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Africans Helping Norway: Compassion Without the Government

Written by Gary North on January 22, 2014

Who says we need government taxation to help the afflicted through foreign aid programs? Not these compassionate Africans!

Here is real compassion. These are little people sharing with other people in trouble.

To show compassion, you need a group of young adults singing an uplifting song. These Africans know how to inspire!

See it here.

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4 thoughts on “Africans Helping Norway: Compassion Without the Government

  1. There is no limit to creative generosity by ordinary people.

  2. You kids are hysterical! Love it!!I bet some people don't get the joke – took me a second I have to admit!

  3. Zionists rule says:

    they are hoping the crappy video goes viral so some stupid news organization or group can fly them for free to norway for sex tourism. shame on you gary for promoting it.

  4. What's up with Norway? Why do they need help?