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McDonald’s Employee Loses Job For Buying First Responders’ Breakfast

Posted on February 21, 2014

A 23-year-old New York woman was fired from her job at McDonald’s after she bought breakfast for a group of firefighters in her community.

Heather Levia, a mother of twins who was working two jobs to put herself through nursing school, said she knew the firefighters had been working in sub-zero temperatures.
A New York woman said she was fired just one day after treating local firefighters to a free meal (image source: Facebook via The Daily Mail)

A New York woman said she was fired after treating local firefighters to a free meal (Image source: Facebook via the Daily Mail)

As the morning manager at a McDonald’s in Olean, N.Y., she pulled out $83 of her own money and decided to buy them their 25 breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, according to WIVB-TV.

“Just because I appreciate everything they do,” she said.

Then, another group of firefighters stopped by and ordered about $70 worth of breakfast.

Levia said she texted her manager to see if the store could expense their breakfast. He said no. She then called the corporate office and asked the same question, explaining that she thought it was the company’s policy to treat first responders from time to time to a complimentary meal.

“It’s very common in our store,” she said.

After she was told again that she couldn’t expense the firefighters’ food, she and her coworkers ponied up and bought the firefighters breakfast.

That’s when things took a turn: Some of the firefighters discovered that Levia paid for their meals.

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12 thoughts on “McDonald’s Employee Loses Job For Buying First Responders’ Breakfast

  1. Remind me to think twice before going to McDonalds again.

  2. no reason to think twice. once will tell us to avoid supporting idiots. and their food sucks anyway.

  3. The Olean McDonald s is owned by a franchisee group named The Meyers Organization. Theses are the people that made the decision to let Heather Levia go. Reading the whole story, it sounds like the store got his panties in a wad because she went to corporate over his head.
    Then, when the firefighters went to corporate asking about the situation, the manager needed to cover his butt.

    I believe the Myers Organization needs to be boycotted until they recognize their error and apologize to Ms Levia. The People of Olean need to act. It is up to you!!

  4. That was so very thoughtful of her. No, she should not loose her job over this. Instead McDonald's , Myers Organization should apologize and hire her back and pay her for the money she spend. How mean and cheap can they be.

  5. Redwhiteblu says:

    Perhaps that community should BOYCOTT that mcdonalds

  6. Some companies still have to learn that we live in the age of the internet and these things can't be contained and go unnoticed anymore!

  7. Right On!!! Maybe everyone reading this across the country should go their local McDs and walk in and thell them that they won't be dining there today or maybe ever until they resolve this situation at corporate not just at Myers Org level. McD corp has social corp responsibilities goals…and this will hurt there program . they will straighten out myers org fast enough. tell them at your local McD that you will go to Wendys they got the beef and don't spill hot coffee on the firemen first responders .

  8. I agree with JoeBob, the food is terrible. I like being fit and toned and I like having energy for 4-8 hours after eating my meal so I never eat at McDonald's, or 99% of the restaurants out there.

  9. Another evidence that no act of kindness will go unpunished.

  10. Really and she didn't buy the Homeless anything ! Wonder why?? Single mother of 2, working 2 Jobs to support her kids, ya think those first responders gave her a "Tip" !

  11. Wish I could fire the manager. He needs to go.

  12. When our Country gets down to this, we'd better take a close look. I will not buy at McDonald's because, instead of honoring a decent American, with a generous Spirit, they terminate her. I hope this goes Viral, as I would think many companies would be proud to have this lady in their company. First Responders do great deeds in this Country, and should be shown appreciation. I admire and thank this woman, and wish her good luck.