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D.C. Cop Charged With Production Of Child Pornography Found Dead

Written by John Odermatt on January 17, 2014

The disturbing behavior of two D.C. cops that was exposed this week makes the politicians on the other side of town seem like saints by comparison. These officers had their despicable conduct discovered this week, in separate incidents. Now one of the officers has been found dead. This has led many to question if additional participants could have killed in order to cover up the involvement of other agents of the State.

Officer Marc Washington was charged with production of child pornography. The Free Thought Project reports that officer Washington showed up at the home of a 15-year-old girl who had previously been reported missing. Washington cornered the girl in a bedroom and forced her to take off her bra and boxer shorts. The officer then proceeded to take photographs of the underage girl naked.

Washington told the young girl that the photos were needed for identification purposes. Soon after the officer left, the girl notified her mother of what officer Washington had forced her to do. The mother proceeded to call police. Prosecutors have claimed that when Washington saw the 911 dispatch he started to delete the pictures.

He was not able to delete all of the evidence, because enough evidence was found to make an arrest. When officer Washington was taken into custody more pictures of young girls were found on his camera.

Just two days after officer Washington was apprehended, another D.C. cop, Linwood Barnhill Jr., had a search warrant issued for his southeast D.C. apartment. The early morning search found a 15-year-old girl hiding in his back bedroom. The girl had earlier been reported missing by her parents.

According to The Free Thought Project, the girl told officers she had met Barnhill two weeks earlier. She also informed authorities that officer Barnhill had planned to send her on a “date” where she would exchange sexual favors for $80. According to court documents the girl claimed she was supposed to give $20 to officer Barnhill.

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4 thoughts on “D.C. Cop Charged With Production Of Child Pornography Found Dead

  1. Cops taking naked pictures of minors, NSA intercepting emails that may contain naked pictures, is there much difference?

  2. In the last days, wrong will become the norm and righteousness will be reviled… I’d say they’re pretty much on track…

  3. I’m not a holier then tho type person, but i agree with john & will.
    this is yet another example Of why authority figures need supervision in various layers. No other officer ever used that camera? No supervisor ever checked making sure only work related pictures were on it? Yet parents too should be Accountable, never leave your children, child alone with a stranger esp One in position of authority . Just their words can harm your children Let alone their actions!!!! Just another reason we need 2 nd amendment if These guys are assisting law abiding citz . We are all in trouble

  4. most cops are corrupt and violate our laws and the constitution, they should all be under constant video surveillance at all times during their hours on the clock. good cops should embrace this and bring respect back to the uniform and badge that they deserve.