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Will Obama Use Executive Orders To Act As a Dictator?

Posted on January 30, 2014

President Obama has played fast-and-loose with his executive powers since ascending to the presidency six years ago. However, recently, the president has startled constitutionalists as he repeatedly announces that he will act unilaterally on important issues with or without Congress.Such remarks have been uttered time and time again by kings, tyrants and dictators throughout the world. While the Commander-in-Chief does maintain some sovereign powers to protect the nation and to deal with foreign nations, the executive maintains no legislative power, no means by which President Obama could logically claim the right to raise the federal minimum wage with the stroke of a pen.To see how far Obama’s tyrannical tendencies have evolved in less than a year, we should examine what the president said a year ago and examine what he said Tuesday night during his State of the Union Address.

On March 1st, 2013, when asked why he didn’t simply make the two parties agree on key issues, the president chuckled and stated, “I’m not a dictator; I’m the president.”

However, the line between these two fundamentally different rulers seems to be eroding in Mr. Obama’s eyes as on Tuesday, he promised to unilaterally act on important issues with or without Congress. He stated,

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31 thoughts on “Will Obama Use Executive Orders To Act As a Dictator?

  1. John Vance says:

    He will try.

  2. he already has!

  3. old_salty_dawg says:

    He does so on a daily if not Hourly basis and has since he started INFESTING the White House.

  4. He isn't a president, he is a Muslim dictator. He does as he pleases. Congress , Senate won't do anything about it yet they do have the power to do so.

  5. A well tightened fist would pound some badly needed sense into a self loving brain!!! ( sorry this won't be accepted to show, but it felt good to type it out )

  6. the thing that bothers me most is that all the parts and pieces are in place for Obama to declare an emergency, then martial law. The equipment , people, arms, and legal justification all exist. Do I think he will? Probably not. But he could. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  7. He already runs this country like a dictator, forces crap on us Americans that we can’t afford. I still don’t understand how he is considered the president of the united states, he sure ain’t my president, I didn’t vote for him.

  8. Obama is already a Dictator he gets rubber stamp from the Senate and the Congress

  9. Dale Hogue says:

    Nothing this guy does surprises me. He blames everyone but himself for the problems this country is having. He is a liar, that is something everybody knows – even members of his own political party. What to do with him is OUR big problem. I suggest that he be impeached along with Hillary Clinton in regards to how they mishandled the Benghazi attack. I've come to the conclusion that politicians of both parties will lie to cover their own asses when they've screwed up, but these two lie every single time they open their mouths and talk about anything.

  10. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Congress will not oppose Obama's actions, because most of them support his wishes, but if they don't vote for it they can escape the blame from most voters. A few may oppose on principle, a few more will pose, knowing nothing will come of it.

  11. Lorraine E says:

    Our 'do nothing' congress will CONTINUE to ignore the acts of our appointed president as he takes over their responsibilities and thereby makes them irrelevant. The days of three equal branches of government is gone. Why not just send all congressmen and senators home without pay. Our republic is truly dead and I doubt that it will ever be restored. Our congress has abdicated their responsibilities and forsaken the people whom they are supposed to represent. They could negate every executive order which infringes upon their legislative responsibilities by taking the matter to the supreme court but they won't because they just 'do nothing.'

  12. What do you mean "will"? He already is!!! We are witnessing & experiencing the formation of a dictatorship @ the very moment! If people don't get off their a$$es & vote the republican party into a Senate majority & I mean as big a majority as possible this Nov 4th, he will succeed!!!

  13. Got that right!
    It’s happening right before our eyes.

  14. ALL AMERICAN says:

    Got that right!
    It’s happening right before our eyes.

  15. bdcorvette says:

    Already has. Where in the world have you been?

  16. If you voted, you voted to accept him if your candidate lost. If you voted, you're part of the problem.

  17. Bush was the dictator before Obama.

  18. icemancold says:


  19. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Barack Obama will take more and more illegal power until Congress stops him, and that won’t happen anytime soon. Citizen will have to take it upon themselves to rid ourselves of this tyrant, and that means blood will flow if Congress doesn’t get off their asses and actually represent us citizens!

