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Secretary of State John Kerry Says “All Options On the Table”

Posted on March 3, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry said repeatedly Sunday morning that “all options are on the table” as the U.S. determines how to respond to Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

“The United States is currently considering all options,” Kerry told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos while appearing on “This Week.”

“The hope of the U.S. and everybody in the world is not to see this escalate into a military confrontation,” Kerry later added.

The Secretary of State instead suggested economic sanctions against Moscow would be a more likely step, saying he was “absolutely” willing to take such action.

“It may well come that we will have to engage in that kind of activity,” Kerry said.

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21 thoughts on “Secretary of State John Kerry Says “All Options On the Table”

  1. the problem is that all the options will stay on the table so that america will be weakened even more so the democrats and establishment rino's can move closer to their goal of a marxist dictatorship. all the worlds leftist leaders are on the same page working towards the same goal of destroying freedom everywhere.

  2. What options are this idiot referencing? We have far fewer options now that Obama et al have decided to reduce our military strength to a level prior to WW II. You can't shoot off your mouth unless you have real strength to back up your words. What's worse, the tyrants of the world see a real weakness on the part of the United States.

  3. What goes on in Ukraine, the Crimea, and between Russia and the European Union is not one bit of our business. The only thing we as a country can do by meddling is make any hostilities result in even greater blood shed. John Kerry and Obama saying Russia may suffer consequences for their actions is the most two-faced statement of March. The United States has decided the entire world is our business, when will we ever let something alone?

    Hey politicians in Washington DC, mind your own business. Stop minding mine, Ukraine's, Russia's Syria's, Afghanistan's, Iraq's, Iran's, Columbia's, Venezuela's, Mexico's, China's, North and South Korea's, the Philippines, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, and many more. Just sit in your office, soak up some pay for doing nothing, and please do nothing. You have caused enough harm.

    **Sidenote, If a piece of legislation is longer than the Constitution, I can guarantee it is bad law.

  4. The first option should be to get rid of Kerry since he is a traitor and a gigolo, that's the only reason Obama would have appointed him, especially when you take a look at Joey Biden and his stupid statements!

  5. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Has anyone pointed out that all the options were thrown away by his feckless leader?

    Putin plays Chess and 'our team' plays with chipped and cracked marbles.

    "OUR TEAM" needs to be held criminally liable for their gross incompetence and TREASON.

    Every State should have it's own petition drive to force the 'attorney general' in every State filing felony fraud charges against every democrat and RINO that support obamacare and VIOLATION of Each Citizens RIGHTS.

    gathering a few hundred thousand signatures and delivering them the the local DAs will have an impressive effect on any, and ALL politicians and bureaucrats.

    Which 'judge' is goingto tell that many Citizen they "have no standing"?

  6. mutantone says:

    all the same options as those he gave Iran?

  7. Amiable chatter from an Elitist who has become soft in the Senate. Pay him no mind – Mr. Putin does not either.

  8. David in MA says:

    Big talk from a slim-ball who protested the Viet Nam conflict, gave himself a purple heart for a broken fingernail (twice) and then came home and threw his medals over the white house fence, just another Hanoi Jane, weak, cowardly & treasonous, in my opinion. A true Obama niter, Marxist to the core!

  9. David in MA says:

    Would this classify as a class action lawsuit?

  10. Our Secretary of State that threw medals over the White House fence that did not belong to him. Wrote his own request for a Purple Heart that the doctor administrated a band aid. His riverboat crew said he was a lier and other officers didn't trust him. Went to Paris France and said he represented the USA with the enemy,Yet he is our Secretary of State.

  11. Remember, the American voters put these people in office. And is there any wonder that God is JUDGING our nation?
    1. Floods.
    2. Record cold and snow/ice
    3. Hurricane Sandy
    4. Massive tornadoes
    5. Earthquakes (the big ones are still to come)
    6 Societal decay with a real race war going on for at least one side.
    7. Real war with muslims with only them being allowed to declare the state of war.

  12. i agree! let western europe fix their own problems instead of them expecting us to step in and do it for them. they get all the benefits and we get all the trouble.

  13. One thing about electing self-professed "Anti-Christ's"(Marxist's) is that they must LIE to complete the Marxist Manifesto's written demands… No folks, "we the people" have NOT seen anything yet…

  14. One thing that amazes me is that John Kerry is chosen to negotiate, question, represent or anything else. Didn't he loose his last election bid, didn't he bring dishonor to Vietnam vets? didn't he park his yacht at another town's pier to keep from paying as much tax in the town he was supposedly representing? When he says all things are on the table the only one he might know about is the catsup.

  15. Obama is doing exactly what he said he was going to do and nobody seems to be able to stop him. The idiots of America elected him to a second term. I may be a little bold saying idiots, but have you seen on Jay Leno where he would go up to people on the street and ask questions such as what did George Washington do and they did not know who he was. These were sometimes qualified school teachers. So what the voting public does will never surprise me. They went back and reelected him. need I say more.

  16. Why would we expect anything less? Do you recall that one of the points that Obama likes to make is that capitalism does not work. I think it does in spite of the interference of the united states government. Tell those who have gone to war and have honorable men killed and mutilated in the name of this country that we were wrong and we should have been communist all along.

  17. It's even worse! This is exactly how Adam & Eve(Hawah) got thrown out of 'Eden!" Folks, there is nothing new under the sun! Next comes the "cashless society" of Revelation, along with the prophetic two-witnesses to witness against us for 3 1/2 years, quite likely beginning this coming Wednesday, September 24, 2012, which is the correct date by the way for the next annual Feast of Trumpets(WAR) established by our Hebrew, not Greek, inspired CREATOR! OUCH! I only wonder if this is similar to what happened to Adam, who scripture holds equally accountable with Hawah & Cain's sins???

  18. All options on the table is the standard answer,for we have no idea what to do,so we will just kill time and as usual,and do nothing as always,but they will attempt to look like they have a clue.its like one politician said Russia is playing Chess and we're playing checkers.

  19. the real problem is that they actually know what they are doing and they are killing time in order to further their agenda of destroying the america they hate ( freedom ) and replacing it with the america they want ( marxist dictatorship ).

  20. pappap42 says:

    With Kerry everything on the table means Arugula, truffles. snails, lobsters and a big bottle of Heinz Ketchup. And don't forget the Champagne after all it's on the taxpayers dime not his.

  21. Does coward Kerry even know what the table options are? If he did, it would surprise me. I just thought clinton was a joke as SOS! This guy tops the cookie! At least he doesn't have Benghazi looming over his head! YET!