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Does New Conceal Carry Law Bring More Or Less Security to Boise State?

Posted on March 3, 2014

In an editorial published in the New York Times last week, Boise State biology professor Greg Hampikian asks a question regarding what he calls a “matter of practical concern” regarding new conceal carry laws: When may he shoot a student?

A law recently passed by the Idaho statehouse allows for guns to be carried onto campus, so long as they are reasonably kept out of sight. Hampikian took issue with the new law and penned the satirical letter, addressed to the chief counsel of the Idaho State Legislature.

He clearly makes a mockery of the new law, asking if he should “aim for the legs” if he senses hostility between “two armed students [who] are arguing over who should be served next at the coffee bar.” He says he’s come across many disgruntled students over the years and may now feel vulnerable when they reach into their book bag.

He claims the campus murder rate – zero – means that encouraging people to own guns is pointless. He says that putting weapons into the mix where young people are away from home and have a higher tendency to abuse alcohol could be deadly.

But his argument invalidates itself when he points out that the current murder rate is zero and when he writes that bad people only go where guns aren’t allowed.

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23 thoughts on “Does New Conceal Carry Law Bring More Or Less Security to Boise State?

  1. A professor like this should be fired. He acts like a 13 year old. He should not be instructing our young adults! He lacks maturity!

  2. The article say this guy is a professor, that's all that needs to be said.

  3. Ralph Malph says:

    What part of ' Life threatening Danger ' does the good Professor fail to understand ? ! ? !

    I find this rather amusing … " He claims the campus murder rate – zero – means that encouraging people to own guns is pointless. He says that putting weapons into the mix where young people are away from home and have a higher tendency to abuse alcohol could be deadly. "

    Is this were we should ask …. ' Professor, are you saying you DISCOURAGE responsibility(s) and ENCOURAGE irresponsible behaviour ?

    Personally, I'd encourage the Bastion of LoonyLeft Propaganda aka Boise State, to reassess the actual value of this particular Professor to their staffing.

    Should Boise State fail to rectify the problem professor, take matters into your own hands … send your cash + kids to another college, a facility that has talented Staffing, not Professors guilty of Educational Malpractice.

  4. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Unless my Geography teacher lied to the whole class, Boise is in Idaho(I know because I have been there visiting relatives).

    And this was published in the new york slimes which has a readership of 4 in the entire State of Idaho?

    Now why would this chi-minded perfessur try to appeal to an audience half a world away where the publics opinion there would count for exactly nothing?

    If he is 'tenured' drop the tenure system and fire him NOW!

    Put ALL employees of the educational system that the BILL OF RIGHTS will be taught in all schools at all levels whether the 'employees' like it or not.

  5. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Why was his first question about 'when he gets to shoot a student'?

    He needs a serious mental examination and immediately DENIED his 2 Amendment RIGHTS.

    Any person that would deny a Citizen his Constitutionally PROTECTED "Natural Rights" deserve no Rights of his own.

  6. A professor who would ask “when may I shoot a student?” Is one of the problems with our society. If he has to ask a question like that it is questionable if he is actually professor quality. But then I suspect common sense does not reign supreme in professors like so many others at this time.

  7. Ralph Malph says:

    Several years ago, Wayne LaPierre made apropos comment as Philanderer-in-Chief, W. J. Clinton was preaching to the brainless, the need for the Brady Bill.
    If I recall, LaPierre commented something like this : ' The President would be accepting of any tragic occurrence that furthered their anti-gun agenda ' ( it's close, probably not exact verbiage, but it's close )

    So, it wouldn't surprise me if the Professor began ' encouraging ' reckless on-campus behaviour in hopes of a shooting … especially if it had Martin / Zimmerman components to it.

  8. redmeatstate says:

    what a shame that small minded egotists such as this gravitate to the Universities. Must be because they have no hope n the Private Sector!!

  9. Ralph Malph says:

    Would seem that anything BUT ' Quality ' and ' Subject ' is assessed pre-hiring.

    Just guessing, I'd say that ' Political Lean ' is paramount ( verified by Party Affiliation ) followed closely by Group Membership / Association / Support : NAACP, Gay/Lesbian, Communist Party of A, GreenPeace, ASPCA, ACORN, etc.

  10. Anthony Calisi says:

    Were I the granting autority for a conceal weapon permit for this person I would denied and stamp to stupid to have a gun.His satrical tirate is immature and irresponsible for an authority figure. I pray the students recognize this moron for who he is.

  11. You wouldn't think that an Idaho university would be infested with radical libtard "professors" like the Mexifornia institutions of higher indoctrination or the eastern ones. But, universities are one big gummint jobs program for radical liberals. 12 years of brainwashing isn't enough, so they need the advanced indoctrination by experts.

