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15 thoughts on “Surprising Liberal Governor Is Taking Another Look at Common Core

  1. All you have to do is look at how Americans stack up against students from the rest of the world. We spend more per capita than any other industrialized nation on earth and get less back, because it all goes to bricks-and-mortar, administrator/teacher perks, salaries, benefits and retirement. I know, I used to belong to TIAA/CREF.

  2. redmeatstate says:

    Interesting that the teacher's are upset about the "focus on testing"!! Testing reveals what a student knows or doesn't know and what he needs to learn. It's also damning evidence against substandard teaching methods. Considering the real problems with Common Core it's flabbergasting that the teachers are focused on this one thing that exposes them.
    But what Common Core truly is, is an indoctrination and propaganda methodology. It's gotta go, and quick!

  3. The Common Core idea is a solid one, but its implementation and evolution has been pretty terrible.

  4. Common Core is full of revisionist history. Some curricula give one paragraph to George Washington but 17 to the first U.S feminist convention. Common Core aims to create "historical dislocation", a basic tool of stripping people from any connection to the meaning of their citizenship and self determination. It's real goal is to create a placid and compliant worker for this century.

  5. Nothing solid comes from the federal government. There is nothing constitutional about a dept of education and it should be defunded.

  6. Jacob Steelman says:

    Common core is merely political indoctrination similar to what the communists and other totalitarian nations have done

  7. We spend to much money on Black schools with no results

  8. WhiteFalcon says:

    I fear that there is a lot more to Common Core than math and English, and what is there is bad. Testing is certainly the definitive way to measure progress, but there are limits reguarding how many tests students have to contend with. National stndardized testing should be done no more than once a year. I don't know how often they are done in the schools now. We did them once a year when I was in grade school.

  9. Any time a liberal tells you they want to “transform” something, run!

  10. Not even a solid turd.

  11. Morton Friedman says:

    NY State had, and possibly the key word is 'had', the finest education system in the country. Its standards were set by the NY State Board of Regents. The system extended from kindergarten to the college level. While final exams in each subject were state exams, teachers had the freedom to vary their course material, as long as the basic needs of a subject were covered. The qualifications to become a teacher were at a high standard as well. Many teachers that I have met across the nation would not have qualified, especially those whose language skills were poor.

    And then came 'Affirmative Action', with the obscenity of Remedial Reading as a college course.

  12. Common core is nothing other then the government making up the truth .. American history will be found on the fiction shelves

  13. David in MA says:

    Common Core, just another united nations agenda 21 communist attempt to destroy America, just as are many other agenda 21 programs, which by the way, many communities have adopted as good ideas without really understanding their real meaning and direction.

  14. David in MA says:

    You cannot teach people who do not want to learn….

  15. Evolution? You do realize Common Core had a(not-so) intelligent designer…right?