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8 thoughts on “Kid Arrested for Toy Gun in School

  1. A "BB" gun pistol fires a BB at 450 fps and can cause severe damage at close range, a "BB" rifle fires anywhere from 600 to 1400 fps and can kill if fired at one of several parts of the human body. Schools are gun free zones, The boy was correctly charged with having a dangerous weapon on school property.

  2. "Schools are gun free zones"

    No they aren't.

    The laws passed in an attempt to make schools gun free zones have completely and utterly failed. When someone brings a gun on campus to shoot someone, the gun does not magically teleport itself back into a gun locker or gun store as soon as it crosses onto school property.

    Which is why children keep getting shot in public schools.

  3. Bologna.
    Most bb pistols fire at about 250 fps. A "regular" BB rifle (daisy) is about 400 fps.
    Even .177 pellet guns don't get to 1400. I know because I have been shopping for these.
    Remember a std vel. .22 is 1080 fps

  4. it's all about scaring the little kiddies into not exercising their constitutional rights and bowing to the big government dictator master

  5. ALL AMERICAN says:

    You got it, Dave.

  6. ALL AMERICAN says:

    You got it, Dave

  7. My grandson has a BB gun which he and his father take to a firing range. He keeps some BB's in his coat pocket.

    The next day he went to school and while there he reached in his pocket and found 2 BB's. The teacher saw them and he was sent home and suspended for 2 days.

    It's a good thing it happened, because someone could have been killed if they slipped on one on the floor and had fallen down.

  8. WhiteFalcon says:

    A reasonable thing to have done would to be to take the toy away from the boy and return it to him after school and tell him that toy is not one to bring to school and that he shouldn't bring it again, but don't expect anything reasonable to be done in today's Government indoctrination centers, commonly known as public schools.