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Bureaucracies Change Search Area for Flight 370 Yet Again

Posted on March 28, 2014

Forget all those satellite photos showing promising patches of debris. The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has moved again.

In a stunning turn, Australian authorities announced Friday that they were abandoning the remote region of Indian Ocean where search crews had spent more than a week looking for the plane. A new analysis of satellite data showed the plane could not have flown that far south, they said.

“We have moved on from those search areas,” said John Young, general manager of emergency response for the Australian maritime authority.

The new zone is 680 miles (about 1,100 kilometers) to the northeast, closer to the Australian coast.

In what could be a sign the search is on the right track, or possibly yet another letdown, the agency said five of the 10 planes dispatched to the new search zone spotted objects in the waters below. Crews took photographs of the objects, and those images will be analyzed overnight, the authority said.

“The objects cannot be verified or discounted as being from MH370 until they are relocated and recovered by ships,” the authority said in a statement.

A Chinese vessel is being sent to recover some of the objects Saturday, the authority said.

A New Zealand air force surveillance plane flying over the new search area spotted unidentified objects floating in the water and was returning to its base in Perth, Australia, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said on Twitter.

The agency was waiting for images of the objects for analysis but said the finds would not be confirmed until Saturday, when a ship is expected to arrive at the site.

Exactly what the plane had found was unclear, but if the finds turn out to be something other than plane debris, it would not be the first time.

A Chinese aircraft reported spotting possible aircraft debris early in the search, but that sighting turned out to be nothing.

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5 thoughts on “Bureaucracies Change Search Area for Flight 370 Yet Again

  1. Ah yes, bureaucracies, the surest way to screw up any town, city, state or country. Why, because a bureaucracy is comprised of people. Not just any people but people looking for something for nothing or a desire to place other people in a position of servitude. People who have no inherent aptitude to organize or manage, people filled with aspirations and a compete lack of inspiration. Doomed to failure.

  2. AD Roberts says:

    These bureaucrats will continue to do this and that until we finally get our fill and they stop mentioning it.

    The next time this plane will be seen will be on approach to Tel Aviv, loaded with a nuck straight from Iran.
    But the Israelis will be ready. And the 200 plus will finally die. Such a small number considering how many people have been killed by "peaceful" Muslims.

  3. mort friedman says:

    An abject lesson that technology is not omnipotent. But this incident is giving lots of fodder for talking heads, and a media that is far less than understanding its limitations. Does anybody know ehere Jimmy Hoffa, or Amelia Earhart are?

    So far, the only 'good' is the opportunity taken, and the demonstration shown ,of the cooperation of many international forces. Hopefully that cooperation will bear fruit, but the odds are long.

  4. This whole exercise is bogus. A very good article explaining why: NEO Flight 370: Another US Conspiracy_Veterans Today.htm

    A couple quotes:

    "We know these things for certain:
    Those responsible are terrorists fully sanctioned by multiple governments with broad control over the international press

    The willingness to do something this brazen is very real proof this isn’t the first time. It brings everything claimed to have occurred on 9/11/2001 not only in question but clearly establishes both capability and intent. If “they” did it now, they did it then and will do it again if “they” wish.

    Recent plans for terrorist attacks against Ukrainian Air Force facilities, as outlined in emails intercepted and published by “Anonymous Ukraine” show identical intent and nearly identical capability."

    "The Malaysia airplane, like our 777-200’s, uses Rolls Royce Trent Engines (as a piece of trivia….Rolls Royce names their motors after rivers….because they always keep on running!) Rolls Royce leases these motors to us and they monitor them all the time they are running.
    In fact, a few years back, one of our 777’s developed a slow oil leak due and partial equipment failure. It wasn’t bad enough to set off the airplane’s alerting system, but RR was looking at it on their computers. They are in England, they contact our dispatch in (REDACTED), Dispatch sends a message to the crew via SatCom in the North Pacific, telling them that RR wants them to closely monitor oil pressure and temp on the left engine.
    The crew did all of that and landed uneventfully, but after landing and during the taxi in, the left engine shut itself down using it’s redundant, computerized operating system that has a logic tree that will not allow it to be shut down if the airplane is in the air…only on the ground. Pretty good tech. Anyway, the point was that RR monitors those engines 100% of the time they are operating."

    "Our preliminary findings:
    An official cover-up began as soon as the plane went off course. All subsequent reporting was part of a conspiracy. The location of the plane for the 5 or more hours after it “crashed” was known, its speed, its altitude, and more.
    If any of the multiple systems on the plane that could be turned off were turned off that, in itself, would have yielded data. Which system was turned off first? How long between turning off systems? Where was the plane when the systems were turned off?
    Why didn’t ground controllers attempt to contact the plane when systems were turned off, particularly when we now know for certain that other systems were on and it was now known that the plane was in flight?
    A real investigation would outline what was known, who knew it, when they knew it and why they failed to behave in a manner consistent with procedure, consistent with common sense and inconsistent with criminal complicity in a major act of terrorism.
    This last list includes hundreds of people in dozens of nations. The crime they can now be investigated for involves the disappearance and assumed murder of hundreds of people."

    Read the whole article.

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