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Cancer Patient Loses Doctor Under New ObamaCare Policy

Posted on January 20, 2014

Here’s an example of what Obamacare’s narrowing networks can do to someone — a breast cancer patient who was about to start treatment at Sloan-Kettering found now she is shut out — and she can’t even figure out which providers she can go to.

Yes, you could say Josie Gracchi was at the wrong place at the wrong time, with her biopsy planned for just the wrong day. But why should someone with insurance and a provider already lined up be forced to scramble like this in the first place?

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12 thoughts on “Cancer Patient Loses Doctor Under New ObamaCare Policy

  1. This sounds more like the doctor closing the door on a sick patient, not the patient loosing a doctor

  2. If a doctor can't get paid due to these insurance changes, is it his fault for refusing to go on treating the patient?

    Do car repair shops continue to fix your car if your insurance is cancelled? What about home insurance? Do contractors just "suck it up" and continue to fix your house if your insurance company won't pay?

    Why on earth would this be a doctor "closing the door on a sick patient" if it's actually due to a change that means the doctor won't get any money for treatment???

  3. Rittenhouse says:

    Let's say you were working for General Motors and you received a written notice that General Motors would not be paying you after this day. Would you continue working for GM?

  4. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    This has been Obama's plan all along. The more people he can kill off the better. By this time next year, I'd be willing to bet that we have the single payer system that Canada & England have.

  5. Can't happen now. Obamacare has been botched so bad there is no voting block to have the Democrats take the next step.

    Obamacare is the last great social program of the US government, there won't be anymore. And Obamacare does not send off the New Deal and the Great Society with a loud bang, nor even a whimper, but just the near-silent soft hiss of a stinky fart.

  6. IamaproudAmerican says:

    The frightening thing is that this poor woman or some other person with a very serious illness could die while trying to figure out which doctor can care for them! Obamacare is a cruel, screwed up law that does nothing positive for anyone.

  7. tenderfoot says:

    That's not the problem at all. The entire Sloan-Kettering Hospital System has been cut out due to ObamaCare….and with it, all the medical center facilities used to treat cancer in all of its forms….and with it, her hospital-based physicians. It has absolutely nothing to do with "the doctor getting paid" since almost all physicians will treat their patients in need, regardless of reimbursement. The cost of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and DNA-targeted cancers is VERY costly and the hospitals are the ones billing for the care, not the patient's primary care doctor.

  8. An American says:

    How would this look if it were Michelle or her mother with the same problem?

  9. Obamacare kills. Now the deductible is so large I can't afford to surpass it. I have to find a way to do without my insulin now if that is in anyway possible. I can no longer afford it now that my insurance is changed to meet Obamacare standards. So insulin is no longer an option.

  10. there is always voter fraud. The dems have that down pat.

  11. 1) "anyway" should be "any way"
    2) stop eating crappy food and exercise – that helps some diabetics

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