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4 thoughts on “Jim Wallis: The Left-Wing Confessor to the Superclass

  1. So, he's kind of what you are to libertarians?

  2. Let's just allow the SAVAGES to take over!!! Let's face it you people are not going to do anything except join the winning side!!! The SAVAGES have already won, they use violence,racism, vulgarity, profanity discourteous behaviour that we are not allowed to use, because of your sharia laws!!! Swearing and profanity never killed anyone!!!

  3. And Jesus warned us that there would be many false prophets spewing their false beliefs (I paraphrase).
    Beware of false prophets. Give to God that which is God's….and give to Caesar that which is Caesar's.
    And this crowd is nothing more than a bunch of elites wanting to create a world of elites for elites and the rest of us to be their serfs.
    People like this guy are just evil.

  4. I would love to be a fly on the wall when he meets Jesus Christ face to face .