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Pat Robertson vs. Creationism

Written by Gary North on February 6, 2014

Pat Robertson has weighed in on creationism. He calls the Bible’s young earth position “a joke” and “nonsense.”

The Internet has given this story a lot of coverage. It’s a “man bites dog” story.

This was in response to the debate, which was covered by CNN.

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12 thoughts on “Pat Robertson vs. Creationism

  1. Robertson actually took issue with one of the central arguments of creationism and said it’s “nonsense” to say the world’s only six thousand years old. He brought up the findings of a bishop centuries ago who came up with that figure and said, “There ain’t no way that’s possible.”

    Smile, Luke 1:37.

  2. Pat Robertson just lost a lot of credibility.

  3. He lost credibility years ago. He is now all but irrelevant, I chalk it up to age related mental decline. Sad that he persists in going public.

  4. larrygrant876 says:

    Pat Robertson needs someone to keep an eye on him if he leaves the house, people like him harm themselves and others. Pat Robertson should have just shut the hell up because those looking to find a reason to deny their faith don't need very much to sway them and the cost is eternal. Some opinions should just stay in your head.

  5. larrygrant876 says:

    Sadly Barbara he has times when he reminds me of Jimmy Carter in the bad way.

  6. "Some opinions should just stay in your head"
    Really? I am not a supporter of Pat Robertson, however, I think that he is absolutely correct in saying that it is "nonsense" to say that the world is only six thousand years old. If anyone believes that the world is only six thousand years old then they need someone to keep an eye on them…

  7. I don't know whether or not he said it. I'll have to check it out. Any way folks isn't God eternal? So He could have taken 6,000 or 6 million or 6 billion years to create the universe if He wanted to. How is Pat Robertson refuting the earth is only 6,000 years old denying creationism?

  8. Poor Pat Robertson trying to get dimwitted Christians out of the Dark Ages. "The Bible tells me so?" The Bible says a lot of things that no one pays any attention. For a Christian to "slavery is wrong" is being ingenuous because no where in the Bible is slavery as deplorable. The Bible clearly states the penalty for working on the Sabbath is death. The Bible clearly states to God has no concept of time and Hebrew scholars have said the Hebrew word for "day" can be taken as colloquial term than a literal fixed amount of time. Hence saying the "six eras of Creation" is a perfectly valid literal translation. The notion that the Universe is incredibly old, vast and diverse fits neatly with the concept that God is all-powerful and all-knowing than to cram God into a piddly universe 6,000 years old and who walk, talks and wrestles with men.

  9. larrygrant876 says:

    For one don't act as though Progressives have really improved the world, the further we go from God the deeper the sewage is. You can go ahead with your, aha, gotcha, bible shredding all the way to the end if you wish but the purpose of the Old Testament in to show how insignificant man is in his attempts at righteousness and just how sinful we are, by choice in the eyes of a God who is Holy. The New Testament is the part that says God instituted the penalty for sin to be death, and then paid that very price Himself for those who wanted to make peace and be forgiven. There is no other name given by which men may be saved but by Jesus Christ. Everything else is trivial dribbling by men marking time until death. I hope you can see how dark it is getting but you might be one of those who see the unicorns and rainbow factories.

  10. Phillip the Bruce says:

    He also could have taken 6 picoseconds, but He didn't, because He was creating time at the same time He was creating the universe.
    The "long day" theory will not hold up if you believe the ORDER of creation written in Genesis 1.
    But the theological implication of an Old Earth is, as Ken Ham has said repeatedly, "Death before the Fall."

  11. Phillip the Bruce says:

    God is not constrained by time. That does not mean He has no concept of time. Time would not exist if God had not created it – especially the week, which has no physical link like the day, month and year do. See also my reply above to Rebecca.
    Slavery as it was practiced in the US is deplorable by Biblical standards. Biblical slavery is more along the lines of indenture, as was also practiced here in colonial times.
    "Seeing they see, and do not perceive."

  12. Nope the Bible states you can beat a slave bad enough that he can't get up for two days. Biblical slavery is quite clearly chattel slavery especially when gentiles are concerned.