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Amateur Video Shows Road Rage Offender Losing Control, Leads To Police Charges

Posted on March 29, 2014

Imagine this: you’re being tailgated and finally the offending vehicle passes you, flipping the bird as they sail by as if you were the one doing something wrong. You take a deep breath, exhale slowly and try to take comfort in thinking that someday justice will be served.

That’s probably what a Florida driver thought, except this driver got to see “instant karma” happen right before her eyes — and she caught it on camera.

The YouTuber going by the username Florida Driver posted video Wednesday, saying that she’d been tailed by the truck driver for three minutes.

“After about a minute, and me shaking my head, I pulled out my phone and started recording. I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane, and I sure as heck wasn’t going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were. I was turning left in about a half-mile when this happened,” the driver wrote.

“Now bear in mind, that this guy had already passed a truck in a left turn lane, was tailgating and driving recklessly on a wet slick road, wasn’t paying attention, and all in all being an ignorant [a**]. In the full video which I will post later, you will be able to see that not once was I mouthing off, I never brake checked him, and in fact until I watched the video after the accident I didn’t even know he shot a bird at me because I wasn’t looking at him at all, I was paying attention to the road while holding the phone up with my right hand,” the driver continued.

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60 thoughts on “Amateur Video Shows Road Rage Offender Losing Control, Leads To Police Charges

  1. Beautiful!!!! Too many axxholes on the road today….he got exactly what he deserved!

  2. This woman COULD have pulled to the right after she passed the white truck. She had plenty of time-she WAS! blocking the passing lane!!!!!. She forced this male driver to pass her on the Right. Then…she raced him. If I was this male driver…I'd track her down and knock her "F" ing teeth in. What a bitch!!!!!!

  3. Some people have no patience. How was he to know you had a left turn up ahead? You did the right thing (if this message get's to the driver). Comments were turned off the youtube from mean attacks. I hate "left lane bandits", but when you're on a rural highway with left turn-offs, you need to either wait or just go around when it's safe. This guy was a jerk.

  4. She was doing 50 in a 55, in the left lane NO TURN SIGNAL, passed at least 1 left turn lane maybe 2. So she was not making a left turn any time soon just her excuse.

  5. electricangel1978 says:

    Some people don't know how to observe the rules of the road. This obnoxious woman lives in a narcissistic world of her own creation, refusing to observe this one fundamental fact: the left lane is for passing, and if another car comes up behind you going faster, get out of the way: you have NO idea why that person needs that lane (maybe he's rushing a sick child to the hospital, and your passive-aggressive solipsism could cost that child its life). There were PLENTY of opportunities for her to observe courtesy to her fellow drivers and pull into the right lane, but in her own mind SHE didn't do ANYTHING wrong.

    I'd have pulled around her, dangerously, on the right, gotten in front of her, and slowed down to 10mph until she figured out that politeness and courtesy and observing the world around her (and not diverting attention from her driving by FILMING OTHER PEOPLE on the road) are the way we need to interact and gotten the heck out of the passing lane. As to the young man in the truck? He also learned a lesson in keeping HIS eyes and hands on the wheel.

    A Pox on both their houses.

  6. jammin2011 says:

    If someone is in a big hurry, just immediately move to the right. When my son committed suicide, my husband drove the emergency laneon a freeway for NINE miles to get by people in the left lane. You just never know what is behind a bad driving behavior.

  7. I wish ignorant people like her would be able to read and understand the law. That slower traffic should move to the right and let the flow of traffic run by. This kid though was an idiot and was paid for his stupidity!

  8. I know exactly how this trucker felt. Too many STUPID sanctimonious drivers who REFUSE to drive right, pass left and just hang out in the passing lane for no reason. They are the ones who should be ticketed. They cause every traffic congestion and no one enforces the law prohibiting traveling in the passing lane.

