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47 thoughts on “What’s Worse Than 3×4=11? Check out Common Core’s mistakes

  1. No fool left behind.

  2. What are you talking about? Where has it been around for decades at? Must have been 2 decades because when I went to school you had to have the right answer. I am 67 yrs old and have never heard of this when I went to school and where did the fool that came up with this get his or her training as a teacher? If this is what they are being taught no wonder there is so many stupid kids.

  3. Rattlerjake says:

    When fools are allowed to teach you get fools. We need to go back to survival of the fittest (this would eliminate minorities, fat people, faggots, and the majority of libturds), what a great world it would be!

  4. This is known as dumb down America. This way the government can and will control them,and they don’t even know that is what happen to them..what a shame. God help us all.

  5. Sounds like we're producing a generation of nitwits who won't be able even to work as cashiers at McDonalds because that will be beyond their abilities. How to produce an entire generation of incompetents who won't be able to hold ANY jobs? Common Core is your answer!

  6. It's not just math, Pete. Today's kids get NO training in Spelling, Punctuation, capitalization, math, science (global warming, remember?), or AMERICAN HISTORY! I regularly run across young people who tell me that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat, or that LBJ was the greatest President of the 20th Century because he freed the slaves. Yes, I've actually heard that one! But it doesn't stop at the High School level. I've run across people with Master's Degrees who couldn't spell or construct a proper sentence. Language skills? Only if their parents were immigrants and spoke a foreign language at home. What we ARE producing is a generation of non-thinking incompetent Luddites who will make wonderful government SLAVES, dependent on government handouts for their survival. Democrats. And that's the REAL plan going on here! Create a nation of solid Democrats!

  7. Don't blame the teachers, more often than not, they have to teach what is given to them. Such a shame. They dumb it down to something that s good but I sure don't know who it is good for.

  8. I am an engineer. I guess now it’s okay if a boiler explodes or a building collapses, as long as I can explain the thought process.

  9. You are RIght On, ole barry and his cronies are after ONE thing, POWER to control us and that is gained by control of our education system, by his obedient Idiots voting for him and the LIBTURDS!!!

  10. That is what Hitler thought too.

  11. It is time for the government to get out of our lives, except for the small amount required by the Constitution.

  12. One good thing Pete, you are 67 and I am 69. We wont have to be witnesses to this $hit much longer.

  13. If you want your children to think as you do, and act as you believe is correct, and be able to spell, and be able to do basic math, and know history, you must take their education into your own hands. This means taking the time and energy as well as making sacrifice, such as one working parent. Suck it up for a few years, well, 18 or so, and teach your kids.

  14. Does this teaching method mean that when my children fill out their tax forms and the process says that they owe $1000, that they can send in $800 because that is a "reasonable sum"?

  15. It's one thing to be able to explain how you arrived at the answer, but you should be able to explain how you arrived at the correct answer. Who cares how you reasoned to get the wrong answer. Doesn't right or wrong mean anything to Libs?

  16. How fast would an Apollo era scientist have been fired if his calculation were 22% wrong? Do you think anyone would care if he could explain how he came to his conclusions?

  17. There is no such thing as a "common core" lesson. Common Core sets the standards for what needs to be learned. This way every school, district, and state is on the same page. So if my daughter moved from Idaho to New York she will not be ahead or behind or lost. Lessons are chosen at the state, district, school , or teacher level. If a school or teacher wants to teach Arithmetic using the Bible, they CAN! If a school wants to use this lame worksheet , they can. Furthermore Common Core does NOT put a cap on what is taught. If a student can blow past the common core standards and learn more, then great! Also, Common core was designed by states not the Fed!

    If school are failing, help push at your local level! Easy to cast stones if you are not doing anything but blaming the government for the problems…

  18. I do blame teachers as they have a responsibility to teach properly and ethically and this is neither. I also blame parents as they are the ones responsible for their kids getting taught properly. When I had kids in school I stayed on top of what they were getting taught and raised my concerns when they were being taught away from the correct education. This also shows that Americans are riding the train and not caring to where it is going. How disgusting and un-American. Wake up people as when our kids are taught to be dumbed down so shall our country.

  19. No f##king wonder America is falling far behind in the world with our education. Where do we find such stupid people for teachers and administrators? This whole gang should be fired and run out of town. Oops! I forgot. Tenure, the disease of education. You don't have to be a scientist, how about the carpenter building your house?

  20. Remember the school board members are involved in this too. And most of the time, they just follow whatever the principal or superintendent want.

  21. OK, so 3/4=11 will be taught nationally instead of "merely" locally? Wow, I'm feeling better already.

    And, if you think common core is somehow going to make your local God-hating NEA activists to embrace the bible, well, then, I just don't know what to tell you.

