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White House Says Obamacare Not The Reason For People Losing Their Doctors?

Posted on March 18, 2014

White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer appears to be the administration’s “short straw” mouthpiece. With some regularity, he is handed the duty of defending the president on Sunday morning chat shows on the heels of particularly bruising news weeks. Perhaps his most memorable performance came last spring, when he bungled a series of interviews on Benghazi and the IRS targeting scandal — repeatedly swatting down questions as “irrelevant.” In one exchange, he actually uttered this sentence: “The law is irrelevant.” Pfeiffer was up to bat on Meet the Press yesterday, where he turned in a typically poor outing. Pressed by David Gregory about the president’s broken “keep your doctor” promise, Pfeiffer insisted that this betrayal isn’t Obamacare’s fault. Blame the insurers, he said.

This answer is rubbish. First of all, the question of who or what is specifically to blame for people losing their doctors is, as Pfeiffer might put it, irrelevant. President Obama made a sweeping, comprehensive promise to the American people in selling Obamacare. Watch the very first clip from the video we released on Friday.

“No matter how we reform healthcare, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.”

No wiggle room, no ambiguity. Everyone who liked their doctor could keep them. Period, end of story. But that is not the case for millions of people now that the law is in effect. Second, these major and widespread disruptions to insurance networks and plans have been precipitated by the healthcare law. Everyone understands that. To pretend that Obamacare has nothing to do with the upheaval it mandates is laughable. Finally, the White House’s own internal estimates predicted that more than 90 million Americans’ prior plans would lose grandfathered status under Obamacare. They knew that tens of millions of people in the individual, small group and large employer markets would be unable to maintain the coverage they had.

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41 thoughts on “White House Says Obamacare Not The Reason For People Losing Their Doctors?

  1. This is another one of his lies!

  2. Patriot Games says:

    Sorry, but only 50% of the country is stupid… I'm not buying your B.S., Barack…

  3. bless2live says:

    When fake obama opens mouth, the un-american spews lies and negative propaganda on all citizens , PERIOD!

  4. combatvet52 says:

    More BS from the LIAR in Chief

  5. bbarrett49 says:

    you can keep your doctor. period. you can keep your policy. period. you will save $2500 per family……all lies lies and more lies from the beginning.
    can i believe anything else coming out of this white house???
    as a life long democrat i suggest the obama administration and democratic senate scramble to grunt obamacare into the toliet and flush it like you would any unwanted feces. it's that bad. if they can not see this, they are in denial and doomed to being the minority party in the future. take care of the few that have no insurance and get out of the way for the rest. why are you screwing 90% to help the 10%??? and 9 out of 10 of the poor this was meant for want nothing to do with it…… , no $2500 dollar savings for anyone. most are double triple increases, unless you are poor and on medicaid that gives substandard care. time to wake up my fellow democrats……time to wake up. this turd needs to be flushed

  6. obambam and EVERYONE around him are LIARS!!!!!!!

  7. What difference does it make? It's all Bush's fault! I have a few liberal friends who still love the guy and think he's turned the country around, and he just didn't realize how bad Bush had screwed it up!!! HONEST! And these are highly educated people!!! Seriously!! He saved the auto industry, reformed healthcare, saved the economy, and is doing a fabulous job and would be doing even better if it weren't for those horrible Tea Partiers who have kept his hands tied in Congress! How do you reason with people like that????? We do have the low information voters, but we also have a lot of high information votes who love him.

  8. Thumbs up just for the phrase "grunt obamacare into the toilet". I'm definitely stealing the verb "to grunt".

  9. Dealerdeb1 says:

    Ok how many ways can anyone spell LIAR? how about Obama,Pelosi,Carney, Reid? or do you spell it Holder, Axelrod,Jarrett Clinton? Let me count the ways………………………………………………

  10. Scott L. says:

    What you have to do Karen, is ask for the numbers from your libtard friends. They can't give you any. all you'll get, are Barry's talking points. Go to a site called National memo, and read what they say. Give them facts, and they then have you blocked from posting. Kinda funny, actually. Unrelated to this, I'm watching the Russians, laughing their asses off, ant Bath house Barry.

  11. Barbaree says:

    Oh, the libs just make numbers up. It's unbelievable!

  12. Thanks for the site! I'll look it up! But, it's awfully hard to reason with libs as we all know! 🙂

  13. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Heard the same BS lines from Liberals, who are suppose to be educated, NOT, they were brainwashed, I am a Nurse and have talked to many in Medical profession, NONE were in favor of this "Bill", they are now being told by non professionals, ie: clerks, how to treat patients, who may have what care and what medications can be used. I know many who have closed practices up, rather than violate their oath, others seeing patients who pay cash only. What happened to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

  14. This is what happens when you no longer have a free press, you end up without a free country, that is essentially where we are now; can you imagine if this were a Republican white president – he'd had been long gone! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP, REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION to TYRANNY!

  15. elysianhunter says:

    My family Dr. of 17 years quit because of Obamacare- and made sure his patients knew it. My insurance premiums have tripled, I get less than a third of the coverage I once had, and they don't pay squat until I pay the first five grand in copays. I'd probably be better off to just pay as I go to begin with at this point. Obamacare SUCKS. I will never forget- or forgive- this crap that Obama has foisted on the American people.

  16. Much less than 50% are stupid, but many more than 50% are poorly informed. They may be lazy or busy or even believe the lies of the liberal media. They have voted against their own best interest in the last two Presidential elections but the press was so poisonous that it is understandable. Hopefully reality is dawning. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  17. Everything these people say and all government reportings on economy and UE are 100% garbage and distorted lies ? And that is completely verifiable. We must demand accouintability DC May 16

  18. WhiteFalcon says:

    Well, lets see. The white House says that Ovomitcare isn't the reason people are losing their doctore, and we know that the White House always lies, theefore we know that Ovomitcare IS the reason that people are losing their doctors. So, that was pretty simple, wasn't it.

