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Just How Much Is A Bestselling iPhone Game Worth?

Posted on March 13, 2014

Actually, it would be King Digital Entertainment Plc, the company that makes the hit mobile game that would benefit the most from its plans to go public later this month: On Wednesday, King Digital revealed that it has set a price range of $21 to $24 a share for the 22.2 million shares involved in the company’s public offering when it’s expected to start trading on March 26.

That would give King Digital a valuation of $7.6 billi0n.

It seems like you would have to be living under a bridge to be unaware of “Candy Crush Saga”. Anyone who is on Facebook has likely received numerous invitations to play the game, and in its latest pre-IPO filing, King Digital said that an average of 144 million daily active users played the company’s games more than 1.4 billion times in February.

Granted, that is for all of King Digital’s games. But with the runaway success of “Candy Crush Saga”, you might be hard-pressed to find someone who can name another of King Digital’s titles. Just how popular has “Candy Crush Saga”, a game that has the use move pieces of candy to make a line of three items with the same color, become?

Dig on this:

–The game was the most-downloaded free app in 2013

–It was also the top revenue generating app of last year [The initial game is free, but you have to pay for things like extra lives and add-on game components.]

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