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Video: Nuclear Fusion Means Huge Breakthrough

Posted on February 18, 2014

Scientists have shown how a fusion reaction can extract more fuel from nuclear material than was put into it, a key step towards hope of harnessing the power of the stars to provide cheap, bountiful energy.

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16 thoughts on “Video: Nuclear Fusion Means Huge Breakthrough

  1. Patriot Games says:

    Guaranteed that the government will get their mitts on it and screw it up somehow.

  2. Livermore is a government (funded) lab.
    This is a technique they've been working on for decades.
    As they said they sill have lots of work to do.
    I feel like this video is PR. As far as I know this old news. (I have a relative who keeps me pretty up to date on development in the field. To be honest as far as I can tell they haven't made much progress towards actual commercialization of using laser or using magnet containment of plasma.)

  3. Yesterday we saw how we might cool our reactor with the ocean. Now who can tell me how much energy we might release with today's experiment?

  4. Fusion power has been 10 year away for the last 75 years. Keep at it though….. it could work.

  5. No doubt. They are ruining the health care industry and the education system has been in the toilet for some time and as far as changing the tax system we can forget that because tey talk but the only action they will take is to make themselves exempt.

  6. W have parts of this country that are needing water but what are we doing about that. We have oceans of water but we can't use that. However there are ways we can use that, they do it on submarines and the like.
    In times of weather disaster when the power is out we should have the capability to send In generators and whatever things are needed. Oh yes, that's right we do but we have the government do it. The kiss of death.

  7. There is also work going on with cold fusion using helium three. That may have a future. Unfortunately the largest source for helium three is the moon. The thing is some day we will get the new power source that we need. But not tomorrow. Until then we are dependent on fossil fuels. Wind farms and solar won't cut it. But as long as ideologues hold control we are in trouble and the hole gets deeper. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  8. dan-du-man says:

    What a crock…….. "extract more fuel from nuclear material than was put into it" that's called a perpetual motion machine and is imposable. Shall we try again with a reasonable explanation?

  9. Mangus Colorado says:

    Want cheap abundant energy to fuel new jobs factory construction and a rebuilding the American Blue Collar middle class then start building the cleanest safest energy in the history of the earth . . . nuclear . . . Read the facts and the science – not the E=GREEN scare tactics – [see the Statement from the Retired Founder/President of the Sierra Club] Yes the truth can not be defended by the E=GREEN = Just watch them attack without a single PROOF.

  10. 3rd gardener says:

    What is Thorium?

  11. No, it was just poorly explained. It takes energy to process the H2 and D2 in the fuel pellets they zap with the laser/e-beam to fuse. From that reaction, you get energy out. Here for the first time, they got more energy out than it took to process the fuel. I say "process", not "produce" because they didn't make the hydrogen itself, just extracted it from whatever… For a fossil fuel analogy, it takes energy to mine coal…. power for the machinery and such… You get more energy back from burning the coal than it took to mine it… otherwise you'd be out of business fast. No perpetual motion required…

  12. profitup10 says:


  13. Fusion is definitely the way to go. and yes producing more energy then it uses to accomplish tis is a definite plus. Next step, the fusion bomb and I hope America does it first.

  14. The Hydrogen bomb IS a 'fusion' bomb. The trick is to harness it and put it to peaceful use.

  15. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    So long as you ignore the gawdawful pollution from the uranium mines, (not to mention the effects of radiation exposure to the miners themselves), and the fact that the leftover waste (you don't call THAT "pollution"?) will likely outlast our civilization and possibly our species, then I'd agree with you.

    Problem is, I'm well aware of the problems your idea have already wrought and would only multiply. Even where uranium mines were shut down decades ago, mounds of toxic waste are still piled atop dirt while concerns about radioactive dust and runoff remain un-dealt with. The shut-down mines near Red Water Pond Road on the Navajo Reservation is considered one of the largest uranium-contaminated areas in United States history.

    Between 2008 and 2012, federal agencies spent $100 million on the cleanup, according to the E.P.A.. An additional $17 million has been spent by energy companies determined to be responsible for some of the waste.

    The scope of the problem is worse than anyone thought. The E.P.A. has said that it could take at least eight years to dispose of a huge pile of uranium mine waste that has sat near Red Water Pond Road since the 1980s — waste that must be removed before the area can finally be free of contamination. The site holds one million cubic yards of waste from the Northeast Church Rock Mine.

    In northwestern South Dakota, the Cave Hills area is managed by the US Forest Service. The area currently contains 89 abandoned open-pit uranium mines. Studies by the USFS show that one mine alone has 1,400 millirems per hour (mR/hr) of exposed radiation, a level of radiation that is 120,000 times higher than normal background of 100 millirems per year (mR/yr)! In the southwestern Black Hills, the US Forest Service reported on 29 abandoned open-pit uranium mines, one of which is about 1 square mile in size.

    Then there's the exorbitant cost of extracting sufficient uranium from the ore. To produce the 25 tons or so of uranium fuel needed to keep your average reactor going for a year requires the extraction of half a million tons of waste rock and over 100,000 tons of mill tailings. The conversion plant will generate another 144 tons (or so) of solid waste and over 1300 cubic yards of liquid waste. These tailings disposal sites represent significant potential sources of contamination for hundreds of thousands of years, and the long-term risks remain poorly defined.

    So, tell me again just how good an idea nuclear fission-produced electricity is.

    Good luck convincing anything with a second brain cell.

  16. profitup10 says:

    Your post is all false opinions disguised as science. How much radiation do you expose your family to with granite floors and counters? How about Church columns all of granite . . how about granite in nature used as road surfaces?

    Now explain why so few died of Radiation poisoning in The Japanese bombing, Chernobyl, 3 mile island, nuclear mining deaths? You folks need some technical training – not E=GREEN speculations and gamed data – yes just like AGW and Mann's hockey stick.

    Tell us how this could be true and it is CNN so you of the left [nonscience majors] can not dispute the source.


    Use the two functioning brain cells you referred to above and answer the questions. All your statements are not backed by real limits of how long deadly radiation lasts in nature – did you know that the Pacific Islands, where the US and French exploded hundreds of dirty bombs, are now suitable for human rehabilitation.

    Yes, how long did Hiroshima and Nagasaki remain unoccupied due to the two bombs?