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Socialism: The Walking Dead

Written by Gary North on February 7, 2014

Socialism is dead.  We lived to see it.

There are so few traces of socialist thinking these days, that we must search for it on obscure blogs.

I came across such a site this morning. It focuses on refuting Austrian economic thought. Year after year, the editor posts long lists of articles that supposedly refute Austrian School economics.

I wondered this: Who would commit himself to this futile task?  He identifies himself as “Lord Keynes.”

When I clicked the link, “About Me,” I got this:


I checked the site’s Alexa traffic ranking.  The larger the number, the lower the ranking. Its rank is 3,227,843.

In short, this anonymous defender of “social democracy” – a code phrase for “socialism” – is actively posting for a nonexistent audience. He has been doing this since 2008.

He has not yet figured out that the labor theory of value is wrong. He works so hard. He has so little to show for it.  In short, he is just like socialism.

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