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How NOT to Argue for Gold: Great Topic, Pathetic Video

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2014

Here is a video on why gold will rise in price: digital currencies will fall.

The company that released this video sells gold storage. It is for very rich people who already hold gold investments, or else it is for people with no experience with gold investing, who are being asked to buy gold stored in Switzerland instead of buying bullion gold coins (which leave fewer records).

The man in charge of video marketing is utterly incompetent. But his incompetence points to an opportunity for anyone who knows a few basics of video production. There are rich people out there who need help.

Watch five minutes of this video. Then pause it. I’ll show you what’s wrong with it.

First, the video begins with music: a knock-off of the Modern Jazz Quartet. The music was selected poorly. The MJQ was the master group for cerebral jazz a generation ago. Its pianist and composer John Lewis called it jazz based on the fugue. Why would a video on the collapse of currencies begin with restrained jazz? This conveys the wrong message. It is like watching a chase scene in a French gangster movie. The sound track is light jazz.

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One thought on “How NOT to Argue for Gold: Great Topic, Pathetic Video

  1. Here's a tip for you, Gary! Never build a web page that auto-plays the videos! I don't actually know how you do it since the last time I built web pages was before YouTube, but I know it's possible because plenty of people seem to manage it. You had two videos that auto-played on that page. Since I tend to open 30+ tabs and then go back and read them, I'm constantly tracking down videos that are auto-playing and turning them off. Drives me nuts!