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Recent Carry License Owner Saves His Mother’s Life

Posted on March 11, 2014

When a knife-wielding burglary suspect broke into an elderly woman’s home in Seymour, Tenn., on Wednesday night, he had no idea her son was only two minutes away — and armed. If he had, he surely wouldn’t have still been there when he arrived.

Colin Patrick Lynch, 29, was eventually arrested and charged with one count of aggravated burglary and two counts of aggravated assault. Though he didn’t know it, he never had the upper hand.

When Lynch first arrived at the home, 83-year-old Christine Guffey was on the phone. The voice on the other end of the line was her son, Kenny Guffey.

“We were talking probably ten minutes and then all of the sudden her voice panicked and she said, ‘What are you doing in my house, oh no, he’s got a knife. What are you doing with the knife?’” Guffey told WVLT-TV.

He was only about two minutes away from the home when his phone call with his mother took the horrifying turn. Guffey entered the house with his gun drawn, ready to defend his mother.

When he went through the door, he witnessed the suspect standing over his mother with a shovel. What happened next sounds like something out of a Hollywood thriller.

Lynch, the suspect, used the shovel to knock the gun out of Guffey’s hand. But the man fought back, tackling the suspect and managing to get his gun back.

Guffey says he then sat on top of Lynch and held his gun to the back of his head while his mom called 911. He looked down and saw the man’s knife.

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12 thoughts on “Recent Carry License Owner Saves His Mother’s Life

  1. chas tuner says:

    should have shot him dead, now he will be back on the street today, doing it again

  2. It's pure luck he didn't get himself killed, either by that shovel or with his own gun.

  3. Says the Monday morning quarterback who has no clue. Just because you are too fat or clumsy to handle a gun and defend yourself doesn't mean we all are Shane.

  4. I agree with Shane, but I suspect for a different reason. Not because I think he shouldn't have gone there to defend her, as I suspect Shane is saying (can't really be sure from what he wrote), but rather because he allowed the guy to get within fighting distance of him. A man standing over your mother with a shovel deserves an immediate bullet. It is pure luck that he's alive, but only because he didn't use the tool he had in his hand immediately.

    Hurrah for his willingness to carry and be a defender, but he really needs to toughen his mindset if he's going to carry a gun. Saying you'll never have to use it just means you're unprepared.

  5. It is just as easy to say….

    "It's pure luck that criminal didn't get himself killed, and pure luck that he managed to knock the gun away with the shovel in the first place. Also pure luck this criminal attacked the mother of a man with far greater restraint that most police would have shown."

    Shane didn't see the fight go down, so for him to claim the luck was all on the side of the guy with the gun is just more of his self-serving BS. The fact the guy still wrestled the criminal down after losing his gun shows he had the criminal outmatched to begin with..unless of course, you are Shane, in which case that was luck too.

  6. David, you're an idiot making a lot of assumptions.

  7. No, he definitely should have gone there to help. He should not have gotten within shovel-strike distance. As soon as the burglar MOVED, he should have fired at him, but he didn't. And my point still stands, because of his own actions it's pure luck he didn't get himself killed.

    James, you are correct, and David, you are a total idiot.

  8. "David, you're an idiot"

    No Shane, I don't have your problem.

    " making a lot of assumptions."

    More laughable nonsense from Shane. It was Shane, not I, who made a lot of assumptions. He declared it was the gun owner that got lucky. And how does he know this? By making a lot of assumptions.

    I merely demonstrated how Shane did this by making assumptions, showing how a different set of assumptions leads to a different conclusion.

    But notice that I didn't actually assume anything…Shane once again shows poor reading comprehension.

  9. "He should not have gotten within shovel-strike distance."

    Everyone, notice that Shane just made his first assumption. We don't know the gun owner got within "shovel-strike" distance. Notice how Shane failed to define what "shovel-strike" distance even means. That is because he can't. Was the shovel thrown? Did the mom take the shovel and was then pushed into her son? We don't know.

    " As soon as the burglar MOVED, he should have fired at him, but he didn't."

    And here we have Shane's assumption #2. What if the mom was in the way? Was the gun owner supposed to shoot his own mom first and then shoot the burglar? Was he supposed to shoot the burglar by shooting through his mom? We don't know…except that Shane is making assumptions.

    "And my point still stands,"

    Wrong again Shane, your point has been utterly refuted.

    "because of his own actions it's pure luck he didn't get himself killed."

    Notice Shane has utterly failed to show pure luck was involved at all. If we start with very different assumptions, assumptions which are just as valid as Shane's, we will find it was the criminal who got very lucky, while the gun owner had the situation under control the entire time. Note I am not saying that is the case, since I make no assumptions. I merely point out how Shane can't prove his scenario.

    So in short we have Shane making 3 assumptions. And how many did I make? That is right…zero.

    Oh wait, I did make one assumption..that Shane is either fat or clumsy. Notice Shane did not deny it. So my assumption may indeed be correct.

    "and David,"

    What is it Shane?

    "you are a total idiot."

    No Shane, I don't have your problem.

  10. Mrs. PJ Perry says:

    If a TN Gramma can jump into this discussion…I'm grateful that the lady's son was close enough to get there in time; I'm grateful that he was armed; grateful that he was strong enough to wrestle the 'bad guy' down and subdue him. BUT..I was taught that you never draw a gun unless you're prepared to shoot! The fact that this dude was standing over his elderly mother with a shovel..no doubt, preparing to bash her head in!..should have propelled the first bullet into his shoulder or knee; the fact that he swung the shovel at the armed son would have been reason enough for the second bullet to be fired…and if nothing else, once he had the criminal subdued and waiting for his mother to call 911, that would be reason enough to use the butt of the gun to clonk the dude on the head to subdue him even further!!! Waving a gun if you don't know how to use it is almost worse than being unarmed. Just sayin'!!

  11. RivahMitch says:

    Only because he didn't immediately shoot the scumbag. Obviously, the son has some deviant liberal tendencies he needs to overcome.

  12. WhiteFalcon says:

    You are right. I think the man with the shovel should have died with it in his hands. He does need to get a real gun thoough. From what I can see in the picture above, what he has isn't much. Also, he needs to get some training. Concealed carry class doesn't give any training at all.