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Chris Christie Trying To Change Focus in Key Speech

Posted on January 14, 2014

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, facing investigations over a traffic snarl-up and the use of
federal money for an ad campaign, will likely try to shift attention back to his second-term agenda when he gives a key speech on Tuesday.

Christie, a charismatic conservative and an early favorite in the upcoming Republican race for the White House in 2016, was re-elected in a landslide victory last November. But a pair of scandals coming in the first weeks of the year have put him on the defensive.

Two sets of emails last week appeared to show that Christie’s aides had orchestrated lane closures last September in a stretch of highway leading to the George Washington Bridge, which spans New Jersey and Manhattan, and lied about it.

Christie has denied any knowledge of a scheme to snarl traffic to wreak political payback against the Democratic mayor of the city of Fort Lee, New Jersey, and said there is nothing in the emails to suggest he had any direct knowledge of it.

While Christie is likely to use his State of the State speech to address these challenges, he is also expected to tout his accomplishments and set out priorities for the year.

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8 thoughts on “Chris Christie Trying To Change Focus in Key Speech

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    "Christie, a charismatic conservative" – HUH? He may be considered charismatic in some circles, but he is not a conservative, except by comparison to Lenin, Stalin, etc.

  2. If Benghazi had gotten as much hype as this insignificant crap of Christie's, she and Obama both would be in jail! What a king-sized load of Horse Pucky !

  3. Bill Smith says:

    We folks out in fly-over territory don’t give a rat’s *** about a traffic jam in Jersey or the big apple. Just more political high jinks. It is fun though, to see the main stream media whipping other folks into a frenzy like in the novel 1984.

  4. Charismatic? Conservative? Ron Paul's 'original' staff economist? If you spread fertilizer for Paul the way you do here, it is no surprise you were recycled. After Omaha Steak, you may be the biggest bullshipper in North America!

  5. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Gary did not write this, he just copied a post by the Chicago Tribune. Pay attention to the links at the bottom of the articles.

  6. OregonMuse says:

    The is the MSM's pre-emptive strike against Christie, whom they see as the greatest threat to Hillary! in 2016.

    Christie may not be a conservative, but he stood up to the NJ teachers' unions, and he won't be forgiven for that.

  7. Not for nothing, but I have lived in NJ my whole life and Christie is the best thing that has happened to this State in a LONG time. Without his controls on spending, we would be calling ourselves Detroit, Part 2. And I am very conservative.

  8. chris , time to get that pizza hut franchise now , maybe your buddy will play there