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Democrat Congressman Calls Healthcare.Gov Foolish

Posted on March 26, 2014

I don’t think Democrat Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-OR) was trying to be the only honest Democrat in America… but with one statement he made himself so. Listen to what the Congressman says about people who sign up for Obamacare on the internet.

“My message to everyone out there is: don’t worry about the dang website: talk to an agent.

“You know, that’s the real world. I mean, I never got health care by going on a website, or doing all my research and calling up Blue Cross and saying ‘hey, I want plan A,B, C.’ I always went with a health insurance agent. And, I think you’re foolish, with all due respect, if you go on a website and you think you’re going to figure out what the right health care for you is.”

You’re right Mr. Schrader… anyone using the Obamacare website is being foolish. I’d go even further though and say if you think the government can provide quality healthcare when they can’t even build a working website … you are an absolute fool.

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17 thoughts on “Democrat Congressman Calls Healthcare.Gov Foolish

  1. Foolish if you use the website?

    Through the website, my policy had a $750 deductible but through an agent the same policy had a $3500 deductible.
    Through the website, I was eligible for a tax credit to help pay for the policy but through an agent I was not eligible.

    Don't spread half truths like the progressive/liberal/politicians

  2. It is a nightmare dealing with the Oregon government, but I did not have the unlimited funds to avail myself of the use of an agent.

    Oregon screwed up the enrollment and the correction to their screw up. It's been 3 months so far and I'm still waiting for insurance company to respond the the corrections Cover Oregon finally sent to them.

  3. Daniel from TN says:

    The health care website is a disaster because that's the way it was designed. Democrats wanted to delay the individual mandate until after the 2014 elections to increase their chances of reelection, but were unsuccessful. Then the website has numerous "problems." Each problem produces a new justification to delay implementation: Courts have ordered delays on other matters when the associated website(s) were not working. These problems will continue to occur until very shortly AFTER the 2014 elections, at which time the website will "miraculously" be in perfect working order.

  4. Let's face it, he is just another democrat up for reelection & as usual, they will do anything to get reelected & if successful, they go right back to being big spending idiot liberals! These scoundrels have no honor!!! Unelect every damnable democrat in the House this November & every damnable liberal in the Senate up for reelection, including the RINO's!!!! We must have as strong a majority republican Congress possible so we can stop the O Hole from advancing his commie/lib agendas & move to impeachment!!!!

  5. Midwest Ed says:

    I hate ObamaCare as much as the next guy, but this article is just inflammatory and nothing more. What the rep was saying is that insurance is complicated, which, it is. Saying that 'because' the government can't build a working website 'means' that they can't handle healthcare is like saying that because some eats fast food, that they are a liberal – maybe the two items here are loosely related as a result of an issue with their bidding process, but even that is a stretch.

    I hate when either side puts out inflammatory half truths. It just degrades their position.

  6. ken1lutheran says:

    It doesn't cost significantly more to see an independent insurance agent. They earn their keep.

  7. Thank you, monitor. I am leaving this site and cutting off donations to the tea party. You wouldn't even approve a rather innocuous comment. I guess the tea party has hired some who are against what the tea party stands for.

  8. Forced Obama Care is un constitutional on the American people

  9. Face it folks, Obamacare was designed to fail. To be screwed up this badly, it had to be. This is a stop on the liberal's road to one payer. My guess is that to make it work they will nationalize the hospitals. To practice medicine, you will be a government employee. There's something to look forward to. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  10. Doug Rodrigues says:

    After election time, this politician will return to supporting the Obama Care program he voted for.

  11. WhiteFalcon says:

    He didn't go far enough to satisfy me. He should have said that the entird damnd thing is foolish, stupid, unsustainable and should be toatlly scrapped. Then I might have a little respect for him. To me, he is still a dud.

  12. Why would anyone sign up for government run health care? The writer is right, you are foolish.

  13. DrAnalog says:

    All Democrats are duds

  14. The biggest fools are the ones who stayed silent while this was being rammed through Congress and the courts. Now that this debacle has failed to generate all the anticipated revenues (to government) and profits (to the insurance companies), they are back to the other scam, "human caused global warming" and the carbon tax.

  15. Anybody who signs up is the fool ! This law will NEVER be fully implemented so why even go there? Just take care of yourself ? and you will be just fine .

  16. Anyone putting their information on the government website is a fool,it is a hackers dream world plus why sign up till you really need it the government is giving free passes to anyone by just checking a box for a hardship and the government has no idea who has signed up for obamacare anyway!

  17. EHeassler USN-Ret. says:

    I think the real issue is that when you put bureaucrats in charge of a complex engineering and IT project, the results will not be very good. Also, when no bid contracts are let for domestic projects, you can almost rest assured that the contract was let to major campaign donors, close friends, friends of friends or some other non-competitive reason. Even when the original contractor for healthcare.gov was sacked, the new contract was let on a no bid basis. Should we really expect any better results? The HHS isn't even following the basic contracting guidelines that other agencies and the military are obligated to comply with. I think the problem has been worse with this administration than others that I remember because of obama's skill at using government agencies to make law through regulatory means, completely bypassing Congress in the process, and in order to meet their own deadlines as well as political objectives, circumvent normal procurement checks and balances – Healthcare.Gov, Solyndra, regulating the coal industries out of business via EPA rules that never see the light of day in Congress & ad infinitum. The obama administration is responsible for what is happening now but the entrenched politicians of both parties are allowing it to happen. We are supposed to have one Congress acting on behalf or the people and their states, not two Congresses acting on behalf of their parties and themselves.