  19. WhiteFalcon says:

    I hope you didn't vote for Ovomit. If you did, you deserve what you are getting. He is so easy to see through. If he says something, it is a lie.


  21. My lib friend insists that all of his doctor friends supported the ACA. Furthermore, he insists that the hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies WANTED this because it meant extra revenue for them by getting more patients. How do you respond to that claim? My doctors and healthcare friends did not and do not support it, and they have seen disastrous effects from it. My dr said that if it doesn't get any better that she'll open up a concierge practice. She says she's getting her patients 65 and over coming in with letters saying they no longer qualify for certain drugs b/c they are ineffective on patients this age. She wonders what happened overnight to make certain medicines not work! She said that she wants to be able to treat her patients rather than having the insurance companies tell her what she can/cannot prescribe.

  22. elysianhunter says:

    I saw him coming miles away and didn't vote for this impostor EITHER time. Of course, being in Ohio, that didn't matter much, because the Dems bussed in lots of non-citizens to vote at the early voting centers using nothing more than utility bills as ID. The election was far from honest, and if it had been BO probably wouldn't have gotten in either time. That being said, anyone who DID actually vote for this POS needs to have his/her head examined!

  23. elysianhunter says:

    ALL of them!

  24. elysianhunter says:

    Obamacare is/was a bailout for the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. As if they needed any help fattening their pockets!

  25. Right! It's Bushes fault. Like everything that doesn't work or goes wrong.

  26. OH! Yeah; And all of this white stuff on the ground is not the result of a snow storm!

  27. If they didn't know what they were talking about when they said, "If you like your doctor, you can keep him," why should we suppose that they have any idea of what the reason is that these people lost their doctors?

    If Hiddeki Tojo got up in 1945 and announced, "if you like your city, the Americans won't nuke it," and then later said that it wasn't the fault of the military dictatorship's refusal to surrender that Nagasaki and Hiroshima got nuked, wouldn't he look just about as stupid as the Obama adminsitration does now?

  28. Kevin Trudeau got ten year for lying to people in his weight loss book, but Obaba goes free after lying to the entire American public! What can we do as a people to stop this craziness???????????????

  29. It's Bushes fault I tell you!!!

  30. georgeallen2007 says:

    Just another revelation from the padded-cell.

  31. Dealerdeb1 says:

    Obama made the country divided. I rememeber gREAT Democrats My fav was Tip O'neill. The reality is it is all part of the great takeover ala Saul Alinsky. That isn't democrat that is Communism lite .,Now al we do is call each other names and hate.The realiity is he has been nothing but BAD for America. No diference of opinion is debated like it used to be. No respect for others. HE ZDid that. And here's a clue where does ANY Government decide what doctor you want to use?

  32. Dealerdeb1 says:

    Anyone can be fooled if they believe in the tooth fairy

  33. What di you all expect! A river of truth from this corrupt administration.. All they know how do is LIE!! Truth be told!! What I can't understand is why nothing is being done about this administration running all e=over our constitution Obama swore to uphold need I say more!! When wiil American's people demand his removal!!!

  34. Our*

  35. Dealerdeb1 says:

    Ny Granny used to say "what can you expect from a pig but an oink" The reality is what could we expect from a Black racist radical Community AGITATOR activist[terrorist] from the most corrupt city in the world where their politicians don't retire they go to Federal Prison . But even that has changed Holder refuses to try blacks or Hispanics.

  36. Dealerdeb1 says:

    Then everyone better vote Republican even Rhinos are better than Democrats[ Communists] these days

  37. Redwhiteblu says:

    Right on……only the dumb-a?? Bozos that thought they were getting a free ride is in favor of OBOZZO -CARE think this is a great idea

  38. BlueBonnet says:

    My children are losing their doctor. Not because of the insurance companies, but because of Obama Care. The Obama Care mandated electronic records for everyone was just too expensive for their family doctor who had a small practice. He sold out the practice to someone else and will be leaving the profession period!

  39. What Obamacare really needs is a neat, snappy catchphrase to solidify support of mindless Obamabots with its simplicity and brevity. May I suggest “Sieg, heil!”

  40. One thing for sure: Our "women alone" put in a government not seen sense "we the people" also voluntarily went into Egypt, where "we" soon became their slaves! However, is spite of what I just read about China's plan to take-over the gold in the world to make their currency the world's currently, it still will be the two-witnesses of Revelation 7 & 11 that will leave only 144,000 of "we the people" inclusive of Jews, left alive after 3 1/2 years of witnessing against us! That's 100% DEATH America! Additionally, fyi: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 is the Hebrew, not Greek, inspired Yahweh's annual Feast of Trumpets(War), which very well actually could soon become a bigger deal that China's gold! Watch, especially starting on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. I'm just saying…Watch…

  41. bulldurham48 says:

    The reason obama keeps saying that he was not lying is that since he never saw or wrote anything on, or read the bill that bears his name you can't blame it on him. Thats right, old dum=dum never had anything to do with the "bill" but putting it in the system so to speak. obama did not help write,review or publish anything about is miscarriage of justice, it was just the demo-rats needed to wait till they had a majority and a "popular " president to introduce it from the old vaults of demo-rat storage. Imagine
    being the dumbass that was stuck introducing this to the American people. With the push of his fellow idiots, reid and pelosi and pals that pushed, bribed, and threatened it through.Now most of them a running as hard as they can away from it. Unless they are to stupid too, like pelosi. Remember what Lincoln said in 1863, "Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled or hanged. Its time to follow the words of the Demo-rats favorite President, Mr Lincoln. These actions include damaging the American civilian population also.