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The Superclass Is at Davos This Week. They Are Flying Blind.

Written by Gary North on January 22, 2014

The superclass is meeting at Davos this week. In the words of Archie the bartender at Duffy’s Tavern, it’s where the elite meet to eat.

They will be able to attend a wide range of seminars, in an attempt to see what’s coming next. They don’t know. The accelerating diversity of opinions is overwhelming the narrow focus of the elite. They have enormous wealth, but this wealth is directed mainly by customer demand. Public opinion can no longer be directed by a centralized elite.

So, they will skip most of the seminars. They will meet in private rooms and bars, as the locals met at Duffy’s Tavern so long ago. They will talk over how well things are going with QE3. They will ask each other: “What will happen when the day of monetary reckoning comes?”

The elite seek this, in the words of R. E. McMaster:

Next, build a team of kindred souls
Who share your heart’s desire
Working together, all with a stake
Fans the passion for your fire.

They can do this. They can fund their non-profit projects. But the tyranny of the urgent tyrannizes them. Their vast wealth is not based on passive management. It calls them to put their noses to the grindstone every day. They have only 24 hours a day. They have only threescore and ten years, plus maybe another ten (Psalm 90:10). David Rockefeller has beaten the odds, and a few others have. But time collects its toll.

Can their heirs keep the show running? This is their central concern. It is every establishment’s central concern.

The answer down through history is a resounding “no.”

Duffy’s Tavern closed. Cheers closed. They all close.

New elites will meet at new taverns. But control is drifting away. Moore’s law is steadily overcoming Michels’ iron law of oligarchy.

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2 thoughts on “The Superclass Is at Davos This Week. They Are Flying Blind.

  1. As long as they remember the rules of divide & conquer, there will always be a Duffy with a tavern for the elite to plot and Duffy’s with taverns for grunts, workers, producers, and rulers who will squat for they know not what. A bit like rats on treadmills, running faster & faster in opposite directions trying to reach the cheese that’s just a tad bit out of reach, for each – amusing for the fat & lazy who have nothing better to do.

    Bottom line, a $36,545/yr* government subsidized tax evading criminal alien is paid another $6/hr. tax free $12,480/yr. ($49,025 tax free) by a very happy criminal tax evading employer that replaces a $49,462/yr citizen to save $36,982 in wages and criminally avoid $14,838 employer tax & regulation ($51,820 total saved); which puts the jobless citizen on $36,545 of endless federal, state, and local welfare programs, which is real good because he was working 34.4/hr/wk at $42,537 taking home $31,903 (25% taxed); which was $4,642 less than welfare! Government is happy because they raise taxes, skim the pot, borrow, & print money to devalue citizen currency & savings… which makes citizens indentured slaves to government “officials”, who in turn are slaves to their bundlers… who live somewhere else. If one can do the next step in math they’ll find the criminal alien and criminal alien employer win, the legitimate worker & employer go broke, and the government collapses under the weight of both. Demonically funny, isn’t it… George?

  2. Today's version of Archie's Tavern.

    Rnnng rnng (A telephone rings.)

    Hello, Barack's Tavern. Archie speaking. Barack ain't here.

    End of story.

    Unless you are over sixty, you may not get this. Ask somebody old. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com