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20 thoughts on “Video: Fake Duck Dynasty Promo

  1. Jimmie was almost funny during moments there!

  2. I already ordered my Si broccoli catcher cup. I'm already waiting at the mail box!

  3. "Morrissey finds more new ways to depress us" Classic! He dumped Morississy because the Duck Dynasty guys are much more popular.

  4. J. R. Grigsby says:

    I don't know who this Morississy is but I know who the Duck Dynasty is and I am behind them 100% on their faith_

  5. Can't say I'm surprised by how much these hacks are revered by the right. Religious fanaticism, greed, and hypocrisy, all rolled up into one bigoted ball. Millionaires becoming even bigger millionaires by playing conservatives like fiddles, and boy do they play you all so very easily.

  6. what the matter shame? you afraid you won't get your 76 virgins if you enjoyed that video?

  7. Who are you to judge others? You are a Liberal and you talk about others being played? BTW, the only bigot on here is you, I suggest you look up the definition before you open your mouth again Liberal.

  8. What's the mater are these guys too successful for you? Every time I point out the idiocy, sloth and hypocrisy of leftists like; Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Bill & Hillary Clinton; The Obamas, Snoop Dogg, Phil Maher, etc. liberals immediately counter that they have more money than me and thus are more successful and by extension smarter than me. I always ask if that makes Flav a flav smarter than them as he is more famous and has more money as does; Kim Jong un (perverted scumbag supreme leader of Korea), Idi Amin (Murderous, despot & Canniba)l , Hilter, and Sadam Hussein. BTW uncle Phil the patriarch was the starting QB for LA Tech on a full athletic scholarship graduated and declined the NFL draft ahead of Terry Bradshaw (his back up). I this family was a dysfunctional bunch of perverted drug addled scumbags ala Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus of the Clinton's you would likely be goo goo eyed in admiration. These people 9the Robertson's ) know who they are, like where they are from, have a good sense of humor and know how to make a good living. Stop whining and grow a set.

  9. Rattlerjake says:

    Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will turn Morrissey into road kill!

  10. ROFLMAO…….. I want that carrot call and broccoli trap. I always wanted to catch my own fresh veggies. Gotta love Kimmel too funny guy.

  11. Religious fanaticism? Greed? Hypocrisy? They are hacks? I hears sounds of jealousy here….they are very wealthy guys who built their own business without hurting or cheating anybody, are revered and respected in their community, support charities, attend church, teach Sunday School and promote good feelings, faith in God, and loving one's neighbor. Pretty awful family, huh?

    What's your excuse for your wailing rant? Oh, wait….I'll bet you are an atheist, not rich, and can't stand to see common down-to-earth folks love each other and be better off than you are. Feel sorry for you, Dude. You need to get rid of your anger and discontent and be happy, happy, happy.

  12. Everyone in this country, legal citizens for sure, has a right to become millionaires honestly and by obeying all the laws.
    All too many democrats on the left are being caught doing illegal things. When the rich help others properly they are doing God's work, what are you doing?

  13. suzyshopper says:

    Now now it's unattractive to be envious of ppl, who make more money than you!!

  14. sandman4x4 says:

    Says the unsuccessful and insecure liberal bigot, with more negatives than a battery factory!

  15. sandman4x4 says:

    You just know a family like this is doing something good and right, when the liberals get all up in their anal ways over the lifestyle and faith of the Robinsons and all they stand for! That is the Love of God, Family and Country and being responsible for themselves, and not afraid to help their community and fellow Americans!

  16. Shane, I must to let you know that when you look in the mirror, you will see the "oh so played puppet", but make no mistake, you you will not recognize this and you won't know who your puppet master is, and sadly, you may never recognize it. However, I hope you do, after many years of being played by the same master who plays you, I found the right Master, and of course He was right there the whole time….waiting. He is waiting for you too. If you want Truth you will find it, otherwise….well,… you probably know…

  17. YOUR sins will be YOUR undoing Shane, repent and trust in the Savior or perish.

  18. larrygrant876 says:

    All opinions are valid as long as a moron liberal approves it right Shame? Liberalism is a mental illness, get help, unless you're stupid, you can't fix that.

  19. larrygrant876 says:

    …and he's too stupid to know that it's people like the wealthy Robertson's that pay taxes so he can get his Obama phone and monthly loyal democrat stipend (Welfare Check)

  20. Who's Morrissey and why should I care?