  22. Iluvit,Iluvit,Iluvit,Iluvit,Iluvit,Iluvit,Iluvit,Iluvit! (With apologies to Jerry Reed.)
    The only time we were taught "estimation" was in Statistics and it was an exercise in which all estimates…..a whole classroom of students……were totaled and averaged; the result of which was most often found to be surprisingly accurate. The problem is that this method requires a good level of intelligence and knowledge with which to begin.

  23. NavyChiefMoore says:

    I give you an A+ for your correct assessment.

  24. NavyChiefMoore says:

    I bought something that totaled $ .77, gave the cashier a dollar and two pennies, and received a puzzled look and a long pause as he couldn't figure the change would be a quarter ( 25 cent coin ).

  25. NavyChiefMoore says:

    Now you've got it!

  26. shearwater says:

    Idiotic to the extreme! They are endeavoring to make our kid's minds mush so that the kids will accept any propaganda they wish to infect their minds with.

  27. obammunism says:

    "there is so many stupid kids." are, not is.

  28. obammunism says:

    Exactly! So many parents whine about the dumbing down of their kids, but are too selfish and lazy to educate them after school. The degenerate parents are as bad as the commiecrats running the schools. Their attitude is: "its the state's business to raise my kids. Don't bother me with that. I'm too busy watching football, American Idol, etc." & many of these clowns masquerade as conservatives!

  29. obammunism says:

    The psycho libs running the schools have no concept of right and wrong. They're minds are in hell, a place of no reason.

  30. I am a teacher. I work with students who aren’t willing to work hard, because they’ll get their “check.” Parents too need to quit being their child’s best friend and be a parent who disciplines them. It’s not always the teachers fault- WE HATE COMMON CORE, but our hands are tied!

  31. georgeallen2007 says:

    Dag! What if the student claims," Because it makes me, you know, warm and fuzzy?"

  32. Short answer: No.

  33. Of course this has been around for decades. That is the method through which liberals ignore things like statistics, facts, and common sense. The use emotional "explanations" of how they come up with their hair-brained ideologies. Simple. Stupid. Liberal.

  34. I’m so very thankful that I am able to homeschool my son. I don’t use any CCSS materials and at all.

  35. Oops on the and :-))

  36. There IS a limit set to how far schools are allowed to deviate from the Common Core Standards (I believe it is 15%). If there was no limit set then how can it be said that all schools, from state to state, would be on equal playing ground? That IS the intent of Common Core, according to your statement, correct? That all schools from Idaho to New York will be equal, so nobody is ahead or behind. Therefore, the 15%.

  37. And schools are NOT permitted to use the Bible to teach anything. Most schools aren't even permitted to say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore because of the mention of God in it. Lastly, Common Core was NOT, I repeat NOT, designed by the states!!!!!!! The states were offered a "carrot" from the federal government to buy into the Common Core Standards (before the standards were even developed). The states were given a very short deadline window to "sign up" for this carrot….without even knowing exactly what standards they were signing up for.

  38. Hello Bonnie. Thank you for doing the job you are doing. I have a question…you say the teachers' hands are tied. I have been wondering, what if the teachers' unions in all states did what the union has done in New York? Didn't the New York union vote against Common Core? My aunt (who is a long time teacher) has also shared with me that teachers hate Common Core. I'm hoping somehow something can be done to get our public school system backed out of this horrible mess!

  39. Stephanie I've been heavily considering homeschooling my 2 children as well. I'm worried if/when Common Core really sets in and more parents opt to homeschool we'll see lawmakers try to carry regulations over into the homeschooling world, and possibly make it so difficult to homeschool that many parents won't be able to continue. Do you worry about this?

  40. I think I will use this when I do the payroll. Lets see 354 owed 300 paid, 291 owed 200 paid = $145.00 more in my pocket. I LOVE THIS!!

  41. In a base 11 number system, 3×4=11 is a true statement. The 3rd grader who gives this explanation gets an A.

  42. Fortunately common core was not a popular when we made it to the moon and back.

  43. Perhaps we should ask ourselves if we want to fly in an airplane whose pilot can land the plan within 145' of the runway. Do we want to buy an automobile that can stay within 145' of the lane? Perhaps we should require thorough testing of our graduates before they are hired. Perhaps we should boycott goods produced by morons until this is corrected.

  44. We all live in massive illusions perpetrated on us by our PRAVDA/MSM propaganda machine of the current regime. This is their power. This is how they get away with all the horrific policies and acts.They simply only let you see and hear what they want you to see and hear. No different than Soviet politburo of circa 1960s-70s. It is exactly the same.

  45. This is true.

    Unfortunately the "educator" did not specify the base, which usually means "base 10". Since base 10 is a "product of Patriachical and Capitalist systems" maybe the architects of Common core are up to something? Consciousness raising, perhaps?

  46. HolyShirt says:

    The government is [supposed-to-be] YOU, you a**hole!

  47. HolyShirt says:

    Go back to your mindless flag-waving!

    Obama, Clinton and Bush like World War 2's Polish Nazis: They want to rule the world, but they don't know why!