  9. Jeff Lines says:

    This women is the initiator of the incident. The fact that she filmed it proved she was intentionally antagonizing the guy. What makes no sense about "excuse" is that if she was really about ready to turn left, you need to use both hands to accomplish that properly and safely … so why would you tie up a hand with filming the incident. It is also pretty obvious that once he moved into the right lane to pass her that she sped up to try to prevent him further escalating the bad situation. In addition, the fact that she laughed at the end proves she got what she wanted out of it. She was engaged in playing games on the road and by doing so caused the frustration that caused the accident … and this accident could have been much worse if the truck had hit a car when he crossed the lanes of the incoming traffic. The road is no place to play these games so you can get a cool UTube video. And the fact that she instantly posted it is on UTube is simply another fact that proves this whole thing was "cool" to her.
    I say very much NOT "cool". Yes the guy was an idiot as well; however, she has no clue what was going on in his life. As someone pointed out, he could have been responding to some sort of emergency in his life. This all could have been prevented by simply being courteous and moving right. If the pickup had room to move right, she had more than enough room to do so … and she would not have been taking the time to tape it if she truly was getting ready to turn left. It is obvious her story is simply a lie to "justify" her antagonistic behavior that caused the accident.

  10. Bernie H. says:

    I f you look at the drivers manual in your state it will tell you that slower traffic should stay to right. It doesn't say if the speed limit is or if you want to it says to stay to the right. Common sense and common courtesy. If I'm doing 100 miles an hour and someone comes up behind me and wants to pass I let them. If you ask whats wrong with world today start by looking the mirror.

  11. Can't help but notice "Florida Driver" is in the passing lane when they should be in the right lane for slower traffic! No sympathy for "Florida Driver".

  12. Denver Kitty says:

    …and you are an idiot.

  13. She was going to turn left shortly. We have this same problem up here except they get in front of me and slam on their brakes.

  14. In this case, it was raining and she was going to turn left shortly…Haste makes waste and in this case causes a big mess. Slow down… Saving a few minutes isn't worth wrecking your car or losing your life.

  15. meredithalleruzzo says:

    Oh yes, my thought exactly!! I encounter this everyday with drivers new to this country. She doesn't own the road. As a slow driver she should have pulled to the right! From the video he wasn't tailgating her at all but the requisite two car lengths behind her. Hate to admit it but on the way to work the phrase "stupid shit" crosses my lips frequently- at 11:00 in the morning! Yes, the guy was foolish to let it get to him. But slow drivers irk drivers who need to get somewhere at a reasonable pace causing accidents. As the video shows this woman is wrong- she should get out of the way and let hard-working folks get where they need to go (like work!) quickly but safely.

  16. The person with the camera should be in court. Passive aggression is aggressive driving.

  17. meredithalleruzzo says:

    Oh, and let's not forget slow drivers who get in the fast lane on the freeway- duh, didn't study the manual before the driver's test??

  18. The left lane is for passing. The left lane is for passing. The left lane… whatever, a tool will always be a tool. She couldn’t switch lane for safety but could get her phone out to record while driving ‘slick’ roads. She’ll get her karma too (:

  19. Retired Army LTC says:

    Agreed the woman was the jerk that set up the confrontation by not driving in the right lane unless she wanted to pass. Too many self appointed guardians of the slowest speed limit possible are improperly and illegally in some states driving in the left lane.

  20. Seems that most of us get the obvious. The article should start with "Imagine this: you're a dumbass driving in the left lane and a vehicle tries to pass you"… Stupid bitch shouldn't have been in the left lane. The author of this article apparently doesn't get the obvious either.

  21. If you're at or above the speed limit, you shouldn't have to get stuck with SLOW traffic because some a-hole has to do at least j20 or 30 mph over the speed limit. People need to get their hides out of bed earlier and plan their time so they don't have to drive like maniacs and cause a hazard for everyone else. Dopey bullies doin't get the right to push everyone else around–they're NOT special. If I''m 10 or 15 mph over the speed limit, I'm not moving for a moron and be stuck in the lane with the people doing 40 just because he's a jerk with no self control

    That said, the driver should not have been videotaping this. Way too much time NOT having her full attention on the road.

