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Teen Learns Her Parents Aren’t Going To Pay An Allowance Forever

Posted on March 5, 2014

A New Jersey senior is suing her parents for support and college tuition, claiming they kicked her out of the house.
Rachel Canning’s parents though say she left their home last year of her own accord, not wanting to follow their rules, which included keeping a curfew, doing some chores and reconsidering a boyfriend relationship they disagreed with.
As a result they stopped paying her private school tuition and took away the car they paid for while she has continued to live with a friend’s family.
A New Jersey judge heard the case Tuesday and ruled against forcing Canning’s parents to pay weekly child support and put off the decision regarding college tuition for a hearing next month.
“… what do you do when a child says ‘I don’t want your rules but I want everything under the sun and you to pay for it?’”

A northern New Jersey honor student who says her parents kicked her out of the house when she turned 18 is now suing them, asking a court to make them support her and pay for her college tuition.

A judge in Morristown Tuesday ruled against immediately forcing Rachel Canning’s parents — her father a retired police chief — to pay her $650 weekly child support and pay for her remaining year of high school tuition, as she requested in a lawsuit filed last week. Judge Peter Bogaard scheduled a hearing for next month to decide whether to require her parents to pay for Canning’s college tuition.

“Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house?” Bogaard asked.

The New Jersey Star Ledger reported Bogaard’s caution to legal counsel in his initial ruling against an emergency order. It “would represent essentially a new law or a new way of interpreting an existing law,” he said. “A kid could move out and then sue for an XBox, an iPhone or a 60-inch television.”

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39 thoughts on “Teen Learns Her Parents Aren’t Going To Pay An Allowance Forever

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Parents have the right to say "My house, my rules." No one is "owed" a college education. Nowadays it's not worth much anyway, except 4 years or more of party time without taking responsibility for oneself.
    If, God forbid, the judge should rule in the twerp's favor, the parents' attorney should request that it be contingent on her attending classes and maintaining at least a B average.

  2. Patriot Games says:

    This is what happens when you promote an entitlement mentality.
    You are witnessing, firsthand, the downfall of a nation. Don't get to see that every day…

  3. 'Seems we do.

  4. ~@ VM !!!
    College is for idiots not smart enough to figure out that they are being conned into living under the yolk of massive debt their entire lives. Don't get a job either, create one.

  5. As a college graduate in Mechanical Engineering I have to disagree a little. There is value is some education. If you get a good job you can earn enough to pay taxes and help the leeches of society .

  6. So you're calling retired military veterans "leeches"? Hmmm.

  7. Nikita63 says:

    This is a case of allowing the inmates, to run the asylum. The daughter is an inmate of her own choosing. She is no longer a minor and is legally responsible for any and all debt she incurs. To rule otherwise is simply CRAZY! This would NEVER have made it to court and would have been reported as a bad joke as recently as 20, likely even 10 years ago. Today, this degenerate society preaches an entitlement mentality, reduces or eliminates personal choices and individual l liberties in favor of unpopular and without merit MANDATES, disdains the constitution and the rule of law as well as the natural order and, of course the obvious dictates of a much lacking commodity: COMMON SENSE! THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE ENTITLEMENT MIND SET ENCOURAGED WHICH EXPECTS THOSE WITH EARNED INCOMES FROM THEIR OWN LABORS TO SUPPORT THOSE WHO CHOOSE NOT TO DO SO THEMSELVES. AND, THIS IDIOCY WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THE SANE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY, HOPEFULLY,STILL REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, EITHER NATIVE BORN OR LEGALLY NATURALIZED, PUT AN END TO IT! After all, it is the veterans and elderly who have served and paid for theirt Ponzi scheme benefits being attacked, reduced or potentially eliminated who are footing the outrageous bills of the rest by having what they EARNED taken from them or reduced while at the same time, seeing these program benefits being GIVEN to Illegals and indigents; a recipe for disaster. For you who are young and think it does not affect YOU, think again. YOU will one day be in the same position as today;s elders. Death panels, anyone? Just because this deluded 18 year old has no sense of reality or justice does not mean YOU have to follow her lead.

  8. Cliffystones says:

    She does have the looks to command a high price………………just sayin'.

  9. Gaines in NO way called retired military veterans 'leeches'. He referred to those who really are 'leeches' who abuse society by being takers and in no way producers or givers.

    You are abusing not only words but all the rules of discussion by attributing a statement to someone who never said anything like what you allege.

  10. Richard Cancemi says:

    She may be an honor student but she is a person without honor. I feel sorry for whoever marries her!

  11. Why are you trying to start an argument? He said nothing about Military Vets. You are the one who thinks Vets are leeches or you never would have brought it up.

  12. This is what happens when you spoil a child at an early age.

  13. What a spoiled little brat! I think she should pay money to her family for what she just put them through.

  14. Coddled children grow to entitlement brats that think they know all and deserve anything they desire. Teaching responsibility and achievement early and trough out their lives goes a long way to build self worth and a responsibility for a better life. They need to learn they're rewarded in accordance with effort put forth. This little brat thinks her parents owe her the world on a silver platter as many others sadly do anymore.

