must be prepared for increased payroll costs.

While the mandated wage increase will not impact Chiovoloni’s café, other nearby employers are concerned that the extra costs will not only threaten the survival of their business, but will hurt the local economy as a whole.

Musteba Ramadani, owner of Peppino’s Pizza, another restaurant in the New Britain area, told TheDCNF that due to the wage hike he is either going to have to raise the prices on his menu or cut employees’ hours.

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19 thoughts on “Minimum Wage of $10.10? Check Out Which State Has Instituted This!

  1. Bottom line: Consumers and employees will pay for the wage hike, not employers.

  2. electricangel1978 says:

    We already pay for the medical care benefits of underpaid crony-capitalist employers who can count on Joe Sucker taxpayer to pick up the tab via welfare and Medicaid for the low-income people he profits by employing. Maybe the amount of tax dollar subsidization of low-income workers will decline as they have more "income" to pay their own medical bills?

    In a world without taxpayer subsidy of the poor through welfare and Medicaid, a minimum wage is a bad idea. In the world we live in, where middle class people are forced to pay for the healthcare of the poor because they don't earn enough money from their employers? It is less of a bad idea.

  3. America! Can you spell Hyper Inflation?

  4. Make the minimum wage $50 an hour! $100 an hour! Money grows on tress, right?!?

  5. debbiebf says:

    Minimum Wage Laws are Racist because they always drive up the Black Unemployment Rate.

  6. Why stop at $100.00, give everyone $481.00 an hour. That way everyone will be millionaires in a few years. Does any of these minimum wages demanding people understand comparative worth?

  7. WhiteFalcon says:

    I expect that now you will be able to watch jobs start leaving CT. at an increasing rate, which will lead to increased unemployment there. They have a lot of brilliant people in their state government, much like a lot of other states. $8.70 per hour is a lot better than $0.00 per hour, which I expect a lot of their workers will be making after a while.

  8. Wow soon these people will be able to say "I was making 10.10 an hour before I lost my job.

  9. This is so dumb jobs are hard to fine now what will they do when there is no jobs in that state and if they up the prices of there food the people cant afforid it this govener is a lib dumb ass

  10. Those jobs sure won't be going to WA or OR, especially if the new initiative for a $15 min. wage in Oregon is passed. People somehow have the idea that an economy doesn't make adjustments when the price of things changes. I don't know where they get that idea. We all know that when the price of something goes up, we usually buy less of it (unless we're junkies, and it's heroin. But even then, we'll have trouble keeping up our current level of consumption, because we'll have to burglarize more houses and cars). Lawmakers often pass tax hikes with the idea that it'll generate x dollars in revenue. It won't. People will adjust their behaviors to pay less tax. But some people never figure it out.

  11. Phillip the Bruce says:

    The basic law of Econ 101 is that, when the price of anything goes up, all other things being equal, less of it is demanded. But in addition to that, a lot of people don't understand that sellers don't set prices – buyers do. If employers have to raise their 'asking' prices because of a wage increase, they too well sell less. Maybe enough less that they go out of business. And then where will their 'employees' be?

  12. All I will say on this higher minimum wage is that as an employer I would expect anyone starting at $10.10 per hour would be able to do the job without any additional training on my company's time !!!!!!

  13. Where will the high school nd college students get work ????

  14. Game69 M. says:

    Just lower the TAXES for everything , then people will be able to keep more…which goes for lower rents too. The more you make the more the government takes.

  15. icemancold says:

    WELL:How many people will this Cause to either lose their Jobs or have their hours cut?. How many Business are going to have to raise their prices to pay the higher salary?. When the people who lost their jobs due to this apply for Unemployment how is the State going to pay it? OH I forgot the State will Raise TAXES. SO WHO ACTUALLY WINS HERE ? NO ONE WINS higher pay = loss of job,or less hours,Higher Prices,Higher unemployment,Higher TAXES etc. ALL AROUND LOSER SITUATION.

  16. icemancold says:

    Only in OBAMA LAND

  17. Buckeye Libertarian says:

    Health insurance wouldn't be that expensive if the government stayed out of it. All the rules and regulations do is drive up costs. And government involvement in healthcare and health insurance leads to crony capitalism. Not the other way around. You are confusing cause and effect. The majority of people on minimum wage are people who are just starting out, such as teenagers, college kids, and people looking to pick up extra income. So all this is going to do is reduce the demand for their skills. And did you know that union labor wages are indexed to the minimum wage? This is just a giveaway to unions.

  18. Glen Litsinger says:

    icemancold: you nailed it! IO love hoe Gary North readers are absorbing and propagating true ( Austrian) economics.

  19. Public Citizen says:

    Thank You Connecticut for volunteering to be the petri dish for this progressive proposal.
    Many of us will be watching the economic metrics for your state carefully between now and November [and beyond].
    Can anyone tell me how this increase will affect the qualification for the welfare subsidies that the "progressives" kep asserting are the subsidy paid by the public for employers paying the minimum wage for below minimum productivity trainee workers? Seems to me that at $10.10 per hour for a 40 hour week and 50 week work year some of them are going to find themselves over the qualifying earnings maximum.
    If I am remembering correctly a lot of programs have a cutoff well below $20,000 annual earnings for a single person and slightly over that amount for a family of 4. Assuming a nuclear family with both parents working and 2 dependent children [I know this is a stretch nowadays with Uncle Sugar substituting for a male head of household in too many cases] they should be grossing slightly over $40,000 a year. At that income level they should be on the paying taxes side of the balance sheet and no longer a financial burden and a public liability.