  20. If you didn't vote your part of the problem, but seriously Obama did not have the appropriate amount of votes to even be considered once you remove the fraudulent ones ( those cases were heard in Indiana and in Ohio in the lower courts ). We had fraud involvement in his becoming a candidate, and I think your foolish if you don't think there was voter fraud that bought him the election. What really bothers me about all of this, is this guy is the most impeachable president I have seen in my lifetime, yet he remains untouched and unaccountable. How can that happen in this great country? I'll tell you .. corruption, follow the money trail.

  21. He may try but it will be from my DEAD cold HANDS they take my guns. I served this country, and there is no way in HELL I am going to let the likes of Obama a leader with no leadership qualities take away the rights I fought for. I know he's only in the position he's in by fraud and other like means and I know he doesn't have the moral character to step down so we will have to remove him ..

  22. mrsgunnut10 says:

    YOU MEAN HE ISN'T A DICTATOR ALREADY. Geez, all this time I thought, he THOUGHT he WAS a genuine screwed up Tyranical Dictator. Damn, now we have to go through the whole process again for the rest of this Idiot's Term. I.m not shouting with the Capital Letters, cussing maybe, but the Emphasis is all mine. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  23. Robert Evans says:

    Does the President have the authority to insist that the executive branch only sign contracts with suppliers that pay a certain minimum wage above the legal minimum wage?

  24. Says who?

  25. Obama is so arrogant–he thinks no one notices how he and harry, his handmaiden refuse to introduce legislation to the senate from the house of reps. after all-bathhouse barry likes to be serviced by old, white haired white men. he and harry are now a duopoly and control any and all that happens in congress. they are the mafia dons of the democratic party. the u.s.a. has never been subjected to the likes of this wanna be dictator,who has delusions of grandeur.. he cannot be impeached as long as his german shepherd, harry protects him with the pocket vetoes of any article of impeachment that would come from the house of reps. he is already a dictator as long as no one callenges anything he does.. even the military which barry soetero has been dismantling–says it will take a march of citizens on wash.d.c. to really make a stmt that the citizens of the u.s.a. will not take this any longer. he can take his phone and his pen and you know where he can put them.

  26. Reality is that he has already designated himself as a Marxist dictator. He is at war with our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. He cares not one iota for any citizen of the United States. His preferred way to obtain his desires would be to incinerate citizens in gas ovens as Hitler did years ago. He truly is an Enemy of the State. He would like nothing better than to line citizens up against a brick wall and have them executed by firing squad. The ghost of Hugo Chavez and Hitler are peeing in their pants with joy seeing their student shove the boot of his Marxist State upon ALL our freedoms and liberties. You little wet panties liberals can deny it all they want. That is your choice. You are simply his sheep. Thomas Jefferson said America would only last 400 years as a free Republic. Sadly, we couldn't even make it that long. Apparently he didn't anticipate that America's "Ignorant Class" would elect a dedicated hardcore Puppet Marxist not just once, but twice. He will use whatever means necessary to crush our liberties and freedoms. His Healthcare program is designed to execute as many sick, old, and unhealthy citizens as possible in the quickest timeframe. Just a fact of life. Deny it all you want. If it makes you feel better, so be it. Just be prepared for the consequences of your blood flowing in the streets of America. I can't wait to get emails from uneducated ignorant as dog spit liberal Democrap trolls who wet their panties over my post. Keep me laughing you ignorant sheep!

  27. Concerned_American says:

    We all need to go read a original copy of our Declaration of Independence and realize that our only viablerecourse to restoring our Constitutional Republic is to openly declare revolution again and literally march in mass with our military & every other oath keeper to our Constitution to overtrow & setup yet again, true sons of liberty tat are no longer bought & paid for by these banking/corporate puppets that are nothing then mere traitors!

  28. I just heard that they impeached Clinton for sex in the White House, how come they don’t go after Obama for being a dictator.

  29. This is what legal groups like the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) do – they bring a lawsuit against the president or congress if necessary when they overstep their constitutional boundaries. It is sad and frustrating that we have to do this but, the ACLJ is bringing the suits against them. ACLJ has won several but we would never be told this because it is a defeat for Obama. The media will never cover it so most people don't know these groups are working on our behalf.

  30. Unfortunately, I think you are right.

  31. Robert Waldron says:

    Christine has hit the nail on the head> He (in my opinion) has no intention of relenquishing the power he has and a gutless elected congress will not try to stop him in my opinion!Last night on fox it was told that Obunmmer gave away the internet! I didn't know that he owned it!.