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8 thoughts on “10 Successful Economic Lies from National Leaders

  1. Carl D Sedillo says:

    I do not believe a single member of the electorate would refuse assistance to those that are certifiably physically or mentally impaired, or to those that have lost a job through NO FAULT of their own and continue to seek employment. There is another group that is rarely discussed and is a difficult case to decide. These are the women that are unmarried have children and choose to subsist on the public dole. There is an associated problem that MUST be considered. With few exceptions these progeny drop out of school, and become another person on the dole. I'm eight-two years of age. MY Dad was responsible for commodity distribution throughout the State of New Mexico. He complained about the same issue. Not about distributing to those in need, but the number of individuals that were parents of those that remain on the dole. It was and is a continuing problem. I am certain that most of those receiving assistance from the Government and State are grandchildren of those that received assistance. I am NOT talking about the impaired, I'm addressing individual that have little or no education, and haven't another way of subsisting. Thanks to President Obama we are returning to this same imponderable.

    Those graduation from our public school system today are incapable of passing the seventh grade math equivalency test used by the New York state public school system in 1938. I know because I managed the testing of 5000 students from these schools and only twelve passed. There has to be a better way. OUR GOVERNMENT hasn't a clue how or why it is happenings and their sole answer is to turn to the union leaders for answers. Give me a break.

  2. And, always, Lie No. 11: There is no better way to run an economy than private central banking issuing the public's money as a loan at interest!

  3. PS: I sued to work for a professor who said that people who graduated at the time we did, had the equivalent to a 2-year college degree. I believe that but unfortunately, that does not get college credits.

  4. There is no escaping the insanity of having those deemed the 'fixers' of a problem not really ever a part of any solution at all but maintain there positions and station on perpetuating any problem that suits their agendas.
    We in America now have laws that make independence a crime, indolence rewarded, and theft a matter of mere commerce for governance.
    One thing far worse than Fascism is Stupidity. Today both have taken the largest share of being in charge and the numbers clearly show it.
    The lies bear repeating alright, in the faces of the liars whose arrogance can no longer be an obstacle — they can be stopped by individuals who can manage their own affairs and responsibilities w/o asking for the 'Let George Do It.'.

  5. That is all exactly right. I have been preaching most of this on my blog for well over a year. I coined the phrase, "the Bernanke Bubble". It looks like Janet Yellen is going to continue to huff and puff and blow that bubble up even larger. I think that they would like to keep it contained until after the 2016 election, but I doubt they will be able to stretch the misery out that far. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  6. Attention business people. In the 70s. I. Saw. A gov. Agent cursing our plant manager. And said. By gov. Law. He had to have. A cert ain % of black’s there. Working. He calked all of us to the front office where he did a count. And said I’m sorry by gov law I have 14 . too mazny. Blacks on full time. jobs here. And. The newest. ARE. TERMINAYED BY. GOV. RULES. IT. HELD. UPON. ONE. ALL. COURTS. T

  7. Is basic economics 101. However, they do not teach economics anymore in Public High School. You could be speaking Greek and you would still get the same puzzled look from kids. Truly clueless as dog spit as to what is about to happen.

  8. GabenTx says:

    Can someone please explain this graph to me… it’s very misleading and is being used to propagate the notion that the Obama administration has brought the deficit down to half of what it was in 2009… This can’t be true according to everything I’ve heard and read and seen. We are on pace, I believe, to add an additional 1 trillion dollars to the debt this year. So what is the magic trick that the graph is doing to mislead the observer? Is it merely in the common core math that the statisticians use to get whatever result they wish? Or am I completely wrong about this? Thank you. http://t.co/gbXWGgHxQq