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G-8 Down To G-7 As Leaders Exclude Russia From Meeting On Sanctions

Posted on March 25, 2014

The world’s top industrial powers threatened further sanctions to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from taking over other parts of Ukraine and suspended Russia from participating in the Group of Eight.

Meeting for the first time since last week’s annexation of Crimea by Russia, Group of Seven leaders said last night they won’t attend a planned G-8 meeting which was to have been held in Sochi, site of the Winter Olympics, and will instead hold their own summit in June in Brussels.

Both sides in Ukraine’s crisis spent the day calculating what to do next, with Russia consolidating its control over Crimea and maintaining forces along the border with Ukraine in the most serious confrontation between Moscow and the U.S. and its allies since the demise of the Soviet Union.

“While a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine can by no means be excluded, Putin must surely calculate that it would be a poor and risky option,” Roderic Lyne, deputy chairman of Chatham House and a former U.K. ambassador to Moscow, said in a website comment. “He also knows that it would trigger much deeper Western sanctions, which would hit his Achilles heel –- Russia’s declining, unreformed economy.”

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5 thoughts on “G-8 Down To G-7 As Leaders Exclude Russia From Meeting On Sanctions

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Ground Control to Major Tom! If Russia's actions in the Crimea (and its refusal to recognize the coup installed "leadership" in Kiev) are violations of "international law," then what have the US actions against: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, etc., etc., ad nauseum, been?

  2. pappap42 says:

    Now if we can get it down to the G-0.

  3. WhiteFalcon says:

    It is a step in the right direction, but the fact is, in my mind, that the G7/8 is really nothing but a good old boys club where they sit around and listen to eachother's retoric, and in the end it accomplishes nothing.

  4. k.elysee says:

    More propaganda from the leadership that doesn’t represent the constituency that elected them. What an embarrassment. As if no one can see that this conflict isn’t motivated by the IMF and creating more debt slaves

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