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Video: Reporter Resigns Protesting Putin’s Whitewash

Posted on March 10, 2014

RT America anchor Liz Wahl quit on air, citing the “ethical and moral challenges” she faces at Russia Today. Mediabistro Editorial Director Chris Ariens discusses the issues American journalists face working for government-sponsored media.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Reporter Resigns Protesting Putin’s Whitewash

  1. Al Wigand says:

    We ALL know that unless you are taking a stand with the left then YOU are wrong. in what you did or didn't do,, the way you did it, or what ever. Just remember that when you hear them cry you're on the right track. If you thing you may have pusher a little hard…… think of some thing they praise and what the people they back have done,, then push harder you will never exceed the steps / lies / deceit / and even death that these left wingers have cause / condoned

  2. Putin,Obama,Reid and most of the leadership of of our nation are headed in the direction of hell and the devil is their father and they all need to be saved!

  3. I don't know if RT was receiving pressure to spin the story any particular way. I know that in most cases, the Russian government is hands-off with RT and I trust a story from RT way more than I trust the American mainstream media.

    The thing the American media isn't telling us is that the US government has been MAJORLY involved in meddling with Ukraine and other nations on Russia's doorstep. The last two Dan Carlin "Common Sense" podcasts cover this, as do several of the recent Tom Woods Show podcasts.

  4. You would have to include some GOPers as well in that group. We do live in massive illusions and we do have our own form of P{RAVDA /MSM right here in USSA alive and well ! I have seen some good stories out of RT but I imagine they have some slant as well ? It is all distorted and just control mechanisms and we are no different here in USA !

  5. We need some American television anchors to resign here in the USA on air. Why does only Russia get television anchors with integrity?

  6. Liz Wahl just made a career move. She was being interviewed on FOX within a day of this high-publicity exit from RT. I wager she'll be a talking head on one of the corporate owned US networks before long.

    And of course it dovetails nicely with the "Bash-Russia-Putin-Bad-let's-get-another-Cold-War-started" agenda in Washington, parrotted by ABCCBSNBCCNNFOXMSNBC.

  7. Same as here. Only report. What gov says period. We all know to listen then. Believe the opposite. , it,s the only truths in America. Opposite is the truth from their gov paid. And bullied lies. So why should Russia. Trust. Lieing news. Bloomberg. Types that will tell all things the way Obama wants it to sound. BS. On them all.