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Obamacare Enrollments Not Picking Up Speed

Posted on February 12, 2014

The White House and its Congressional allies have been pumping greatly exaggerated Obamacare enrollment statistics in the media, which we helped debunk earlier in the week. How are they going to dress up an apparent sharp downward trend in sign-ups (or “plan selections”) in late January and early February, with the March 31 enrollment deadline fast approaching? Investors Business Daily’s Jed Graham examines some of the available state-level data and sees an enrollment trajectory plateau:

With less than seven weeks of open enrollment to go, ObamaCare enrollment — and payments — have slowed to a near-crawl in some states. Minnesota’s exchange enrollment goal of 67,000 seemed within reach on Jan. 4, when signups stood at 25,860. But after surging by more than 4,000 per week in the prior five weeks, signups collapsed back to November’s pace of less than 700 per week. As of Feb. 1, Nevada had just 14,999 paid enrollees — vs. the state’s March 31 goal of 115,000. Washington state, meanwhile, was slightly more than halfway to its goal of 340,000 signups — but only 88,071 had paid as of Feb. 1…January data from New York, Colorado, Maryland and Kentucky (easily accessible via acasignups.net) all suggest that the momentum which carried from December into January substantially faded in the second half of the month…The extent of the drop-off in signups in states like Nevada, Minnesota and Maryland that have made little progress toward their goals does highlight an important question: Is demand lagging mainly because of informational hurdles — or because the subsidies and policies aren’t well designed to attract broad participation?

Graham digs deeper into Minnesota’s numbers, which he says are the most thorough and complete of any state. His full post is worth reading, but pay special attention to the portions in bold font:

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4 thoughts on “Obamacare Enrollments Not Picking Up Speed

  1. Enrollments have fallen off because nobody wants these expensive, worthless plans. The only people who enrolled are those who have pre-existing conditions and have to have coverage. The un-affordable healthcare system stinks!

  2. I wonder if Shane is going to keep telling us how awesome Obamacare is, or if he is now going to tell us how the idea of Obamacare is a solid one, but its implementation and (evolution?) has been pretty terrible.

  3. That's okay, the emperor will just change the rules and the law to make things appear to work while, in reality, hurting more people.

  4. The Marxist in Chief couldn't have people walking into ovens and gas chambers willingly as Hitler did . So,he is using the DeathCare program to do his dirty work. The Sheeple are about to be gassed.