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Senator Reveals Billions Being Wasted On Global Warming

Posted on March 11, 2014

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Wednesday at a hearing on the Defense Department’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget that President Barack Obama has wasted $120 billion on global warming over the past five years – money that would be better spent on the military.

“I’ve been working on this for quite some time … In the last five years, between 2009 and 2014, the president has spent $120 billion on the environmental agenda, mostly global warming, climate and that type of thing,” said Inhofe. “And in that respect, if you’ll just take the amount that was not authorized by Congress — and I’m talking about the environmental agenda, you could actually buy 1,400 F-35s.”

The F-35 Lightning II, made by Lockheed Martin, is considered the world’s most advanced multi-role fighter and “will enable pilots to be six to eight times more effective in air-to-air missions, air-to ground missions and surveillance missions.” It is “first to enter the battle space, has a 360-degree view of the battlefield and is first to see adversaries and take action – allowing our pilots to carry out their missions and return home safely.”

Breaking Defense reports that Lockheed Martin’s General Manager of the F-35 Lightning II program, Lorraine Martin, estimates the Air Force version of the F-35A will cost $75 million by 2019, which will be “less than any fourth generation fighter in the world.”

The Navy plans to order 33 fewer F-35s than originally planned over the five years beginning fiscal year 2015, because of budgetary pressures, and the Air Force is deferring orders for four F-35 models in FY2015, Reuters reported. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the total number of F-35s might be scaled back even further if automatic budget cuts set to resume in FY 2016 are not revoked.

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5 thoughts on “Senator Reveals Billions Being Wasted On Global Warming

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    I agree that money should not be spent on 'Climate Change' or whatever they are calling it these days. But don't transfer it to the DoD – they are wasting Trillions, with a T, of OUR tax money.
    Anything done outside our borders is NOT defense, it is agression.

  2. Lorraine E says:

    Global warming/cooling/change is a farce and an excuse to tax and control people. The fact is that all developed countries have been Controlling Weather for well over 50 years and have perfected weather control to a very high degree. Money spent on this scam is just wasted and given to politicians and their friends and we, the taxpayers, are told that we owe money which was stolen based upon a LIE. See geoengineeringwatch.org

  3. Amen. That money would be better spent paying down debt or refunding to taxpayers.

  4. Ignatius says:

    Better waste it on global warming than the military.

  5. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Global warming agenda is nothing but confiscation of funds for the progressive slush fund! Re-election, progressive campaign cash, scams, crony pay offs, and confiscation for this abomination! Just look who is involved, that will spell out volumes for you! All progressives, right?