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Video: Edward Snowden Interview — Memory Holed by the Media

Written by Gary North on February 7, 2014

This is an important interview. It was ignored by the U.S. media. It got wide coverage in Europe.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Edward Snowden Interview — Memory Holed by the Media

  1. Lorraine E says:

    Interesting that a government can break the laws of their country but if a whistle blower reveals the crimes, he is targeted for elimination. What should happen is that the government should change their ways and adhere to the laws. I guess the governments aren't going to change especially as we closer to the One World Government.

  2. Found It and the transcript on Livelink.com and transcript on ndr.de-ratgeber-netzwelt

  3. John Steam says:

    Laws? Why discuss them? They mean nothing. Amschel Rothschild said it in public," give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws". What he was really saying was, "money makes the world go around. If I have control of the money, the world will spin in the direction that I mandate". Our congressional leaders are all corrupted by the system. Obama is a sham and so was traitor GW Bush. They do not have any opinions. They have scripts to read. The scripts are given to them by whoever controls the money supply. Wake up people and stop looking at the symptoms while the root cause slaps you up side the head and laughs in your gullible faces.

  4. conservitive_1 says:

    excellent interview…

  5. I agree with what you say. The, one of the problems is, we have no representation. At this time when some politicians are running for reelection I am hearing from them telling me what all they have done. I don't see it. If they had done what they should have I would have heard about it on the news maybe. I only trust fox news and even them not completely. We act on what we are told and if what we are told is bull s hit, we act accordingly. If you listen to MSNBC you will be very lost.
    I think we should get the federal government out of everything other than the national defense and that should be subject to the joint approval of the states. With the idiots we have in DC do you think they should be in charge of public education?
    Oh yes we really need people who can't or will not balance the budget to run health care. We do need a government that lives under the same laws as they pass for everyone else. How ridiculous it has become watching organized crime, in session.

  6. 3/4 of state legislatures can change whatever they desire to impose on the federal government. The people are not yet powerless. They are simply inert.

  7. If the five years I was employed by a company reputed to be 'a front for organized crime', and the twenty years I studied the official activities of American governments have taught me anything, it is that NOTHING IS ORGANIZED in any of then!

  8. The federal and state governments are not the core problem. The two parties and the disobedience of the Constitution are the problems. First we must rid our nation of the Parties that have ruined it. President Washington warned us as he retired.