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Lawsuit Against McDonald’s For… What?

Posted on March 4, 2014

A McDonald’s patron has filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against the fast-food giant saying he suffered “undue mental anguish” after he was only given one napkin with his meal.

According to TMZ, Webster Lucas ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe on Jan. 29 when he claims he was scammed out of extra napkins at the California location. He further says that after he walked up to the counter to ask for more, the manager insisted he already received some.

“I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box because I didn’t come here to argue over napkins. I came here to eat,” the lawsuit says he countered.

According to Lucas, the manager — who is of Mexican descent — then spewed a racist “you people” remark at him.

That’s when the man contacted McDonald’s about the employee’s alleged behavior.

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17 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against McDonald’s For… What?

  1. Word of the day: "Barratry"

  2. bamabasher says:

    what kind of an idiot judge would allow this to be heard? an obumbler or clinton appointee only . how stupid this is

  3. I never noticed that napkins were in price of a hamburger, besides in every Micky D's I have ever been in they have napkins in dispensers wear the catsup, salt and pepper is. and if that caused him mental anguish, he is really a mental midget.

  4. Didnt his mommy hug him enough when he was an infant .I.

  5. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    This sounds more like an attorney needs to have his 'permission to practice law' revoked for life and fined to repay McDonalds for whatever they want to ask for in damages.

    The whiner needs to be permanently BARRED from any and all "For profit eating estanlishments" for life.

    Eating at a MacDonadls is a "privilege" NOT a right.

  6. If he needs more than one napkin to eat a quarter pounder he has serious problems with his mouth. I have seen people chew their food with their mouth open and the food falls out, but that's not McDonald's fault, he needs to learn how to eat.

  7. Us white folks can get pretty uppity when we don't have enough napkins.

  8. I should point out though that Lucas is black, so maybe in this case the manager is one of those Mexican-Americans who magically becomes a "white Hispanic" if the media needs to jump on this.

  9. This story underlines the fact that we desperately need tort reform. If this guy, who is fishing to win the lottery from McD's deep pockets, loses the suit, he should be required to pay McD's legal fees and all court costs.

  10. He wasn't necessarily speaking of color when making the remark he probably ment it refered to assholes. Only a Dem layer and Dem appointed judge would let this in the courtroom. Just another part of the problem in this country

  11. badluckbill says:

    No, he should pay those fees up front. These ridiculous suits would never have been filed it the first place!

  12. Hey webster, the doj called. They have a job for you.

  13. This right here is what is wrong with our country. This is also what makes for terrible names for many lawyers! This is nothing but a slacker attempting to cash in on this liberal government. You know, it wouldn't surprise me if he was awarded something out of this suit when really he should be convicted for filing such a ridiculous law suit!

  14. must be terrible to be so mistreated,only one napkin the shame,the humiliation,there has been many time we have eaten at Mcdonalds and received no napkins at all,that should be worth at least 3 million buck right there,I'm on my way now to see a lawyer about this injustice,perhaps we should notify the U.N.for occupation of all McDonalds,that will put fear in them,and get the napkins on the table.

  15. The worst aspect of suits like this is that the defendant firm will often settle out of court for a nominal amount simple because in today's legal environment that proves to be less costly than a trial which can easily cost the company many thousands of dollars a day. I know of cases in which police officers have been sued for false arrest, excessive force, etc. Even after having been exhonorated by outside community panels, the police guild insurers paid the plaintiff a settlement rather than go to trial with a case they absolutely knew they'd win, because that was the cheapest option.

  16. Give the man a chocolate candy bar and send him on his way!! The very idea a napkin damn I'm laoghing so hard I fell off my chair!! .Ya wanna know this person will more then likely get some money for this ridicuious law suite!!!!

  17. Another public display of a California Mental Midget.