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Video: Missing Malaysian Jet Likely Hijacked By Pilots Says Wall Street Journal

Posted on March 17, 2014

A new video produced by the Wall Street Journal explains how possible sabotage to the missing Malaysia Airlines jet would have likely been conducted.

According to the Journal, the first thing likely disabled was the plane’s transponder. This would have likely required unplugging circuits in the cockpit.

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12 thoughts on “Video: Missing Malaysian Jet Likely Hijacked By Pilots Says Wall Street Journal

  1. The article says conjecture, possible hi jack. If there is no evidence it is pure propaganda in order to boost circulation. If it turns out that this pure speculation this rag should have to pay a very dear price!

  2. Ben Doverski says:

    The sheer irony of having two Iranians on board with stolen European Passports and they get Hi-jacked by two militant Moslem Pilots ? But where is the airplane, Shangri La ?

  3. I will bet that plane is sitting someplace in Indonesia right now. Probably in some remote airport in Northern Sumatra. It is just a speculation but it makes sense logically. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  4. I bet the Government knows exactly where that plane is–trying to make everything look good in the eyes of Obama–probably had someone on the plane that was going to squeal on him and they all had to disappear for awhile

  5. Wanna stay healthy? Stay OFF mass transit, ESPECIALLY IF IT'S muslim operated.

  6. Hoodoo H says:

    Well duh….
    Yaa…and probably getting ready for Bozo’s next false flag.

  7. I'd say it's probably in N. Korea being "fitted" for a fjight to Israel!

  8. A reporter got an anonymous tip from someone who overheard a guy say to a buddy of his that it-was-two-Iranians-with-Stolen-Passports-LET'S INVADE!!!

  9. No doubt something is whacked with this story . We shall see , as time tells all.

  10. Did you notice how clear they made it that "it probably crashed", Now why would they say that above the other possabilitys?

  11. It has been reported that the aircraft rose to 45,000 ft altitude, and then dropped down to less than 15,000. If the pilots donned oxygen masks and pulled the circuit breaker that controls the drop-down oxygen for the main cabin, they could vent the cabin while climbing to 45,000 ft and easily asphyxiate everyone else on board. It would happen slowly, with everyone in the cabin just gradually getting sleepy and nodding off, never to awaken. Then they could descend below 15,000 ft where they would be below radar and go anywhere they wished.

  12. You mean the Malaysian jet with the 2 Iranians with stolen passports and the 2 raghead pilots. Moooselim national pass time is (1) killing each other (2) hijacking jet liners. More of the former and none of the latter, please.