  15. Jeanne Stotler says:

    1970, my oldest daughter didn't come home, the car she was driving belonged to her father and I, (we never bought any of our kids cars), next morning I went to parking lot of store she worked in, relieved to see she was all right, I asked her what the HE– did sh think she was doing. Reply was she was over 18 and no longer under our rule, when told as long as she lived in OUR house, she was under our rules. Her snotty rely "Well I guess I don't live there anymore". I went to the house, packed her clothes etc. put them on front porch. She came home from work and gasped, started loading car, no, no, it's our car, give me the keys. She moved in with n older 1/2 sibling, didn't work out, 5 mos. later after finding out life w/o Mom and Dad was not as easy as she thought, we had a meeting, and she agreed to our house rules (YOUNGER KIDS AT HOME) no more trouble, she then got married, and her kids pulled some of same stuff, It's parenting, the other parents had NO right to go against her parents authority

  16. and the government makes any correction is course more difficult with each day, inviting literally millions of illegals to enter the country every year, to join the entitlement dependent masses, and assure fascist rule… the dye is cast,, its a fait acompli… this country surrendered its integrity and spine years ago when "mooching" became an honorable occupation…

  17. Force the ambulance chaser who encouraged this brat to file and represented same to pay the legal fees incurred by the rest of the family in defending this bogus nonsense.

  18. Jeanne Stotler says:

    My granddaughter is expecting her first child, I told her one thing she needs to know, you start saying "NO" early and mean it. My son an DIL. raised a good girl, she did chores and had house rules, just as they did growing up.

  19. SouthernMan says:

    I can't believe a judge is even considering making it mandatory for parents to pay for their child's college. We are truly no longer a free country.

  20. What?! You mean I have to get a job…and work?

  21. icthelite says:

    Damn Shane, little touchy are we?

  22. icthelite says:

    Things keep going the way they are potential parents will have to start taking out performance bonds if they want kids. Having kids today is no longer a blessing and a responsibility its become a liability. Wonder what this ones boy friend does to exist?

  23. She probably keeps a picture of Sandra Fluke in her locker.

  24. The father of the "friend's house" she was staying at is a trial lawyer who took her case. I hope he didn't get a dime in fees and her parents count sue.

  25. SuperDave2 says:

    Work? What? I'm sorry-I'm not familiar with that term, Please explain. (sarc)

  26. I blame the liberal indoctrination centers for young people! Meaning public and private schools! But, I must cast a little blame towards Mom and Dad! They helped to create this little entitled crumb of a young person! Spare the rod and spoil the child!

  27. She needs to have her little ass whopped!

  28. Tell her to get a job she's 18 now and suppose to be an adult or she thinks she is.

  29. Maybe the parents of her can file for a divorce from her. She needs her butt kicked with both feet

  30. anonymous says:

    Yolk is the yellow part of the egg. Are you sure you don't mean YOKE??

  31. She needs a spanking .

  32. The New Generation ; they will be in Charge of this Nation ; I feel very Sorry for America .
    Drugs , Sex , Raps .

  33. Stuart Shepherd says:

    Outrageous. As if the parents don't have the right to have another adult, whether or not it's their own child, living in THEIR home, yet alone being obligated to pay for her expenses. Whether it's right or wrong is besides the point, but if she was warned and the consequences were explained to her then the parents were MORALLY right, also. My father kicked me out when I was 18 just because he was a (kind adjective) jerk (I definitely didn't misbehave- I went to church and was the valedictorian) and, in a sense, did me a big favor because I obviously learned how to survive and work hard in a real hurry! The all benevolent and wealth redistributing state will support her- no worries.

  34. The judge gives pause for not throwing this case out immediately! Why would he even consider a hearing?
    This precedent could rock the entire nation. Can you imagine the repercussions…

  35. Quit thinking with your stones Cliffystones. That's one of the many problems with people. Looks shouldn't make a difference.

  36. msjallen says:

    Too many people disregard what the Bible says about children and parents; therefore, we have these problems that should never have been in the first place. Follow God's precepts and live a better life.
    Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old (mature), he will not depart from it.
    Hebrews 12:7 It is for discipline that you endure; God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline?
    Prov 13:24 He who withholds his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently.
    DT 6:5-7 You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.
    Proverbs 3:11-12 My son, do not reject the discipline of the LORD Or loathe His reproof, for whom the LORD loves He reproves, Even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights.
    Eph 6:1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

  37. Catherine says:

    Parents are under no oblagation to pay college tutition for their kids, if your kids want to go to college come up with the money by applying for grants and working for scollerships. At the age of 18 parents are under no legal oblagation to support the kid. On the other hand the kid must follow the rules their parents set forth in THEIR house and if the kid doesn't like it move out and get a job and support your self. To the 18 year old brat "GET A JOB" or live under your parents rules.

  38. 10 to1 the dad, like a lot of idiot men, made his daughter into "daddy's little girl" and probably never or rarely said no to her. Men have become such pussies with females. It's unreal. Grow a pair of balls guys. Put your damned foot down and stop acting like they're "sugar and spice and everything nice". If you don't you end up with entitlement bitches like this one. Sheesh!

  39. Yup. With a belt. Act like your 7 years old, get treated like it.