  22. People in CA used to be decent about it, if they wanted to go faster, they simply went around you without making a big deal about it. (This is on the PCH, though, not LA. It may have changed since I lived there. Bullies don't get to make the rules. If you are already above the speed limit, they are the ones who need to chill and wait. Why should people who are at or above the speed limit be stuck with the slow pokes because some selfish dope thinks the road belongs only to him?

  23. Way too much violence for something this simple.

  24. YOU are the one who should have their teeth KNOCKED in, maybe it would also knock some SENSE in your NEANDERTHAL brain!!! What an IDIOT!!! HOPEFULLY you have NO connection whatever with any Female, a SCUMBAG of your ILK shouldn't have any association with Anybody Civilized stevvie boy, what a SPOILED BRAT!! Keep up being the MORON that your post indicates and you will soon be where you BELONG, BEHIND BARS!!!
    By the way the driver didn't FORCE them to do anything, his own IMBECILIC behavior CAUSED what happened, Too bad the crash wasn't FATAL, get rid of the Dregs of Society, of YOUR ILK too, it sounds like stevvie boi!!!

  25. Just desserts for this IDIOT!!! WAS a nice truck too!! LOL!! Hope HIS STUPIDITY gets spread all over the internet, what a LOSER!!

  26. The IDIOT tailgating and acting like a MORON got his Just Desserts! The driver with the cam was very wise in filming this LUNATIC!!!

  27. Marine68 says:

    That truck driver was wrong, but so was the woman filming the event with her cell phone. In Florida it is illegal to drive while talking, Texting, or video recording on your phone. where was her ticket or arrest?

  28. John Hand says:

    She says she could not get to the right, yet it is obvious from her never should have been making it video that there was in fact, plenty of time and room to get to the right. Also, she even moved the camera around to show that she was going 50, which is five under the limit. The finger guy was an idiot yes, for making an abrupt move to get in front of her and thus losing traction, but she instigated the incident. Yes, and she probably got money for it because I saw the woman on TV.

  29. kennylee says:

    um he had a smile on his face giving her the finger! would you take the time to give the finger twice and smile if there was a emergency!? NO! what caused the accident was the guy in the truck with a smile a middle finger eyes off the road, then punched the gas and lost control…. I don't care if she was going 10 miles a hour… This guy was a douche and got what he deserved! nice video

  30. I see Florida has the same MORONS who don't comprehend the tricky concept of the passing lane that Oklahoma has…

  31. kennylee says:

    Funny the person with out the cell phone wrecked. hummmm

  32. kennylee says:

    I wonder why the hand book does not say no looking at other drivers while taking a hand off the wheel giving the finger with a smile? he did do a nice custom job on his truck haha

  33. She was going to turn left.

  34. kennylee says:

    If you are speeding your are breaking the law passing lane on not. It is a passing lane not drive 100 miles a hour lane.. too bad we didn't see the face of this cave man smile turning into fear as he did a nice custom job on his truck… 🙂

  35. I watched her tell what happened, and why she was in the left lane, on The Kelly File. The guy got what de deserved.

  36. Fred Campbell says:

    Your judgement is not clearly supported by the observable facts.
    The other driver was clearly in a rage, clouding his judgement.
    An emotional driver is a dangerous driver. (Note that is may apply to both drivers here.)

  37. Ah, I see you're an habitual tailgater. I've been wondering who they all are.

  38. It's possible he took the first opportunity to get into the right lane, beating her to it…it's my experience that in lane-changing, the car behind has the advantage.

  39. Yes, the left land IS for passing…but here on the Left Coast, there are a large number of drivers who live their driving lives in the left lane. I stay over to the right! BTW–the left lane is where the BMWs and Mercedes live, and y'know, I've NEVER seen one of them pulled over. Could it be because a high percentage of those makes are driven by lawyers? Cops aren't looking for trouble, and a lawyer behind the wheel might ruin a cop's day. Just speculating…

  40. Welcome to freeway life on the West Coast! It's exactly like your 1st paragraph describes. You gotta be doing 85 in a 70 to get out in the left lane on I-5.

