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14 thoughts on “Why Cell Phones Will Kill the Public Schools Before 2040

  1. Remember.."you can put an ape in space, but It still has to Urinate". After pouring Money into education, this nation has More Dummies running amock that ever ! Semper Fi

  2. "What will that teacher do for a living? Not teach. Monitor. Enforce discipline. Schools will be warehousing operations. Everyone will know this." They already are. Do a Google search of pictures for: Century High School, Santa Ana, Calif. It looks like a prison because it is a prison.

  3. Rattlerjake says:

    So true, the more we claim to improve education the dumber we make the population. The education system has never been about education, but all about propaganda and manipulation future citizens to be servants of government. Highly "intelligent" cell phones or computers do not make people smarter, they make them dependent, and when their "digital brain" dies they will have no idea what to do.

  4. Kids cell phones should be basic, pre coded with nos. for 911, home and a few friends. No camera, no texting or web. They are only using the cameras for taking naked pics of each other and putting them on the web or texting answers to each other during schools tests. They don't need a phone at school, if the family needs to call them a message to principal's office always worked before.

  5. Combine a village of "Hilary Clintons" and you would still have an idiot. An evil. vial, corrupt idiot but an idiot never the less.

  6. Concerned Parent says:

    Parents are allowing children to have cell phones or computers without monitoring what they are doing. When kids view hardcore pornography every day from the time they are 5- and 6-year-olds, what kind of people will they be when they grow up? Do you want to find out? If you are a parent you can easily block this stuff by taking away the cell phone and installing K9 by Bluecoat Technologies on every computer. Google it. It is extremely difficult to disable K9 and the program will immediately send an alert to the parent's specified e-mail account. Wives can use the program as well to "protect" their husbands. Men can use the program to stop porn viewing, if they keep the password in another physical location or if they have an accountability partner. K9 can also be set to block other types of websites and specific websites.


    yes concerned parent-we should all be the N S A -if you need to spy on your spouse,you need a shrink and -or- a different spouse. Only a complete control freak with paranoid delusions thinks along these lines.[or a libcom dictator with severe megalomania]

  8. Bob Andrino says:

    Discernment , wisdom and righteousness only comes from God and our experiences in life and that will always be the difference.

  9. Kurzweil is way ahead of reality. Solar energy will provide all our energy needs in 50 years? That's insane.

  10. It’s Biblical…this staggering multiplication of knowledge. “Increase your knowledge, increase your sorrow”….

  11. Cell phone dependence is producing a bunch of robotic human beings, androits. Our education system is among the worst in the industrial world. The teachers union is promoting incompetent teachers because they cuddle and protect the bad ones. China in the meantime is overtaking our productivity like a bullet train. Lack of discipline in schools and parents that want to be buddies instead of parents and our government that wants to promote depenency in order to control, not looking very rosy out there

  12. Only the money junkies and unionists think more $$$ equals better quality. We pay more per capita in medical costs and education than any other nation on earth. The quality of US health care is around #38 in the world, and I won't even go where we stand on education compared to the rest of the world.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard an "educator" invoke the world "excellence"!

  13. This will also increase the brain cancer incidence. It could even become an epidemic.

    I am amused that you can fix a broken heart with stem cells. Exogenous stem cells, however clever they are can only do what the in vivo environment dictates and not what the researcher wanted it to do. So like all innovations in education this also will be one such heroic experiment with the poor kids in the hero's role!

  14. Yep.. If xyz government policy fails to yield good results, then the default solution is MORE MONEY!!!!!!! Never do they consider that they are feeding an addict and that MAYBE, just maybe, there is a better way to do education at a fraction of the cost.