  12. Alinkski tactics – "The Power of Ridicule".

    Careful though…. ridicule, like firearms, has a recoil!!

  13. Seeking Truth says:

    I hate the concealed carry permit. There should be NO permit required. If you look into the ramifications of getting a permit, it means that you swapped your right for PERMISSION from some government agency. You don't need permission to exercise a right. We advocates, of right to bear arms, know that.
    That being said: I would like to see some sort of age appropriate education, like the concealed carry courses, REQUIRED for every student, starting in grade school. Teach proper safety, use, handling, responsibility, and rights. Eliminate the mystique. Even if a student never owns a gun for the rest of their life, they will know how to deal with one if they need to.
    My education came young, from my father, the Boy Scout Troop, and a booklet from the NRA. When I went to college, many of the guys in the dorm, me included, kept our rifles and shot guns in our dorm room closet. We would go hunting and target shooting in the surrounding mountains. Some of the guys even had handguns. However, I doubt that any ever carried them to class. It wouldn't have mattered if they did. No one needed a firearm on campus, in those days. Times change.
    I'm sure that the NRA would be glad to help design age appropriate lessons for school children. Higher level courses already exist for college aged people in the form of the concealed carry courses.
    It looks to me as if we are entering an era in our society, of dangerous times for individuals. We are moving into a society fraught with criminals. It looks like the way things were in middle ages, and Renaissance, when most men carried some sort of weaponry.
    It's indicative of the tearing down of society.
    Our society attributes certain laws to the God of the Bible. Throughout history those societies that followed those same laws, whether they knew of God or not, were successful and prosperous. To the degree they paralleled the laws of God, they were successful. When those societies moved away form those laws, they began to fail. That's because those laws are universal laws of how to treat our fellow man. When we stop properly treating our fellow man, society breaks down.
    Now we are entering an era of failing society, when self defense is becoming necessary.

  14. He's not that much different from many Group Thinkers who have brilliant minds inside of their chosen disciplines but outside of it are clueless adolescents.

    Carrying a firearm is NOT a license to shoot people.

    I think it's ironic that the good Doctor would have no problem with eighteen year olds carrying automatic firearms, handling nuclear weapons and exercising Life and Death decisions in combat (and Medicine as EMTs) but thinks that "kids are going to get drunk" and shoot one another.

    What stops their peers outside of academia from "opening up upon one another"?

    The good Doctor is a fool and a bigot. He's entitled to his opinion. The rest of us are better off knowing it and then disregarding it.

  15. Good comment, ST. But a little long for this particular forum, attested to by the lack of "thumbs up". Early and short gets the accolades here.

  16. I totally agree with you. Obviously this person is clueless of the real intent behind this action. He's the one that will be cowering in a closet hoping that a gun-wielding idiot doesn't open the door and shoot him. These totally milk-toast minded pacifists are exactly the 'frame of minded' people that create "Gun Free Zones" then wonder why some lunatic comes on campus and has a field day on killing a lot of 'Unarmed" students/faculty. If we all lived in "Utopia", there wouldn't be a problem BUT, the last time I checked, that isn't how the "Real World" operates. And by being a proponent of gun confiscation and dis-armament, the only people that ultimately will be protected (and have FULL RULE) will be a Dictatorial government, which is exactly what this present diabolical administration is presently preparing to do!

  17. Just because a person has a degree or initials behind their name does mean in any way that they are intelligent? That is a simple illusion . As an example I would offer Mr Obama as a constitutional scholar? Another might be the many PHDs and MBAs that brought our economy down and destroyed all markets in 2007-08 and ever since? There are many more perfect examples of supposed smart guys that have done tremendous damage ? So0 who are the real smart guys ? It certainly is not our so-called leaders, that seems quite clear ?

  18. There are many like him that tow the line till they get tenure then all hell breaks lose because they have a job for life. The student will write papers to the agenda of the professor or suffer poor marks and guess who wants poor marks. Now we all wonder why we get numbskulls right out of college. The wise student will go with the flow but maintain his own brain.

  19. Can't shoot people? What part of "shall not infringe" don't use understand? What good is having a gun if you can't shoot people? So what if an altercation take a Wild West turn? It's their right.

  20. I have lived in Boise for over 60 years. I guess he has forgotten, some years ago there was a series of rapes occurring on or near the campus. Those women should have been armed and then they could have stopped the assaults. As far as I know the scum has never been caught.

  21. Virgil Hilts says:

    That's SATIRE…right???

  22. Virgil Hilts says:

    That's SATIRE…right?

  23. Look at this liberal. Talking about shooting people already. Why are liberals so violent?