  41. truthseeker1953 says:

    She incited this. She's a sick woman.

  42. She was cruising 50 in a 55 in the passing lane, it was not raining and she like so many other people out there do not know the rules of the road. KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS. She could have moved over and let the guy go by but she wanted to be a bi**h and antagonize him. I travel to other cities every week for work and there are too many of these people on the road both a-holes and bi**hes. By her stopping her car and antagonizing him further shows she did what she did on purpose.

  43. I also noticed she disabled the comments section on her youtube video. She got so many negative comments "like here" she hid them from everyone. GUILTY of STUPIDITY!!

  44. Dr. North, thanks for GARY NORTH'S TIP OF THE WEEK!

  45. RalphMalph says:

    In the Grand Scheme of things, she should have been Ticketed for ' Obstructing Traffic '.

    Watch the video again and keep an eye on the Right Lane …. in all the miles traveled, she is obstructing the Left Lane, she passes EXACTLY 2 trucks …. absolutely no reason for Blocking the Passing Lane, as she was obviously intentionally doing.

    Guess she thinks that ' Keep Right, Pass Left ' sign is for everyone but her.

  46. You're an idiot and a douche.

  47. Apparently, the slow driving bitch thinks the road belongs to her.

  48. You're a moron Jim. Think first.

  49. georgeallen2007 says:

    Love it. Maybe they will put him in a FEMA camp.

  50. Real safe, recording a video while driving in the passing lane!

  51. The roads were rain slicked?! Two minutes of video and I did not see one drop of water. No one had their wipers on, there were no puddles, there wasn't even any road spray. This woman is an obvious liar and is the cause of the accident.

  52. Enginole says:

    She stated that she was traveling about 55mph and that this guy was tailgaiting her for over 2 minutes. That means she drove for 2 miles in the left hand lane while there was very few cars in the slower lane.

  53. If he had an emergency, he should have had his flashers on to indicate it. He was just an arrogant a$$ that got what he deserved.

  54. ha ha ha— you can't help but laugh….he sure got his punishment for tail gating and shooting the finger at this lady…..listen to her laugh

    She really should have stopped to see if he was OK, but maybe she called the police at least. I would have stopped.

    I do however hope he wasn't seriously injured…. and learned a lesson. I learned to stay the hell away from aggressive drivers by watching this. They lose their minds. Just get out of their way and let them go on.

    How embarrassing for his family.

  55. He was obviously antagonizing her and yes she should have moved over and let him pass…..but that doesn't excuse his behavior either. Chances are— if his fuse is so short— he's done this before and he was an accident waiting to happen too.

    What bothers me is her lack of concern for him. As mad as I have gotten at other drivers I would never want to see anyone hurt so the pathology of modern society was on display in both cases.

  56. I've gotten behind old people doing 30 miles under the speed limit yet I don't react like he did. Problem with people today is they are so angry…..and there are a lot of elderly drivers that really shouldn't be driving. They cause as many accidents as the kids who race on the highway.

  57. Public Citizen says:

    If you actually read ~all~ of the written explanation it was explained that a left turn was planned for about a half a mile ~after~ the point where the dilbert went around her on the right and then lost control and wrecked his truck.
    Reading comprehension = fail.

  58. Public Citizen says:

    If you actually watched the video you would see that she was passing the traffic in the right lane at a steady rate.
    If the truckers felt that it was necessary to slow down to 10 mph or more below the posted limit then the road conditions had to be bad enough that 50 mph was probably the maximum safe and prudent speed, as demonstrated by the guy imediately loosing control and crashing his truck as soon as he got in front.

  59. I did re-watch the video and she was in the passing lane doing 50 clearly obstructing the flow of traffic, conditions appeared to be normal but the kid in the truck left his anger get to him and he paid the price for that. Talk to any CHP officer and they will tell you slower traffic should move to the right, it is their job to control traffic not some little old lady!

    I didrewatch the video and she was in the passing lane doing 50