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19 thoughts on “Video: R.I.P. Bullet

  1. Not much different than the Glaser Safety Slug used by TSA, but with a bit more lead in a different configuration. Obviously a close range ordinance.

  2. Solid Copper… Really? (Assummed it was lead). Still the same results.

  3. Using a full auto weapon or firing 10 rounds is not much of a test other than to impress. Am sure the gangs cant wait to get ahold of these. count on a police only type ban coming soon. better stock up – just like the Black Talon.

  4. AmericanIcon says:

    An unnecessary 'solution' to a nonexistent 'problem'. This bullet is a nice toy, but in the real world, the first one to use it for 'serious social work' will be crucified by the prosecution for using 'special killer bullets' and, should the 'target' survive, the surgeons attempting to remove the bits and pieces will have a bigger 'field day' at the shooter's expense than they did over the original Black Talon 'cop killer' bullet. In terms of lethality, it will do nothing a well-placed hollow point of adequate caliber should – at a ridiculous cost per round.

  5. clueless trader says:

    Overkill and probably $5.00 per round.

  6. I dunno about carrying this everyday, I can see legal problems. But for your house and someone coming in – hell yes I want them.

  7. cut a cross on a lead bullet & usually explodes on impact – small hole in, huge hole out if enough velocity to penetrate Used it on farm for rats many years ago – any hit was a kill, not accurate past 100 ft. – didn't use for hunting (meat loss)

    Copper?? eliminates ability to make own ammo & recycle it… a key issue when government is being overthrown by a tyrant.

    Amendment 8 prohibits excessive fines & penalties, with 7 civil suits & jury trial… plus 4, 5, & 6 needs to be litigated at local levels against individuals and agencies who have put the lead processors out of business – against agencies & individuals ordering or enforcing Constitutional violations, by any and all individuals harmed. Begin with millions of local suits across the country – enough to bury him in litigation & judgments he can neither control or afford!

  8. These really are different from other types of bullets. . . D.R.T. (Dynamic Research Technologies) is basically a "frangible" pressed together powder bullet. . Black Talons are basically hollow points coated with Teflon. . .This copper bullet on the R.I.P. will peel of some hard petals, not just a jacket and cause extreme damage to soft tissue than either one of the other types of bullets. . . The hard, solid copper core will act almost as a penetrator of sorts when compared to lead or hardcast bullets. . . Looks to me like these could be the best all around defensive load out there IF they are loaded properly into "full powder" or Plus P type loads. . . . My only concern is if it is loaded in the .380 configuration, will it have enough power to fully open up even when used at 25 yds. or so. . . I'm guessing these things will go for about $2-2.50 each when loaded up. . . Yeah I'd buy a box !

  9. When the Dems see that video they won’t be able to get their pens fast enough
    to draft legislation banning that round. “Look Chuck it has teeth!” “I know
    Diane. I’m calling Andrew as we speak.” How may bullets does it take to kill
    a deer!?

  10. I can just see the ACLU jumping into the middle of this one. We have enough problems right now keeping our Second Amendment intact

  11. I thought DRT meant Dead Right There!

  12. That's their slogan alright, but the company that manufactures it is Dynamic Research Technologies. . . Kind of a ":dual purpose" thing, but gets you to remember their name also. . . Much better than repeating their phone number 3 or 4 times in a row like some companies do in their ad's. . . I hate that !

  13. ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ THIS IS ALMOST A HOAX ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
    Some of the claims are unsuportable
    e,g.; they claim kinetic energy is the mechanism whereby stopping
    power is derived. This is not so. A good boxer produces about 500 ft. lbs.
    of energy when he delivers a good punch. People don't die when punched in
    boxing matches. You can deliver 500 ft. lbs. of energy to your head by
    simply falling over and letting your head hit the ground (fainting). Most
    people don't die. The mechanism I know of a professional hunter who wrote
    about observing a Dahl sheep being shot with a .300 Weatherby Magnum, 150
    grain bullet at 90 yards. Right around 4,000 ft. lbs. of energy. The bullet
    entered the sheep at the front of his chest and passed through to lodge in
    the pelvis. The sheep looked up from grazing, scanned the horizon and went
    back to grazing for a full minute, then shuttered, and collapsed. The sheep
    absorbed the full 4,000 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy, and felt no apparent
    urge to die until blood loss took over. An exceptional case, I know. Most
    times, the .300 Wby Mag has quite different results!

  14. Gimmick…

    I'm more afraid of a well engineered lead bullet. They have stood the test of time.

  15. Great for an Advertisement gimmick! how long before OBAMA outlaws them to the general public!

  16. I do not think it is going to live up to all the hype and at that price I will stick with my 45acp in 200-230 grain JHP been deadly for maney years

  17. Sure, I wouldn't mind haveing a box of these, but I think I am a good enough shot to find an opening to a vital organ. Even if I have to shoot an intruder in the eye. A lead .22 cal is enough for that.

  18. Not a good round and here is why:
    1. Where did the core of the bullet end? It went straight through the gel taking all its energy with it and hitting the bus of school kids behind the bad guy.
    2. Do you want to sit in the defendant's chair when the prosecutor shows the jury the box of "RIP" ammo that you used? Most ammo manufactures are getting away from "killing" terms (Guard dog, Critical Defense…). No prosecutor will use "Critical Defense" against you.
    3. Experience – I buy mass produced self-defense ammo that has stood the test of time and my personal pistol.

    They will make a buck with their good marketing, but you won't see any real experts behind this ammo.

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  19. Apparently you didn't fully read the article. There in NO lead in this projectile. Btw: I like what I see so far.